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  1. Sorry it's probably a dumb question. I'm a total noob. There's a YouTube video that tells me how to get Cakewalk going, but once I start up Cakewalk, I lose the sound on YouTube. I did a capture of the video, but Winamp and Windows Media lost their sound as well. I get an error message "audio rendering error" or something like that, telling me to reboot my computer. Rebooting does not help. HELP!!!
  2. Hey guys, I'm hoping someone can help me here. Just bought myself a Steinberg UR22 Mkii interface and I'm having an issue with Cakewalk only showing 1 channel available, which doesn't even let me record in stereo. Its meant to be a 2x2 USB channel interface. So far its only allowing me to record one channel in mono. Both inputs work BUT only in mono. It plays back in stereo so as far as I can tell its working fine. I'm assuming it has something to do with cakewalk not recognising the channel as stereo?? It gives me the options to choose left, right and stereo but again, only recording the left channel regardless. All new drivers installed and had a firmware update also. I'm running windows 7 (will upgrade to 10 this weekend most likely) Has anybody encountered this before? Thanks guys.
  3. Gentlemen, Please see below. I am PRAYING you can help me with this!! Tried the Asio4all....Cakewalk said right away on startup it wasn't compatible. Maybe you could ask your fellow Cakewalk users? Can't believe I'm the only one with this issue!?! Settings and computer info attached. Aside from this ISSUE, everything else works fine! Edit tracks, add VST's, effects, meters, etc. ISSUE: When I try to record on a new Audio Track, and I enable the orange "Input Echo" button beside the red Arm Record button on that track, it picks up and records ALL other previously recorded tracks as well as the audio I'm trying to record. Also, it starts what sounds like a feedback loop when you increase the volume from the fader on that track (it's NOT actual feedback, as in a guitar or mic close to a speaker). Physical "Mix" setting on the front of the UR22mk11 (Input / DAW) has no effect on the issue, and my monitors are off (just in case someone thought it was feeding back through my monitors). ALL Steinberg/Yamaha Drivers are updated to the latest version. Running latest version of Cakewalk: Version 2024.02 (Build 098, 64 Bit.) ANYTHING you could do to help would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! Thanks in advance, Chris
  4. Hi all, I'm using a MIDI keyboard with some rotary knobs (Komplete Kontrol A61) that I want to use to automate a synth. I have it all working properly, using one of the knobs to control the filter cutoff in Vital. However, when I go to record this MIDI information during playback, nothing happens. The knob continues to work and I can hear it controlling the filter, but Cakewalk doesn't record any of the movement into the automation lane. Though when I control the filter with my mouse during playback, Cakewalk does record the information. Would really appreciate some help with this as I can't find any fix online! I've attached a photo of how I've got everything setup. I'm using Mackie Control in Cakewalk. Thanks, Tom.
  5. Hello. I make simple mashups of songs for local drag shows. I am working with an mp3 that I am wanting to have slide up in pitch to transition into the next song which is in a higher key. All I am trying to do is make the final few seconds of the track slide up in pitch gradually, but quickly. I was hoping there was a way to apply keyframes to a pitch shift plugin similar to how volume automation works, however I cant figure out a way to have an effect come in on one clip, only how to apply it to the entire clip. I am new to Cakewalk to be patient, and keep it simple if possible. I don't need anything fancy.
  6. So I had the "not responding problem" that some people are also getting. I figured out it has to do with the audio input and output. I originally had it set to Fl studio, after unchecking everything the app worked as it should. Only problem is I don't know which audio input and output to choose so I can actually hear. Can someone lead me to the right direction please? thanks *edit: I just checked voicemeter aux for input and output and it seems to work fine now.
