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  1. Fat Sound Records teamed up with Audio Plugin Deals for this exclusive collaboration Red Carpet Release. Introducing BOOM BAP (VSTi / AU), a revolutionary sampler engine and massive sound library created with authentic hip-hop producers in mind. BOOM BAP comes with 430 Factory presets loaded stock ready to inspire countless classic boom-bap classics! BOOM BAP isn’t simply a rompler it is a sampling instrument with the true school hip-hop producer in mind. Originally $199.99, BOOM BAP is now available for only $89.99 for a limited time, don’t miss out! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2/ Deal ends on August 1st, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Massive high quality authentic hiphop sound library Made for true hiphop production by working producers with a modern workflow in mind Huge 430 preset factory library including grimey drum kits, melodic chop kits, vocal patches, scratches, scratches, sfx and more Built in “Sound Store” within the preset browser enabling you instantly purchase “crate expansions” from directly within the plugin to quickly and easily expand your already vast boombap arsenal Create your own kits and libraries easily with ultra quick and simple drag and drop interface Support for WAV, MP3, FLAC and OGG sample formats via double click, drag and drop or traditional right clicks pad sample loading MP3 sample support eliminates to step of converting mp3 files to wav in order to be used in the sampler FLAC support enables the usage of the highest possible quality sample format for used directly in the sampler via drag and drop as well “Variable Sampling Technology” enables you to quickly and easily emulate heralded samplers of the past like the sp1200, mp60 etc but with the ability to dial in the exact sampler response, bit depth and odd and even harmonics to your liking Built in analog style saturation on the master output to give it a little analog butter. The mix knob enables you to blend to taste Efficient One Knob “X-Filter” combines and fully midi automatable hipass and lowpass filter in one knob right in your face Every knob and fader on the GUI midi learn capabilities enabling you to control any knob or fader within the boombap GUI via midi Each “Sampler Pad” has instantly adjustable start and end points directly on the pads themselves. Fine tuning as well a reverse and looping can be quickly adjusted at the pad edit page Each “Sampler Pad” can be easily routed externally to any of the plugins 16 stereo outputs for further processing or seperated bouncing within your daw Fully editable reverb and delay sends per sampler pad with delay and reverb settings being able to be tailored to taste via edit panel User scalable GUI size. Too small or too big? Choose from 50-75-100-125-150 and 200 % sizing via the options panel User selectable streaming engine for traditional hard drives or SSD optimized speeds. Neither affecting sound quality Quick pitch, pan and volume adjustments can be made via the GUI submixer for adjustments on the go without having to delve into menus The plugin itself was designed to inspire and enable an efficient sample based workflow with the hiphop producer in mind Features and patches will be added each update Boom-Bap iOS app will be available for free for plugin owners once released as well as upcoming AAX format MAC Requirements: OSX 10.4 or Higher, 512 MB RAM, 2.2 GB HD Space (Under 600 MB after install) PC Requirements: Windows XP or Higher, 512 MB RAM, 2.2 GB HD Space (under 600 MB after install) VIDEO WALKTHOUGH AUDIO DEMO
  2. Black Octopus Sound proudly presents the MEGA Guitar Bundle! Now only $39.95 instead of $220.60 (82% Off – $180.65 in savings). This monstrous bundle contains nearly 2000 samples of all kinds of guitars from across the globe. Professionally recorded and played by top skilled musicians, there is no shortage of inspiring guitar samples for your music productions. Inject some life into your music and pick up the Mega Guitar Bundle for your sample collection today! All samples are key labelled and royalty free to use in your commercial music productions. This is a limited-time offer you should not miss, hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/mega-guitar-bundle-by-black-octopus-sound/ Deal ends on July 29th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES 8 sample packs 1900+ sounds in total Acoustic Guitar, Funk Guitars, Latin Guitars, Middle Eastern Guitars, & even some Bass Guitar are included in this giant bundle. Sounds provided are 24-bit 44.1 Khz WAV files All samples are key labelled and royalty free to use in your commercial music productions. VIDEOS AUDIOS
