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Found 4 results

  1. Hi people of the world. I've connected my Juno DS to my old Cakewalk Homestudio 2004. (Yeah I know, I should upgrade). I can send, see and play the midi from the Juno, but it seems to have taken over the audio on my computer. My previous sound card, Realtek is now disabled and all the previously recorded audio goes out to the Juno via USB and out into the mixer. This is not the ideal. When I try to play songs they will not start until I delete the Juno soundcard. Very frustrating, for I think that I have made the wrong purchase. Unless of course I am missing something vitally important Can anyone help get my system back to the way it was? I would be most appreciative. Brett.
  2. Hey Cakewalk forum. I've just gotten started using Cakewalk, but there is one big problem. I'm using a RODE AI-1 Interface with a RODE NT-1 Microphone. It works with every other software that is not DAW's. like voicecalling apps just as Discord or Skype. But when i'm begind to startup Cakewalk and press P to select my RODE AI-1 Interface as the default audio source. It won't show up as an option. I've tried everything I can come to think about. I tried plugin RODE AI-1 Interface into another USB-port on my USB-Hub. I've tried to update the drivers for the RODE AI-1 Interface. I've tried to unselect RODE AI-1 Interface as both default playback, and recording device , and select it again. Nothing is working. I hope you can help me with my issue
  3. When I try to hear the project I am working on the audio just disappear for some seconds from time to time. I know it's something with audio configuration but I can't fix it. And couldn't find anything about this problem out on the internet. Could anyone PLEASE help me out. I'm going crazy with this... I'm using ASIO4ALL.
  4. Hi Guys, I am currently new to using cakewalk as my DAW previously i use Ableton Lite which is limited to only 8 tracks so i switched to cakewalk which gives me the ability to record more tracks. Unfortunately as I am starting to record my keyboard(which is also my midi controllor) only recognizes it as a midi controller for my virtual instrument. When I insert an Audio Track and use my sounds from my keyboard it doesn't play any sound. My Solution was to unplug my audio cable from my keyboard now my keyboard(from internal speakers) doesn't play any sound, so I turned off my keyboard when I turned back my keyboard on it plays sound on my keyboards internal speaker, so i plugged the audio cable back but cakewalk crashes. So I restarted cakewalk then now it recognizes my keyboard as an audio input. Bet when I insert a Virtual Instrument and use my keyboard as a midi controller it is now stuck as an audio instrument. Sorry for the bad english, I hope you understand my question. I appreciate the Help Best Regards
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