  7. When I go to run from start it won't start but when I go to uninstall I get the following error?
  8. Hi. I'm trying to use a Chocolate Midi Foot Controller to change the SnapShots in Helix Native. The good news is (after following a Youtube video very closely) I got the pedals to change the snapshots. The bad news is I've got no sound! Argh! If I just put in a regular audio track and turn on "Input Echo" the sound plays through me UR22 Audio Interface and sounds great, but when I do the "split instrument track" setting (so I can use the foot switches) no sound comes out. Please help! I'm using Windows 10, a Steinberg UR22 USB Audio Interface, and of course Cakewalk and Helix Native. Here's what I did, and what I'm seeing: 1) I created an Instrument track in Cakewalk and for the instrument I chose VST3/Line6/Helix Native. 2) For Input, I'm using "USB -Midi /Midi Channel 1" The other options it gives me are: All Inputs, 2-Steinberg UR22-1. or Virtual Controller. 3) In the Advanced setting, I chose "Split Instrument Track". At the bottom of the 'Add Track" window, the Output is listed as "Yamaha Steinberg USB ASIO: UR22" 4) Within the Helix Window, I chose VST and make sure Enable Midi is checked. Note- It is greyed out, but it is checked. 5) I then clicked Plug in properties and make sure the boxes are checked for "Enable as Plug-in" and " Configure as Synth" It seems like I must have something wrong with it going from the UR22, but I'm not sure what, or where I would change that. Either that, or I'm just missing a simple step in Cakewalk. Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts, I'd really appreciate it. I spent all day trying to solve this and got nowhere. Just for reference, here is the Youtube video I followed. From what I can tell, the ONLY thing I'm doing differently than the Youtube video is that they are using bluetooth for their controller and I'm using a USB cable. Since the switches are doing what they are supposed to, I'm assuming that isn't the problem. Thanks again!!!
  9. Hi Cakewalk Sonar Developers, I appreciate Bandlab for the new features added in the New Sonar, but something that I'd love them to do on new Sonar is that they should let be the old and true Cakewalk Theme and add their new Theme because the 3D theme look more reality, and it makes Cakewalk By Bandlab to stand out and more attractive, I was about making video on "Cakewalk The Best DAW Interface" the new interface looks childish unprofessional, it looks familiar with Ableton and yet Ableton still has good look, please take a look at other DAWs like Reason, Studio One, Steinberg Cubase, especially Luna by Appolo UAD, I have been so proud Cakewalk since I've been using it since over 20 years back but this new Sonar by bandlab doesn't want to continue with the original Cakewalk Lagacy. Please let there be the original Cakewalk Themes so that we can chose anyone We want better than the color options, this might make Cakewalk by Bandlab Users not willing to go for the new Sonar as everything matters. Please add all original Cakewalk Vst plugins back as We have missed them, these are one of Our joys that Cakewalk is coming back, that it is RESURECTIING. Finally, I have tried to activate Sonar so may times but doesn't work, is it purposely done by Sonar or I still didn't get it right somehow, and same procedure used on CbB and it activated. please take note of this. I will be glad to see Your good response toward all of these points. thanks.
  10. I have CAKEWALK installed in C:\ Drive. I noticed a folder in my D:\ Drive named SONAR. I deleted that folder but everytime I launch Cakewalk that same folder is created again in D:\ Drive. Anyone knows why this happens and how can I DELETE that folder permanently? Thanks.
  11. Hi folks! Recording yourself in a comfortable environment with good acoustics is crucial - but how can you control your DAW? In this video I show how to control Cakewalk by Bandlab using an Android phone! WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/6ndfakrS6Gw
  12. I wanted to test out changing the hertz for a solo black metal album I want to make, but I can't get the bass midi to change to 420 without having to screw with Melodyne and duct tape fix it to my cakewalk track. I have to go in Melodyne and individually pitch shift every single note, and that is incredibly tedious. Is there an easier way?
  13. Moving midi notes around in Piano Roll is causing Cakewalk to shut down completely. Could there be any setting in Preferences that might be the issue I should look at further? This is my only issue at this point, so any feedback would be great!
  14. I have a legacy (and life-time) SONAR Producer setup. I would also like to do tutorial and demonstration work for users of BandLab Cakewalk, the free version. Is it possible to install that side-by-side with my SONAR installation? If not, do I have to use a completely different computer to avoid conflicts, especially over registry settings.
  15. I used Cakewalk and Addictive Drums to create the drum tracks for Andy and Zomby Woof on this CD. My part is manually input, but the bass, vocals, and guitars are all live musicians recording their own parts for the songs. You can hear the tracks a bit further down on the page: https://zeroensemble.bandcamp.com/album/six-of-one
  16. Ive ticked my midi device in preferences-midi-devices but when I create a midi track and set the input to my midi device, (selecting simple instrument track) no input is recorded at all. if I tick the midi output box, the keys I press make the green bar on the track light up but no sound comes out. what could I do to make this work?