  3. For only $99 (instead of $644.30), get the UEBERSCHALL BACK TO THE CLUB BUNDLE featuring House, Dance, Techno Disco, and everything you need to get the dance floor shaking! Weighing in at a massive 19.5GB with over 3600 loops and 60+ Construction kits, this high-quality content is full of inspiring ideas. Powered by the modern Elastik loop player, these samples can fit into any project or form the base of a new production with ease. Originally valued at $644.30, this must-have bundle is now available for just $99 for a limited time only! This is an amazing no-brainer offer you should not miss! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/back-to-the-club-bundle-by-ueberschall/ Deal ends on July 28th, 2021 at midnight eastern time. KEY FEATURES Includes 7 full products: Pop Up!, Disco Tape, Beach House, African Dance, African House, Beyond Tech House and Northern Techno. Total of 19.5 GB, 67 Construction Kits, 3667 Loops & Samples Combined value of €543, available for $99, nearly 85% off! Styles: House, Dance, Techno and Disco, everything to get the dance floor shaking Everything played by professional musicians and recorded with top-notch equipment Requires the free Elastik player, no other expensive software required SOUNDCLOUD DEMOS https://soundcloud.com/user-688579952/sets/ueberschall-back-to-the-club
  4. For only $66 (normally $336), get the United Plugins Bundle featuring 3 of their most sought-after plugins: Royal Compressor, FirePresser and Front DAW! Inspired by a model of the classic British device from the Beatles era used on hundreds of record since the sixties Royal Compressor delivers true vintage analog sound and feel. Pleasant saturation and sensitive compression is something every track really needs. A secret trick to get natural yet powerful sounding compression is to use multiple compressors in series. FirePresser offers you four of the most iconic analogue compressor emulations in a simple interface, which lets you blend all of them easily and get lush analogue compression to any material in no time. With Front DAW, you can turn your DAW mixer into a real analogue console! Front DAW is intended to be used as the very first plugin on every track (if desired – FD is really CPU friendly). The plugin adds gain and subtle saturation to them. Each plugin in this must-have bundle offers a unique functionality that promises to substantially improve your next projects. Normally $336, this bundle is now available for only $66 (you save $270) for a limited time only. Don’t miss this amazing deal! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/united-plugins-bundle/ Deal ends on July 27th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Unique 3 Pack Collection CPU Friendly Realistic 3D yet flexible GUI Smart bypass 64-bit audio quality at ANY sampling rate Available for Mac and PC (VST, AAX, AU)
  5. For only $44.99 (instead of $129.99), get GForce Software’s Virtual String Machine – the world’s greatest vintage string ensembles wrapped into an intuitive synthesizer user interface! The Virtual String Machine v3 (VSM) is an intuitive but highly powerful virtual string machine which captures many of the sounds from this genre of instrument, containing a wealth of sounds from a small mountain of classic and rare string machines. VSM comes with 1000+ patches yet enables you to craft your own unique strings from the 208 individual sets of meticulously sampled machines helping confirm VSM as the go-to instrument for this wonderful family of instruments. Normally $129.99, Virtual String Machine is now available for just $44.99 (you save $85) for a limited time only. Hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-1/ Deal ends on July 21st, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES The sounds from 46 classic and rare string machines 1000+ Patch library and over 9.5Gb of data 208 individual sample sets Stereo playback 49 note range, each note individually sampled & looped Dual Layer & Split Keyboard capability Vintage style Ensemble & Phaser effects Lowpass, Bandpass & Highpass Resonant Filter Section Two Envelope Generators Pitch & Filter LFO Dynamic control including filter aftertouch Mac Minimum System Requirements: Intel Mac | macOS 10.7 or above. Available in the following formats on Mac: Standalone Application, Audio Unit, RTAS, AAX, VST PC Minimum System Requirements: Intel Pentium IV 1GHz with 1GB RAM | Windows XP SP2. Available in the following formats on PC: Standalone , VST VIDEOS AUDIO DEMOS
