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Found 24 results

  1. 19 € https://www.meldaproduction.com/MDynamics https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/meldaproduction-mdynamics For a week.
  2. I'm trying to route my AV Bx series mixer through cakewalk to be able to use the compressors available. I can get as far as seeing the meters register the input. The compressor is working, but the output is unchanged. I have the left and right outs from the mixer going to the inputs to my audio box and the outputs from the interface going to the power amp and EQ on my rack. I don't know what I'm missing. Any ideas?
  3. Icons: The Compressor Collection | Softube link https://www.softube.com/icons-the-compressor-collection ; Purchase Icons: The Compressor Collection with your exclusive promo code VOLUMETOICONS to SAVE 55%
  4. Does anyone have a Klark Teknik 2A-KT in their studio or have you heard of this compressor? What's there to like and dislike? Klark Teknik 2A-KT Thanks
  5. hace dias el compresor desaparecio asi que reinstale el programa y se soluciono pero nuevamente el compresor desaparecio. En la carpeta central cakewalk si aparecen los archivos del compresor sonitus. *que hago para que no siempre la solucion sea reinstalar el programa?, gracias
  6. So, recently I realized that there are bug in ProChannel, specifically the compressor UI. The problem is the UI for the compressor will be broken when I started change the compressor type (like in the left picture), it still work but in my opinion it kinda ruin the mood and also the parameter are little to cramped so it makes it kinda difficult to deal with. This problem so far as I know affecting 2 type of compressor that is PC4K S-Type Bus Compressor and PC76 U-Type Compressor (Like in the left pictures). This far I only tested it with ProChannel in the mixer, so I didn't really know if this also affecting ProChannel in Inspector panel.
  7. Free plugin offer by Reason Studios: Between 22-30 August, you can get the Waves H-Comp Hybrid Compressor for absolutely free using the coupon code: FREECOMP. Its full price is $179, but thanks to our friends at Waves, Reason fans like yourself pay $0. H-Comp does not only model the sound of tubes, transformers, and transistors in real-life analog compressors: It also adds unique digital features such as the ability to set the compressor release time in sync with the BPM of your project! More details here
  8. When in ACT and using an x-touch mini to open & close previous and next plugins in a track strip..... this display pops up on "Tube Saturation"..... it isn't a problem and doesn't cause problems... but is this supposed to be the way it looks or no? Or is it what the Roland / Cakewalk midi controller would show on it's display?
  9. In 2015 SPL released the IRON mastering compressor based on an original concept. Their goal was to conceive a compressor that provided a pleasant, melodic-sounding, transparent compression, inspired by the vintage compressors of the radio era. But they wanted it to be versatile enough to adapt perfectly to the needs of modern mastering studios. Variable Bias Tube Compressor Parallel Dual Tube Circuit Custom Mu-Metal Iron Transformers Feed-forward resistive Vactrol-Opto-Isolator Six different Rectifier settings available Sidechain that allows you to choose between Off, four sidechain-filter presets or an external sidechain signal In Link mode, the Threshold, Tube Bias, Attack, Release, and Rectifier parameters, as well as the Sidechain EQs, are controlled with the right side (channel 2) of the unit Master out features an additional, Passive Equalizer with two fixed sounds Retail $329 currently sale $229.00 https://www.plugin-alliance.com/en/products/spl_iron.html
  10. What is it? Everybody who has ever had a chance to listen to a MagicDeathEye compressor has been blown away by its sound. Carefully designed by Mr. Ian Sefchick (mastering engineer at Capitol Records), this tube compressor’s circuit is loosely based on a Fairchild 660. It’s a variable mu compressor that sounds just as great on your mastering bus as on your individual tracks. Nothing is smashed here, everything breathes and shines while the MagicDeathEye will smoothly glue your audio signal together in that warm and almost elegant way only expensive tube compressors can do it. Already now a legendary piece of hardware, the MagicDeathEye compressor is just to good to be exclusively available only to some of the greatest studios in the world. After almost a year of careful circuit and signal analysis, DDMF and Ian Sefchick are extremely proud to present the official plugin version of this lovely beast! Staying extremely close to its hardware role model while still keeping the CPU load at a very reasonable level, we sincerely believe that the answer to the ever-old question “Do I really need another compressor plugin” is a resounding yes for this one! DDMF MagicDeathEye compressor $99.00 https://ddmf.eu/magicdeatheye/
  11. Get 10% off all Blue Cat Audio products - use code: DIGIF008 https://www.bluecataudio.com/
