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  1. anytime i try to spawn in any new soft synth track from insert > soft synth (for instance serum which i use as my standard synth from pretty much every testing) instead of creating an actual soft synth track it just makes a new midi track that plays no sound and only registers my midi controller's inputs without pretty much doing anything. i tried checking all my drivers and apparently there's nothing wrong with them, on old projects i made the soft synths tracks work perfectly as they did before but as soon as i insert a new one that one completely doesnt work, the other ones still do though. i think i know the problem which would probably be the fact it wont let me route the output bus to master (it just doesnt show up for whatever reason), i had an insane creative spike today n i just cant do nothing about it cause my daw isnt working, did this occur to anyone too? anybody know how to fix this ? ty
  2. Hello, I would like to ask for a UX improvement> Would it be possible to add a BUS Area just in the level of user interface in Console View? Nowadays we see in Console View three areas: Tracks, Buses and HW outputs. Would it be possible to add multiple areas for buses? This would make possible to 'group' buses in the level of UI. One then would have the possibbility to segment his buses, sometimes I have a lot of buses in my projects, and to keep the overview clean and then to scroll from there to there is a bit confusing. Technically on the internall processing level nothing would be changed. The buses themselves would behave and function the same way they do now. On the level of UI four changes would be implemented: 1. An item in the right click menu in the buses area would be added: 'Add Buses Group'. 2. After clicking that item a new empty area would be added between clicked bus area and HW outputs area or following Bus area if any present. (This area would behave the same way we are used to. Right click -> Add Stereo Bus... etc...) 3. An item in the bus right click menu: Move this bus to a Bus Area> (similar to Move to Folder menu in the track right click menu) 4. An item in the right click menu in the buses area would be added: Remove this Buses area. It would be enabled only if no track would be present in that area and this would not be the last and only bus area. It would make the usage of Cakewalk even more versatile. Thank you for your opinions.
  3. Please see the two screenprints below. The 1st shows the Master being output to the AI speakers and the Vocals and Drum Buses being output to the Master. I thought this would have automatically updated the actual Buses themselves. The 2nd image shows the Drums and Vocals being output to the Master and the Master to the speakers. But if I changed these outputs i would have to go to the tracks in image 1 and change them there as well. Is this correct or have I missed something ?
  4. Hi I'm looking for some advice.. I'm working on a collaboration doing vocals. We have 20 - 30 songs nearly completed. My collaborator has been using cakewalk for 15 years but he has not created an master bus for any of the songs but the mixes sound amazing. I created a master bus and suddenly the mix sounds horrible and very different. (There are no plugins on the master bus I created) Question: Is this normal for cakewalk users? Is it absolutely necessary to create a master bus? Do you know what's going on here? Peace Bob
  5. I`m trying to get to grips with using buses. I`m sending lead vocals to a new bus. I`m sending harmony vocals to an additional bus. I use compression on both and then the faders to get my mix with the rest of the track going through the master. I have checked my routing. But when I want to export a mix of the piece and chooses buses Cakewalk wants to give me three separate tracks for the three buses...whereas I want the mix that I can hear as a wav file. I`m doing something fundamentally wrong here...or simple don`t understand the use of buses. Please check out the screen grab. It should be obvious to the experienced used where the mistake lies. To get round the problem I`ve reverted to my usual way of working without creating buses. Get everything right in each individual track and then export the master bus. Any advice gratefully accepted. Many thanks.
  6. Hi there, I'm trying to follow this tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx_-nkbqEM8 But my Master, Metronome, and Preview bus lanes (see 1:32) are stacked vertically, not horizontally. How do I toggle it so they are horizontal?
  7. suggesting here for an option for clip background colors to be altered by bus. As of now setting a color for a bus will affect the foreground color only, and all tracks will also use the bus's foreground color as the waveform. I personally like to have black waveforms with clip color backgrounds (easier for my eyes anyway). This seems like a simple thing to build in. Hoping the bakers see this
  8. Hi, thank you for such great tool which Cakewalk is!!!! Would it be possible to implement bus grouping in the concole view? Now the console view is divided into three sections: tracks, buses, HW outputs. Would it be possible to user-define more sections in buses area to be able to group buses? Thank you ps: I am not sure if this is the right forum section for such post, please if there is a better thread or section, could be a moderator so kind and move my post to the right place? Thank you.
  9. Hello guys. I am not entirely aware if cakewalk already has this feature but it would be nice to have the option to multiselecting tracks to assign to one bus/channel. Currently you still have to select each track to assign it to a specific output. This is not an issue to smaller track projects but in large scale project with a heavy amount of tracks, multiselecting tracks to assign them to one output by only the right click property once would probably make everything much faster and easier. Thanks Cakewalk Dev Team.
