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  1. By sheer coincidence I happened to be working on my version of this Beatles song when I spotted @steve@baselines.com's version. I think I've previously posted my "archive" tape recording from the late 90s, long before I could use something like a DAW. I've never been able to match that vocal performance, and now, with AI, I'm delighted to have been able to isolate it from the tape recording and use it in this project. A lot of the sounds come from my vintage Yamaha PSR-SQ16 but there are new drums, bass and strings. Comments welcomed. https://www.bandlab.com/post/0008bd79-0e8a-ee11-b75e-000d3a428fff
  2. Dave Overland sings on this one. One of my favorite songs from the Revolver album. I used the Capitol Compressor on the mix buss - what a great plugin - the saturation knob does wonders I think. I also sent vocals to the ReelADT plugin from waves and the Hitsville reverb chambers from UA. https://baselines.com/?p=6931
  3. Skeptik

    Where to upload?

    I like doing covers and I used to use soundcloud a long time ago, but I just realized that they are a pain in the butt to deal with. Copyright this and copyright that. Is there just a place I can upload and post a link where I can have people listen to my covers or something? Thanks.
  4. Here's a cover of a Steely Dan song from 1974. Jeff Baxter, who played the lead guitar on the original version is an amazing multifaceted person. https://baselines.com/?p=6470
  5. Hello everyone, We just updated our Cover Artwork Collection with 8 new masterpieces. Check it out here https://beastsamples.com/cover-art/ **Every piece is exclusive which means it can be sold only one time.Once you complete your purchase you have the exclusive rights of the piece.
  6. Hello everyone and Happy New Year, We are more than happy to share with you our brand-new Feature! Exclusive Psychedelic Cover Art for your next release. Visit our page to get a taste https://beastsamples.com/cover-art/ **Most of them sold-out in the first day of release but new ones are coming soon.
  7. Saga - Tired World - A song I liked for many years, recorded 1978 the first time so it was time I made a cover of it. I did fake the solo part at 2 places as they where to fast to play and trust me, I really tried but you cannot see nor here exact where... I will tell you if you wanna know and also how I did it. Software used for the fake part was Audacity but I so all base recordings with Audacity and transfer them later to Cakewalk, after I Normalized them and also reduced noises. The drums sounded very static first, a drum machine with real recorded drums so I fiddled some with the high hat and added a delay to it and suddenly, the drums sounded as realistic as they can be I guess. My version is running in 93 bpm and the delay is 120 bpm but should maybe be set to 124 but it got such a nice swing / shuffle feeling, so I kept it at 129 bpm and a role is. Never touch anything that is working. The recording is done in/with Audacity, guitars and song Cakewalk for drums, keyboards and to put all pieces together. The Video is made with Kapwing https://www.kapwing.com The background (free) pictures are taken from: https://pixabay.com/ https://mocah.org/ Other versions of Tired World are: Live (My favorite version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqpAZur7iPA New version 2021: Original that I used as template for my version:
  8. Hello everyone. This song was recorded on Cakewalk using a Quad-Capture interface, a Behringer V-amp 2 amp simulator, a Strat, a Yamaha Five String Bass, a CAD E 200 mic, and EZ Drummer and Dimension Pro as the VST instruments for drums and keys. We used only the included Sonitus Suite effects and automated the daylights out of the tracks to optimize the sound of a band format in comparison to the original, in which they used a band aaaaand an orchestra. The song is “Ilegal, Inmoral, o Engorda” by Roberto Carlos. It basically posses the question: Why are things we like often illegal, immoral, or fattening? I have loved this singer and this song since I was a kid but I always imagined him doing it a little tighter, a little angrier, and without the orchestra, so I did it that way. Bellow are the original and my version. hope you enjoy them 😊
  9. (Krzystof Komeda's) Rosemary's Baby - Electric Guitar Cover Hello guys. This is my electric guitar cover of Krzystof Komeda's ''Rosemary's Baby'', soundtrack song of popular Roman Polanski's movie. It was fully created by me, i did physically record, and after that i edited and mixed the guitars, and i recorded the piano as a virtual instrument. All these, of course via Cakewalk. It is my first full creation. I hope you will like it. Thanks in advance.