  17. Hi Ok, I'm firmly in "newbie territory" here, but I've been fumbling around trying to work with buses and I noticed that my buses don't give me a feel when tracks are being recorded in Cakewalk BUT do give me a feed when I am listening to the tracks back. (Make sense?!) Is this how its supposed to work? and if so is there a reason for it perhaps that I'm not grasping?! Any example of the buses I am setting up are for recording a drum kit where I have grouped all the drums to one bus and a pair of overheads to another bus, and another bus for an electronic kit that outputs stereo feeds. Many thanks in advance
  18. Meng's Announcement (2018.04) Hi Everyone, Today is the day! Let’s dive straight in with a TL:DR version: Today we’re launching Cakewalk by BandLab – a free, streamlined version of SONAR Platinum There is only one version, with full authentication and the advanced feature set for free Cakewalk by BandLab is available via BandLab Assistant for Windows (sign in with your BandLab account) No matter what plug-ins or bundles you’ve bought in the past – anything that worked with SONAR before will work with Cakewalk by BandLab and should integrate seamlessly. This is just the beginning, we have an aggressive feature roadmap ahead Firstly, thank you to everybody here for your incredible support in the last month (and a bit!). As you might have guessed, it’s been a busy few weeks for us at BandLab. On top of maintaining the steady flow of feature releases that we consistently do on BandLab every week, the whole team has been working tirelessly to pull together the new flagship, streamlined version of SONAR so that we could get it to you ASAP. We have an aggressive vision here at BandLab – and that is a world in which there are no barriers, physical, geographical or technical to the making and sharing of music. For the millions of creators already on BandLab in more than 180 countries around the world – this vision continues to develop every time we push a new release. For the professional musicians who use our platform, access to a complete toolset is a key part of this vision and this release is one of our biggest yet. The big news is a business model change that is only possible because of our ecosystem – we’re releasing the entire feature set of SONAR Platinum (sans certain 3rd party plugins and content) in its new form of Cakewalk by BandLab completely free. We want anyone to have access to the highest level of professional music production tools in the same way that we empower musicians to make and share their music around the world with BandLab’s creation, collaboration and social tools. Cakewalk by BandLab has all the premium features of SONAR Platinum that you know and love but we’ve also added some small new features for now: you now have the ability to replace Track Templates and enjoy a theme-capable Piano Roll View (easier on the eyes for those late nights). These are just two quick additions – there’s a lot more coming based on your feedback and I’m confident you’ll be excited about what’s on the horizon. Existing Platinum users: all previously purchased third party bundles, plug-ins and instruments already installed on your system should automatically integrate with Cakewalk by BandLab. If you have all your third party products and plug-ins previously downloaded from the Command Center, everything should work seamlessly. People who are downloading Cakewalk by BandLab or experiencing SONAR Platinum’s features for the first time (not relevant to many people in this forum, but still including it to cover all bases!): we have removed certain 3rd party plug-ins and content that we felt were unnecessary and/or not feasible to be released in this first version. Updates will come and more features and content will be available in the core pack. For now, check out the Sounds tab on BandLab Assistant - there are thousands of loops available there - just drag and drop. ;-) For anyone concerned that downloading Cakewalk by BandLab via BandLab Assistant might mess with your system or existing software – we’ve put a lot of effort into making sure that it doesn’t affect previous SONAR installations - Cakewalk by BandLab and previous versions of SONAR can run on the same machine with no issues. That said, there will be no more updates released for legacy SONAR products. As always, keep in mind that if you make changes to your operating system, this could affect performance of any legacy products as updates won’t happen in the future. Many thanks to everyone who has already signed up for a BandLab account. As mentioned before, it will be necessary for tagging other purchases you have made in the past - for example, the next iteration of Rapture will not be released for free when it is ready unless you are an existing owner and eligible for a crossgrade. Having your obsolete Cakewalk ID linked to your BandLab Account ensures that we can verify your previous purchases, and any future upgrade or cross grade opportunities are available to you. For those who haven’t signed up yet, you’ll also need a BandLab account to install and authenticate Cakewalk, as well as to receive future updates and new releases. On a side note, we’ve also been busy organising some Cakewalk swag (featuring new and vintage looks) to celebrate the launch and offer something fun for some of you lifetime Cakewalk fans. We’ve souped up our Tip Jar and released an early version of our upcoming Rewards feature, and you’ll visit this page once