  10. It would be useful to be able to automatically create buses associated with a group and route the tracks in the group to that group.
  11. My setup: OS: Windows 10 Pro Interface: Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD CbB Version: 2020.09 (Build 006, 64 bit) Other Software: MuseScore Making Study/Recording Guides of my arrangements for my Christmas Caroling group. I use MuseScore for notation to give my singers the sheet music. Export the file as Standard MIDI. I open the MIDI file in Cakewalk, add 2 MIDI tracks, one for metronome (I like to use the woodblocks voice in the TTS-1) and another for starting pitch. Then I add two instances of the TTS-1 because this particular arrangement as a VOX percussion track and I like to it separate from the metronome track to place these in different spaces in the stereo field. I add a stereo bus I rename Master, since there is no bus when the file is opened and change the output of both instances of the TTS-1 to Master Save the file and close Open the file back up, bus is gone and any instrument-audio track is gone, and any TTS-1 MIDI track with the DIN icon is muted, but still there. So I have to add all of them again, each time I reopen the file. I searched the forums and found somewhere (I can't remember where otherwise I'd thank the poster) that if you continue with no MIDI outputs that Cakewalk will automatically populate the file with an instrument-audio track using the TTS-1. I tried that and it added the track using the TTS-1 and manually added a second instrument-audio track using the TTS-1, added a Bus and waved the file. Opened the file again, Cakewalk populated TTS-1 track was there, manually added TTS-1 track and Master Bus were gone. I also tried the issues using both ASIO4All and then the Behringer ASIO Driver and settings and same results each time. More searching showed a lot of posts by @msmcleod saying the issue isn't resolved because developers can't replicate it and to tag @Noel Borthwick . I'll make my project available if it helps resolve the issue. Jim
  12. Roedell Simmons

    Mix Bus

    Do you need a separate mix bus for music, drums, and vocals to go out to a stereo bus before the master bus?
  13. Quick display buttons in the Console View. Since they will be on the already existing Console Menu Bar, they will not take any additional Console screen space. See pic below for reference. 1. Show/hide (expand/collapse) Browser Window (docked/undocked according to its default setting), for quick FX insert drag & drop onto Tracks. Saves the additional Workspace/window flipping necessary to access the Browser when you're in the Console view (pretty much most of time during mixing, for me), or the time consuming navigating through the right-click Insert FX menu - BUTTON 3. 2. Show/hide (expand/collapse) Buses. Avoids the manual dragging of the Buses pane to the right size, and then redragging it back to fit the initial size (minute, takes attention and time). This way we'll have the options of two clicks, faster, opening/closing instantly and exactly to size, instead of two precision drags across the screen - BUTTON 2. 3. Show/hide (expand/collapse) Master Bus. Does the exact same thing for the Master Bus. Again, avoids precisely and carefully dragging and aligning to the exact size - BUTTON 3. 4. Show/hide (expand/collapse) Sends/Bank/Patch modules. Shortcut to open the Sends without going though through the contextual menu - BUTTON 4. To clarify, I'm not suggesting that any existing options be removed, just the open/close to size simplification buttons added. No feature lost, just some additional options for quicker access. Looking forward to your votes.
  14. I tried to record a fade out, by automating the Master bus fader, and that worked fine of course. But how can I edit the automation envelope afterwards, or create one from scratch? The Master bus does not have an Edit Filter drop down, like tracks have. I'm using version 2019.09 (Build 70, 64 bit) which is the latest one, I believe.
  15. I would like also to see in "folder" option to route it to a specific BUS. Instead of routing many synth tracks to one bus I would like just to do one click for folder and auto-route it to selected bus.
  16. I have an Alesis Q49 MIDI keyboard. My computer (Windows 10) is able to recognize the device just fine. The keyboard driver is up to date, as I checked the device manager. In Cakewalk under Preferences > MIDI > Devices, the Q49 is listed there. However, I can't check the checkbox next to Q49 and instead, I get an error saying that the Q49 "doesn't have enough memory available" (Screenshot 1). I also get two other errors which I'm not sure are related or not; one says "Silent buses detected" and that silent bus is "master" (Screenshot 2). The other error I get before Cakewalk opens is "There are no audio devices for the current driver model on your system" (Screenshot 3) which I don't understand. I also have a microphone plugged into my computer (which Windows detects), and (not sure if this makes any difference) in Cakewalk audio recording preferences, I have the driver mode set to ASIO. This is basically where I'm stuck with setting up the keyboard. Any help will be much appreciated, thank you. - India
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