  10. Here's a cover of Tina's song 'What's Love Got To Do With It' - Sung my @therealmadamez and guitars by @turbomaus on Bandlab. I play the other instruments and produced. https://baselines.com/?p=5822
  11. This is a cover of a Harrison song from 1987. @mojoespage from Bandlab did most of it. I added piano and he asked me to sing, believe it or not. https://baselines.com/?p=5785
  12. I've been away from music for a while. I was also having so much trouble with my Octa-capture (or so I thought) that it made recording almost impossible. This tune was the last song done with countless crashes. I finally installed a 1TB SSD on the C Drive and almost all my problems went away! It's like I bought a brand new PC, considering that it was purchased 9 years ago from Jim Roseberry and it is still kicking butt! Anyway, this is my 1st attempt at recording a complete song in a long time. While I'm not a huge Coldplay fan but I came to appreciate the synth sounds that they layer behind their music. They use a lot of sounds on top of one another and effects to create their sonic background. Fat, rich tones that are usually slightly out of tune. As always, this was recorded in my home studio using Cakewalk by Bandlab and a plethora of virtual instruments. No real instruments were harmed or even touched in the making of this recording. Enjoy! Mark
  13. Howdy - I am absolutely STUNNED, in a good way, at how gorgeous the Kontakt Studio Drummer - Session Kit drum library drum samples sound. Just amazing. Please note: This snippet is a work in progress - I am still adding MIDI drum parts, and have done ZERO mixing, yet. I am sharing it, because of how impressed I am with the sounds from the Kontakt Studio Drummer drum library. I promise to post the completed cover, once it is finished and mixed/mastered. So, this is a super tiny snippet of my cover of the Genesis Firth of Fifth live version, from their Seconds Out album. I promise to post the whole thing, when I get it finished. I am currently working on the drum parts, which after running through 5 real drummers, who all bailed, I just went ahead and started adding all the drums using MIDI, and the Kontakt Studio Drummer - Session Kit, for the sample library for the drum sounds. In the cover version of the song, friends recorded the bass, guitar, and bass pedal parts (the bass player has, and used for this, an actual working, 40+ year old real set of Moog Taurus bass pedals, and when the whole, completed, cover version gets posted by me when completed, you will get to hear those, plus the fabulous and bone-shaking thunder of those pedals, coupled with the Mellotron strings). I am playing the keyboard synth lead here, and you cannot hear it very well, also the organ chords underneath the synth solo. The drums you hear, in this snippet, are all done with MIDI - entered, and edited, using the Cakewalk Step Sequencer. I picked this snippet, because this is where I am in the song - adding the MIDI drum parts, and because I am so amazed at how well that Kontakt Studio Drummer library sounds. If anybody has that drum library - it comes with Komplete 12 - shoot me a message, with an email (don't post your email here in this open thread), and I will happily share the custom Cakewalk drum map and project template, and track template, that I built for that drum library - I have them uploaded into a shared folder on Dropbox. So, I hope folks enjoy this tiny snippet, and the wonderful sounds of the Kontakt drum library. Unmixed cover version of Genesis - Firth of Fifth Seconds Out live version - small snippet in keyboard solo Bob Bone
  14. This is a song by Paul Simon. It was the fifth single from Graceland (1986). It pains me to admit that I didn't know it was Linda Ronstadt singing on this classic. @kiwichrys sings magnificently on this one. Recorded and Produced at Baselines Designs (www.baselines.com) https://baselines.com/?p=5660
  15. This song released in 1965 - here's my cover version. @kiwichrys from Bandlab on the high harmony. https://baselines.com/?p=5621
  16. Bandlabs @kiwichrys sings and @the_m_project on guitars. I play the other stuff and produced. https://baselines.com/?p=5609
  17. This one is mostly Steve Schreiber. I added Marimbas and did some production work on the vocal and bass. https://baselines.com/?p=5597
  18. After listening to the Analogues on youtube doing the whole White Album live (!!!) - I did this cover of Martha My Dear. Italy, Germany, England and USA checking in! @sibviolin violins, @michelefortunato trombones, @azzronika vocals and myself to round it out. #beatles #rock #horns #violins #iinternationalcollab https://baselines.com/?p=5564