  12. Brighton Opto Tube Comp is an official third-party plugin for N4 Player Brighton Opto Tube Compressor is a custom-built, versatile compressor with strong character. It can be slow and smooth like a classic RMS opto with normal settings, or push it to extremes and it is very capable of some very snappy ‘pumping’. It is based both on a classic Vactrol VTL5 optical photocell detector and a custom-built one, prototyped on a breadboard with a new-concept, custom-circuit tube preamp designed by V. Realacci of Sound & Light (in Formia, Italy). Brighton Opto Tube Compressor Features Vactrol VTL5 optical photocell detector and a second one with ultra fast last generation LED light bulb. Ratios: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 20 (limiter) Attack (ms): 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1, 3, 7, 10, 30, 75 Recovery (s): 0.03, 0.07, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.6, 0.9, 1.20, 3.50 Peak reduction range (dB): from 0 to -64 Makeup gain range (dB): from 0 to +24 Hi pass filter sidechain (Hz): from 0 (sidechain off) to 250 VU Meters IN/OUT -42/+5dB; REDUCTION 0/-30dB Compatibility Available in VST, AU, AAX – 32, 64 bit formats. retail-€85.00 intro sale €68.00 http://www.londonacoustics.com/product/brighton-opto-tube-comp/
  13. Acustica Ultramarine4 Early Access Retail:€299 Early Offer: €119 Ultramarine4's compressor is based on what is arguably the most iconic of all dynamics processors. Rightfully described as the "World Accepted Standard For Level Control" in the '50s, it is today one of the most revered studio processors ever. The original machine can cost up to $20,000 or more on the second-hand market - for one in good condition - and the extra costs of maintenance should also be taken into account. The sound of this impressive machine is defined by its short attack response and long release times, letting you keep transients under control and yet giving the body of the track a sweet massage. Equally at home in audio mastering studios as well as radio broadcast facilities, only about 1000 of them were sold and they are getting harder find in a good operating condition. Over the years, many clones and emulations - both hardware and software - have been created striving to perfectly capture the unmistakable character of this behemoth comp/limiter. And many of them certainly sound good. But we think that no approach can beat the actual sampling of the unit in order to match the sonic elegance of such a marvellous piece of engineering. Included: Ultramarine4 A-70 (standalone Mid-Side Stereo Compressor) Ultramarine4 A-27 EQ (standalone Variable Tube Equalizer) Ultramarine4 A-64 EQ (standalone 3-Band Passive Equalizer) Ultramarine4 A-58 Reverb (standalone Reverb module) Ultramarine4 Channel-strip (Channel strip that includes some of the previous cited standalone plugins) *Early-access / Crazy-access pricings are introductory, time-limited discount periods during which the plugin maybe subject to further refinements and minor updates, for better performance and extended compatibility. All updates and bugfixes will be available inside Aquarius under the 'Updates' section. http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/ultramarine
  14. Acustica Audio Acqua PINK update + special Update-Special* €99 (reg. €199) - Save 50% OFF FREE update for current PINK users PINK3 is a bundle consisting of 6 different plug-ins: • PINK3 215 - Preamp module with 8 different circuit distortion models • PINK3 780 - 10-band graphic EQ • PINK3 1650 - 4-band EQ module with 4 selectable per band models • PINK3 2412 - Single band compressor • PINK3 7236 - Multiband compressor • PINK3 Channel Strip - Full channel strip with EQ, compressors and preamp options https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/pink
  15. THE TRUE EMULATION OF OUR QUAD DISCRETE VCA COMPRESSOR Discrete VCA compressor based hardware emulation Discrete VCA Distortion Spectrum up to 0,6% THD Smooth and Punchy Sound Soft (Varimu) to Brick 40:1 PEAK and RMS detection Large selection of time constants Super fast Metering Low Cut SC Filter with 6 frequency settings Each channel provides Dry/Wet controls The VSC-3 Plugin AKA “Blue Mauritius” VSC-3 Plugin Features: Can you resize the Plugin “Yes” Do you have a Side-chain Filter “Yes” Does it have a Mix Knob “Yes” Can you adjust the threshold by pressing the Vertigo Sound symbol and clicking on “Low Threshold” to make Gain Reduction more sensitive to lower puts “Yes” Can it make you that perfect Vanilla Latte from your favourite Coffee Shop “No it’s a Compressor” Pricing: Full Price €289, intro Price €149 VST3, AAX Native (AAX DSP may come in the future), AU, 32Bit, 64Bit. https://www.vertigosound.com/products/vsc-3-plugin
  16. From April 2, 2019 through April 30, 2019, 25% off selected plugins. Log in to your account and apply the following code at checkout: inwtnew_2019 https://www.acustica-audio.com/pages/specials/in-with-the-new-spring-2019
  17. Early access pricing - Retail €189 Sale €89 - Save 52% OFF Titanium3 suite is made up of six (5 plus one FREE) separate Acqua plug-ins: Titanium3 3BComp (standalone three-band compressor) Titanium3 1BComp (standalone single-band compressor) Titanium3 EQ (standalone all-tube passive Equalizer) Titanium3 Pre (Preamp standalone module) Titanium3 Strip (Channel strip that includes all the previous cited standalone plugins) Titanium BASSTard: a bass-frequency monster machine derived directly from the complete Equaliser, available through Aquarius as a forever-FREE download! https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/titanium
