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Found 4 results

  1. Often I want to see if a part is enhanced by adding a note an octave lower or higher than an existing one AND having the the same start time. Depending on the note's location and length, this involves many steps. But what if Cakewalk let a user right click on a note and choose a Duplicate Note and choose how it's transposed? What if that function allowed a user to choose a default setting. e.g., Octave Up? What if Cakewalk offered multiple default options? Octave Up, Octave Down, Make a major chord with this note as the root, Transpose 1/3, Transpose Down a 1/3, etc.
  2. How would this show onscreen? A track currently named by Cakewalk as Staff - Choir would default instead to 43 - Staff - Choir. A small change can make a big difference. Why is this helpful? What if you are a user who is doing some editing in staff view or piano roll view for a track that has multiple take lanes, which means the master row of the track is not visible? - It means you don't know the track number you are in. Now what if you want to copy some notes from the staff view or piano roll row view and paste them back into the same staff view and you don't know the track number? - You have to interrupt your thought process to look for the track number. Not cool. Not efficient.
  3. Don't we deserve a DAW that understands what is in an open project and to respond accordingly? One way to do that is to let a user split a clip in the 'master row' when it reflects only one clip at a point in the composition, even when there are multiple take lines. This means a user doesn't have to open take lanes and scroll down to see how many clips are active in that point of the composition. Furthermore, to assist the user, how about color-coding the master row clip to put any section in a different color to designate when there is more than one clip at any point in the composition? That way, a user will know when a clip split action in the master row is not possible.
  4. I acknowledge that I can create a template that has Session Drummer in it with the kit I want, so that's ready to go on a track. However, there are times when I'm working on a tune and realize I've got a new idea that uses some other instruments or audio effects in the existing project. So, instead of creating a new file, and having to add all that other stuff in, I just use the file (project) I'm in and save it with a new name. However, that doesn't mean the kit in the existing project is the one I am using or want. But by allowing me to have a default kit I'd previously chosen, I just need to click insert Session Drummer and I'm good to go. In fact, maybe Session Drummer could show my top three kits when it's opened, then I don't have to open a folder like Acoustic and choose the kit. Instead, I just click on one of my fav drum kits showing as options when Session Drummer opens.
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