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Found 10 results

  1. Finally, finished my Cakewalk Tutorial Series geared towards beginners. The series is made in a way that even those who are new to music production as a whole (not just Cakewalk) will be able to understand the concepts. We are in fact producing a piece of music through the series. However, the production should be seen as a tool to help the viewer understand Cakewalk effortlessly. Here are the videos - Video Episodes 1 through 5 deals with the most basic stuff that needs to be understood or set up, before we actually start a project. Without these, Cakewalk is quite blank to even start a project. After we have set all the necessary things up, we can start working in Cakewalk. From Video Episodes 6 through 14, we see the core concepts of Cakewalk and see how they actually fit in the actual production process. 1. How to Install Cakewalk by Bandlab Obviously the first thing to do. The installation process should be done with a bit of care, as we need the files in the appropriate locations. Otherwise we might end up having to fix those later in the future, & can lead to unnecessary confusion.In this video, we go through the installation process step-by-step. In the end, we also go through some initial setting up post-installation. If you installed with a random directory, thinking you could change them in the future, a normal re-installation process will not some of them. You will have to follow the steps listed in this page. 2. How to install VST Plugins If a DAW is a factory, then the plugins are the machinery. Cakewalk does have enough plugins to mix, but seriously lacks in the category of Instrument plugins (plugins that create sound).In this video, we see how we can add plugins (instruments or FX) into Cakewalk. 3. Working with Samples in Cakewalk Samples are pieces of short Audio. This video could have been done later in the series. However, I wouldn't have been able to place it right in the story telling. Besides we do need to understand what samples are before we get into the next video. 4. Working with Sampler Plugins Samplers are plugins into which we can load samples. Some samplers can be used for quite simple purposes like triggering a one-shot sample (short audio sample), while some others can be used in sophisticated ways like a synthesizer. In this video, we look mostly look into the former type. 5. Working with Sample Libraries Several small audio samples combine to form libraries. These libraries can be loaded into plugins that can be categorized as Sample Players (advanced sampler). Sample libraries are the way to go if you want to emulate realistic instruments. 6. Cakewalk Piano Roll View The Piano Roll View is where we can write music inside Cakewalk. We write the melody and the corresponding instrument will generate the corresponding pitch. 7. How to make Drum Beats in Cakewalk We can do this by using samples directly in the Clips Pane (Main Timeline) or, by using a sampler plugin. However, there are some more stuff that should be understood to program drums efficiently. We see those in this video. 8. Cakewalk Step Sequencer Watch the video if you want FL Studio like Step Sequencer. Also, the video is kind of like an extension of the previous video. 9. Cakewalk Console View The Console view is like the imitation of the mixing consoles we see in Studios (or movies 🤭). This is where we mix our project. Mixing is the process by which multiple sounds are combined into one or more channels. The video goes in detail on each module. If you see it from beginning to end, you will be able to translate mixing tutorials on any DAW, into CbB console view. 10. How to Record MIDI In video 6, we saw how we can enter MIDI notes by using the mouse. But, if you do know how to play a keyboard, then you can connect a MIDI keyboard and record your performance. This video involves setting up the MIDI device and all the recording process. 11. How to Record Audio Just like MIDI, we can record audio (vocal, instruments, etc). In this video, we record stuff without using any interface to connect the recording devices. 12. Automation in Cakewalk Automation means to record the movement of a control such that the next time we play, that control plays automatically. Automation is one of the keys to making our project sound good. Not just mixing, they can also give some very interesting musical results. In this video, we go through everything we can do in Cakewalk with respect to automation. 13. Bounce Audio inside Cakewalk We might need to bounce MIDI or audio into the processed output inside the DAW itself. It could be to reduce the load on the CPU, or to implement some creative ideas (like reversing the audio). In this video we go through the two methods to do this. 14. How to Export from Cakewalk Not only in the end of the production, we might have to export the project out of Cakewalk for different reasons (like for collaborating and all). In this video, we go through almost all of them along with the final export to get a streaming ready file. And that is the end of the absolute basic stuff needed to be understood to make music in Cakewalk. I'll still be uploading videos to the same Playlist, but they will not be numbered episodes as they don't need to be seen in order. Regards - AdK (Until I finalise my artist name) ______________________________________ PS - Making Tutorials is not the only thing I do in my channel. My primary goal is to inspire new comers to produce music with Cakewalk & other freeware. Cheers..!
  2. Hello. I make simple mashups of songs for local drag shows. I am working with an mp3 that I am wanting to have slide up in pitch to transition into the next song which is in a higher key. All I am trying to do is make the final few seconds of the track slide up in pitch gradually, but quickly. I was hoping there was a way to apply keyframes to a pitch shift plugin similar to how volume automation works, however I cant figure out a way to have an effect come in on one clip, only how to apply it to the entire clip. I am new to Cakewalk to be patient, and keep it simple if possible. I don't need anything fancy.
  3. Hey, can someone tell me why my Cakewalk doesn't sound.Did I turn something off?Thank you for your help
  4. Hello everyone, I have just installed my first ever DAW Cakewalk. I have no audio gear like audio interface or MiDi Controller etc. since I am just getting started. The problem I am facing is: When I pick any virtual instrument like SI - Drumkit or Bass, I cannot hear any sound while playing the instrument. But strangely, I can hear keyboard sound though and that is the only sound I can hear. How to resolve this issue? How do I start hearing the drums and other instruments that I play on Cakewalk? The input and output drivers are my computer mic and speaker.
  5. Removed for updating sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. I can still hear them thorough audio but i cant edit a certain plugin. Ive tried expanding my track view and setting my track to “FX” but i still cant see them. Also this doesn’t seem to be the case if i add a new track and add a vst. I can still see it and edit with a new track. So i think its a problem with my preexisting tracks?
  7. Not Sure if this is the right place. Not even sure if this is what I should ask. I have seen all these tutorials for making future funk for other DAWs but not cakewalk. I tried to follow those instructions and it just got too confusing due to not knowing my way around CW and its add ons/plugins ect. It seems simple but it isnt when you are a beginner. I figured I have to learn the basics anyways. Bht it would have been really helpful if there was a cw tutorial for this genre. Can someone point me in the right direction please? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi Guys! I'm quite new to the world of music composing but since I enjoy listening to cinematic music so much I decided to give a go to this contest. I'd really appreciate your honest oppinion and some guidance on how to improve both in composing and mixing/mastering since this is pretty much a learning experience for me :) Thanks, and I hope you enjoy it! https://youtu.be/7sOBwLjVM8o
  9. Hey guys, I've just uploaded a new video on reverb. It covers a lot of ground, from beginner - how to use it, what do all these knobs and dials do - to discussing how reverb is used creatively in a mix. Check it out. P.S. this tutorial is done in Studio One, but the ideas and principles apply within cakewalk as well.
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