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Found 4 results

  1. Hi guys. Been a while. Life got complicated, but I’m starting to make music again. I’ve been thinking of recording a bunch of American Songbook stuff kind of unplugged like this, which is pretty much the same way Cuban boleros are typically played and I’ve been doing those for a long time. Usually they’re done with two or three guitars, some percussion, bass , and voices. Sometimes they add keys, and strings to make them more elegant. Lots of my favorite stars have done Cuban Bolero in this way so it’s not an original idea (Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, George Michael, Michael Bublé, Queen, the Beatles, to name a few) The scary part about the format is that there is nowhere to hide. That’s also what makes it exciting though. For this one here I put down some chords on the downbeat, grabbed a Shure SM63, and sang the song for the first time, butchering the lyrics in one take that I ended up keeping to build the arrangement around. That’s what you’re hearing here. I’ll redo the song after I hear your comments. All parts are place holders. The SM63 is an Omni pattern interview mic that has no proximity effect and is very resistant to plosives, so I figured it would save me time on EQ and compression for the demo. It did, but I find myself liking the sound of the Shure Beta 58 better when I crank up the gain on it and place it at arm’s length and chest height, and record inside a walk in closet. Try it with whatever mic you have. You’ll see what I mean. Sounds more natural and requires far less processing. The sound I’m gonna be going for is kind of like what The Beatles used to do in their acoustic songs. Not a lot of effects on the vocals there. Typically Paul would sing those. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and I’ll appreciate your feedback.
  2. Hello, Brand new to all this. Just downloaded Cakewalk. The tutorials I have seen so far all introduce the different sections of the app and explain what they do. I haven't a clue how to actually proceed with anything. I really need to watch someone go through, step by step from the start, and show how to add a few tracks and special effects. Just got a Akai LPK 25 keyboard to start playing with. Any links to actual videos of people making their projects would be super appreciated. I'm lost. Thank you!
  3. OK, so the piano train keeps rolling along 😀 One of my viewers asked to do a vid focusing on SampleTank4's acoustic pianos so here we are. I hope you enjoy watching and find it fun and informative. Thanks as always!
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