your install has started. A reissued version of Noel’s famous Cakewalk mug is there as well as some other swag - I'll add the link in a second, we're just updating some photos! There is no obligation to send a tip. I want to thank all of you for your support, your encouragement, your feedback and suggestions. We are constantly humbled by the passion and wealth of knowledge among the Cakewalk community. We are so proud to be able to continue development of SONAR’s core feature set as Cakewalk by BandLab and are committed to investing in this excellent product - we will continue to innovate to ship new and improved features as we do with all the products we develop. We hope that you, the dedicated core of long-term SONAR users, will be able to keep creating music with your preferred workflow for decades to come – and that a whole new generation of music creators, artists and producers will be introduced to this fantastic professional music software. I hope you’re as excited about the future as we are. Please jump in and explore Cakewalk by BandLab – for existing SPLAT users, you’ll find it very comfortable and I hope we’ve alleviated some of your worst nightmares. For those of you that never could justify spending on an upgrade – welcome to the real deal :-) In the coming days and weeks, there’s much more I will share and I’m sure you’ll discover some of the other things you can do with BandLab Assistant and maybe try out BandLab too, if you haven’t already!Happy downloading and music making! Long Live Cakewalk! With love, Meng p.s I meant it when I said we were baking something special up for you! p.p.s RIP the runner up names of TDFKAS, BONAR, LabraDAWr and BADASS post edited by Noel Borthwick [Cakewalk] - December 11, 18 6:35 PM
  19. last frontier _ electronic EP _ 2023 @EnglandBross https://www.bandlab.com/post/e38a6fb2-d418-ee11-907c-000d3a41ed52 or soundcloud enjoy EB
  20. Hi All, New to music recording and I'm thinking about which laptop or tablet to purchase to use Cakewalk. Leaning towards a tablet. I'm mainly an acoustic guitar player. What tablet would be recommended for a complete recording beginner? Laptop, tablet or doesn't matter? How easily does the tablet connect to an audio interface? Is there a particular tablet favoured over others to get the most from the software? TIA for your advice.
  21. Electronic track using Dimension Pro (why isn't on Instruments just like SI vst ..??) it work very well https://www.bandlab.com/post/72c718ad-72dc-ed11-9f73-6045bd31b578
  22. another song with my lovely Synthesiser https://www.bandlab.com/elix_england/spacecraft-120-tribaltronic-8211f242?revId=b75e8998-26d2-ed11-9f73-6045bd31b578
  23. Hi, just wondering, is Cakewalk still under development? Are you guys still working on it? It's silent and while normally we would see a new version every 3 months now there is nothing new since 5+ months and no early access.
  24. Hi Folks. For quite some time now, I was having issues with dropouts. Specifically: "A dropout has stopped the audio engine" - My biggest Cakewalk nemesis. The things I have tried to resolve this in the past few years would probably not fit into the page and I will spare you of these details and try to get to the point. My recent project was pretty heavy with all kinds of plugins / synths and was giving me the dropout thing, stopping audio engine. For the test purposes I decided to test the actual limit my computer can handle and compare my working project with test project. So I created another project within same Cakewalk session. I started with 5 audio tracks and slapped 3 FX plugins on each (some that have look ahead function). Everything was fine. Then I duplicated all 5 including events and FX, everything was running smoothly. Then I increased amount of audio tracks (with audio data) to 40+ with at least 3 plugins each. And it was running fine(!) So I switched back to my main project (same Cakewalk session!) and started deleting things. 1) I deleted all synths 2)Deleted all Midi tracks 3) froze all remaining tracks. Issue of dropouts persisted. Then I: 4) Deleted all plugins from the buses and tracks. Issue remained (!) Then I started to delete tracks one by one, just for the sake of the test and BiNgO! Single muted frozen drum track was causing Hard drive I/O overload!!! A Project with 40 not frozen audio tracks and over 120 Plugins (!) runs fine and one with 5 audio tracks and NO plugins causes overloads. How can that happen? If I delete that drum track, it would not overload. One can say, sure, just get rid of that track and live happily ever after. But this is a long running issue. How would I know next time which specific track causes this? Is there a reasonable explanation for this situation? Kindly let me know. Attaching a screenshot of the project. When/if replying, kindly keep in mind that this test of two projects was run under the same Cakewalk session. Thank you. P.S. Both projects are 44.1kz / 16bit. The hard drive is SAMSUNG 980 PRO 1TB PCIe NVMe Gen4 Internal Gaming SSD M.2.
  25. Hello everybody, yesterday I was trying Studio One and I noted that when i switch from one plugin to anoter , the controller set itself on a new set parameter of new vst. in cakewalk it need to "match" then knob til the value if you want change the parameter. is it possible to improve teh ACT engine in the way that when Skip to another plugin the controller set itself on new parameter? cheers elix
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