  18. The VCL-4 is a faithful emulation of the op amp based successor of the classic late 60s opto leveler. Unintrusive to extreme opto compression with switchable ratio The F-59 is a recreation of the late '50s classic that set the course for decades of guitar amplification technology. A cab emulation and a linear level control have been added for more versatility.F-59 33% off until March 1 Use voucher: F9GZ-L3KM-FB19 https://fuseaudiolabs.de/#products
  19. Software Audiority LDC2 - Light Driven Compander - VST2/VST3/AU/AAX - We are happy to announce to you our newest effect plugin: LDC2 - Light Driven Compander g LDC2 is an analog modelled compressor and expander featuring exchangeable optical circuits and solid state preamplifier. LDC2 provides smooth and warm dynamics processing for tracking, mixing, mastering and live performances. Intro Price: $29/€29 (until Feb 28th. Regular price is $45/€45) More info: LDC2 Compander - Optical Compressor and Expander Plugin - Audiority We implemented an online activation that works in parallel with the usual offline license file loading. If you are registered to our User Area, you only need to use your username (or email address) and password from the plugin to register it. Please, check LDC2 User Manual for more details. https://www.audiority.com/shop/ldc2-compander/
  20. new release: OPTO 32 is the new version of Opto 3a but now with 2a envelopes, preamp’s and clippers it also features a refined attack program dependent attack and release which achieves a classic feedback sound giving a great clarity from the envelope . Features: 4 samples rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 3a/2a Two stage attack and release (Program dependent) Limit/Compress mode New refined preamps featuring both 2a and 3a selections. A drive version is available for higher harmonic settings N4 and N3 jpn skins with reduction meter Frequency tilt Knob that controls the frequency dependent attack Dry control for parallel dry signal Look Ahead control to capture more transient if needed Clipper instance for both 2a and 3a £25.00 https://www.timpetherick.co.uk/downloads/opto-3a/
  21. Fully endorsed and approved by Mäag Audio. Modeled by Brainworx. The original MAGNUM-K™ hardware is a single-channel Compressor built to complement the audio engineer’s craft. It is comprised of two serial compressor sections (MAGNUM COMP and K COMP), a very musical Parallel EQ (with LMF and Mäag's signature AIR BAND®), plus a Soft Limit (soft limiter). In cooperation with Brainworx this design was turned into a convincing plugin, whereas the concept was taken to the next level. BX added L/R and M/S Stereo capabilities, injected 20 different, analog channels utilizing their patent-pending TMT (Tolerance Modeling Technology) and several convenient plugin-only features like M/S Stereo Width, Mono-Maker etc. TMT INCLUDED The Maag MAGNUM-K offers 20 different channels, made possible by TMT. TMT takes the real-world tolerances of audio components found in audio circuits into account and offers various channels of analog audio which have realistic variances in frequency response, time constants in dynamic sections, etc. TMT is the same ground-breaking technology that can be found in the console emulations by Brainworx (SSL 4000 E & G, for example). The result is digital audio that sounds as analog as possible, whereas even the L/R channels of a stereo instance will react slightly different, giving you wide and realistic analog sound in your computer! FEATURES 2 compressor sections, Magnum Comp and K Comp Musical-sounding parallel EQ with LMF and Maag's signature Air Band Soft Limiter Faithfully modelled, endorsed and approved by Mäag Audio Stereo version in addition to the original mono version DRY/WET parameter for parallel mix 20 different, analog TMT channels M/S mode inclusive Solo M and Solo S Retail $299.00 intro: $199.00 + emails & voucher codes being sent Maag Audio Magnum-K
  23. Ivory 4 Suite / Acustica The IVORY4 suite consists of 6 separate Acqua plug-ins, each with a gorgeous graphical user interface that allows for an easy and quick operation. This bundle includes: IVORY4 EQ IVORY4 EQ STEREO IVORY4 COMP 1B IVORY4 COMP 3B IVORY4 DYN EQ IVORY4 DYN EQ STEREO Free for any previous owners of Ivory, any version or purchase it at €149 (reg. €199) Ivory users can download it via Aquarius (Purchased page) IVORY4 is a VST/AAX/AU plug-in suite which includes 2 equalizers, 2 compressors and 2 dynamic equalizers. Each of these modules has been carefully crafted with the goal of building a set of awesome-sounding, mastering-grade tools. Ivory4 is a transparent yet extremely musical processor that shines on just about everything you throw it on. Whether you are a mastering engineer, looking for the utmost grade of control in the studio, or you are mixing and producing your next big hit - and you need a powerful, versatile tool for shaping your subgroups - Ivory3 has you covered http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/ivory
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