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Found 6 results

  1. Cakewalk crashes while exporting audio regardless of the file format chosen. It just closes and that's all. No errors displayed. Has anyone got an idea why this could be? The old Sonar X3 exports like a charm. Has anyone experienced something similar? Thank you very much!!!
  2. Can anyone help me track down why my output is Harsh and Tinny and has some weird digital distortion? I'm using Melodyne to tune audio and the problem I'm having is particularly on vocals though happens to some cymbals and drums too. Siblance or syllables like "Shh" from "she" or other phrases really grate on my ears in the output - however when playing back inside Cakewalk it sounds perfect! I'm trying the files in windows as well as using them for a music video constructed in Davinci Resolve - this may be more pronounced in Resolve too. No matter if I export an mp3 (at 256 with highest fixed quality) or a 48000 wave file - some parts of the song just sound really painful like grating digital or harsh tinny, sounds - only on specific parts. This doesn't sound like clipping. But why would it sound awesome inside Cakewalk but be littered with annoying issues when in Windows or in Resolve or it its video output? Is this a Melodyne Rendering artifact that only affects mixdown?
  3. Hello. I need to export files in ogg, and Cakewalk is appartently exporting this kind of audio format, but it export it in oga, not in ogg. I know that oga is the audio file from vorbis, but oga is not yet supported in many applications as part ogg, and also is not exactly the same. How could I be able to export in standard ogg format? Regards.
  4. In cakewalk, the mix sounds good and there's no buzzing sound. However, after exporting the mix, there's buzzing sound on my song. What's the problem with it?
  5. In this video I go over how to export out of cakewalk weather its for a video, track out, stems, waves or MP3. Let me know if you have any questions.

    Can't Export Clips.

    Hi, just installed Cakewalk by Bandlab today. In Sonar Platinum I used to select an audio clip and click on export in the file menu, select clips and bit-rate and sample-rate and the clip would easily export as a wave file or any other format. In the new Cakewalk by Bandlab this only works when the clip is on a track that isn't going through any busses. If I export a clip that is going through a bus, it will start the export process and after it's done it just gives me a 4kb non-working wav file, while in Sonar this used to work perfectly. Seems like a bug or something that needs fixing, or is there another way to do this? Thank you!
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