  19. Eve all, well hasn't been a strange old time - I hope people are well? I was on the way to covering Adam Ant's Stand and Deliver which would have been a 3d animated affair - I had designed the Trump model and all. Then the shit hit the fan, which meant I needed to re-think my creative plan...I thought the world needed more love so I decided to redo a cover of George Harrison's When Every Song Is Sung. It's actually an unfinished masterpiece with various artists over the years trying to finish it. Ringo did a version, but George sued him over it lol. I have taken both George's idea and Ringo's and spliced them together. You can find George's version on soundcloud...it is less than a demo really, Ringo's on Youtube. This is if you're interested in both their takes on the tune. Basically, I start with just acoustic guitar, piano and synth. This then grows to a full Beatle type tune at the end. I literally was listening to both versions and working out the arrangement at the same time. In George's version, there is some gospel sounding piano and trumpet stabs which I used, and which also helped glue both George's and Ringo's ideas and arrangements together cohesively. I more or less played all the instruments, except the drums and the orchestral sounds. Even the piano parts, admittedly I had to doctor these a little lol. I also used Wave's Abbey Road effects for an authentic Beatle sound. This included their new NX or listening effect - a virtual Abbey Road listening enviroment. These effects get a bit derided, but they do work...you just have to know how and when to use them. Oh, I also brought a Hofner Beatle bass and laid this down too. I about to pump out content, I've just brought 3 RTX gaming computers for content creation...rendering. I will have a 3d animation for this in a few weeks :). Right, stay safe and thanks in advance.
  20. Night Meets Light - a Dixie Dregs Cover - recorded by Robert Bone and Mike Reidy This is a remake/cover of the Dixie Dregs song, Night Meets Light, that I finished in 2018, and posted in the old forums, and just plain forgot about sharing it with all the folks here in the new world of CbB. Both my friend, Mike, and I, would love to get some feedback on the production aspects of the song - which we mostly were fairly faithful to the general sound of the original song, though I did "modern it up" a bit here and there. Feedback from you folks would mean a lot to both of us, because while we chose this song because of a profound love and appreciation for the beautiful playing in it, we also wanted to use the process of engineering an existing song, as a way to gauge where we stood in terms of crafting a finished product, and by replicating the original song, we could compare our version with the original, we could figure out how well we were "getting it". There is a considerable pool of diverse talent from the Cakewalk community, as musicians and as engineers, and I consider folks here to be my giant disfunctional musical family, and there truly are some experts inmusic production here - certainly way better than me (I am pretty much a keyboard player who tries to additionally wade through the music production process). So, be gentle - and also, please be honest, because I will be taking any feedback to heart, to help me get better at all of this. As far as the playing of the parts, we tried to nail those as best we could, to put our best into honoring the Dixie Dregs, and in particular, Steve Morse, who authored the original song way back in 1978 (their What If album). My friend, Mike Reidy, plays the guitar parts, and the remaining instruments were played/sequenced up by me on my keyboards (violin, keys, bass, and drums). Transcribing the drums took me almost 3 weeks, because they are different pretty much all through the song. Then, near the end, the drums get pretty active, and that was a challenge to faithfully decipher. Oh - lastly, the video was just made to give folks watching in YouTube something to look at while listening to the song, and is simply a series of pics of the Dixie Dregs, pulled from the web. It is the music itself that I hope to get feedback on. THANKS to anyone who read all of the above, and even MORE thanks to anyone who invests around 8 minutes into helping me and my friend, Mike, get better at music production. I hope you guys like it - I edited this post, to now include a link to the real Dregs studio cut of the song, down below mine, for comparison. Link to real studio cut by Dregs:
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