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Found 4 results

  1. Not sure whether this is one problem or three.... 1. The Sources dropdown doesn't seem to work for me. (See screenshot) It's a narrow strip that will scroll only to the very top or the very bottom of the list. I imagine it ought to display the whole list of tracks. 2. Maybe because of that, the checkboxes don't respond to being clicked. Or at least some of them don't. 3. It doesn't appear to display all the tracks that are in the project. But maybe it would if issue 1 were solved. Or am I missing something I should have done? Version 2021.09 Build 141 64-bit, running Windows 10 on a 16" laptop less than a year old
  2. I opened a song from yesterday. The sound plays, but the visual tracks are way out of line. It starts about in the middle of the song and seems to be compressed. The sound is not affected. I doubt it will show wrong on your screen, but I have included the file here. 11 Years Ago 1-23-21.cwp
  3. I have noticed that with the latest update, the program doesn't seem to hold Display Settings or Control Bar Settings. I have a 2 monitor system that I put the main program on 1 monitor and my Console on the other and it would hold the next time it was opened, Also when I set the order of my control bar it doesn't hold the settings either. Its kind of annoying to keep resetting and dragging display and the control bar options into position. Will say no issues with functionality of base program. I've been with Cakewalk for many years and Band lab has been doing a better job on fixes than previous owners... Thanks Guys!
  4. Normally the transport cursor/bar moves smoothly across the window when playing or recording, but on this computer it jumps/jerks across the screen like the display is unable to keep up. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Thanks
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