  6. For only $29.99 (normally $164), get the Big Fat Rock Bundle – a bombastic bundle of two ‘Image Sounds’ classics! Weighing in at 7GB, and as explosive as TNT, this pack features soaring guitar solos, lush and energetic drums and a whole lotta rock. From ACDC to Aerosmith – the authentic performance and playing techniques will have you feeling like you’re working toe to toe with your favourite rock legends. In case you don’t wanna miss a thing, ‘Big Fat Rock Bundle’ also includes those heartfelt yet heavy rock ballads that bring back memories to sing along to. Find your musical wingman in Big Fat Rock and add this versatile players to your team. You can get all titles bundled together at a reduced & incredible price! Don’t miss the deal! Normally $164, this bundle is now available for only $29.99 (you save $134) for a limited time only. Don’t miss this amazing deal! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/big-fat-rock-bundle-by-image-sounds/ Deal ends on July 22nd, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES 7 GB 2149 tempo-synced & root key labeled Loops 100% Royalty Free
  7. For only $199.99 (instead of $349.99), get BATTALION – a next-generation brass instrument for Kontakt, capable of both epic orchestral scoring and futuristic sound design! This is a brand new release from Hidden Path Audio and offered at this special release price for the next few days. Utilizing Hidden Path Audio’s brand new Orchestral Devices engine, BATTALION allows for both traditional orchestral scoring as well as hybrid brass sound design, all in one truly inspiring package! BATTALION includes 135 unique sound sources, of which you can easily combine and layer into any of the four XY quadrants of the interface. Orchestral Devices: BATTALION is cinematic brass re-imagined! Now only $199.99 ($150 in savings) for the next few days, hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/battalion-by-hidden-path-audio/ Offer expires on July 19th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES & REQUIREMENTS Full orchestral brass sections and solos Huge collection of orchestral brass FX Hybrid sound design & analog synth content 135 unique sound sources & articulations 250 presets included 4 quadrant XY pad interface for blending Quickly create and layer custom ensembles Easily transpose individual parts of your ensemble for custom voicings 4 independent sequencers dedicated to each quadrant True aleatoric sequencer playback Multiple mic mixes available Recorded in scoring stage environment Full suite of on-board FX A FULL version of KONTAKT 5.6.8 or later (NOT the free KONTAKT PLAYER!) Standalone and plugin formats: VST, Audio Units, and AAX PC: Windows 7 or higher (64 Bit), Intel Core Duo 2 GHZ or AMD Athlon 64, 8 GB RAM Mac: OS X 10.9 or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 GB RAM 8.4 GB of free drive space (compressed via Kontakt's NCW sample format, from 16 GB of 48Khz - 24-bit .wav files) Internet connection (for download and installation).
  8. For only $24.99 (normally $264), get the Eclectic Producers Bundle, a huge collection of 16 sample packs for all your modern music production needs from Asonic! This bundle is perfect for Trap, Hip Hop, Chillout, Downtempo, Cinematic Underscore, Trailer Music and much more! Weighing in at a massive 9.5GB, this bundle will keep the inspiration flowing and will be your new goto source for all of your upcoming studio sessions! Originally $264, the Eclectic Producers Bundle is now available for only $24.99 for a limited time, don’t miss out! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2 Deal ends on July 18th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Massive 16 Pack Collection Total Size: 9.5+ GB 24bit 48kHz .wav files 100% royalty free rights Works with every music and video software SOUNDCLOUD DEMOS https://soundcloud.com/user-688579952/sets/eclectic-producers-bundle-by
  9. Electro Stampede by W.A. Production is a massive array of the finest Electro sounds, now $0.00 for a Limited Time! These samples are guaranteed to sound amazing whether you are at home, in the car, at the club, or any live situation. Included in the pack are 5 Construction Kits. Construction Kits are perfect for expanding creativity, for those who need to create a mix, like yesterday, and those who need to know how to make EDM.. The content in this pack will drive your creativity through the roof, and bring your next projects to a whole new level. Get Electro Stampede now for FREE for a limited time only! More info: https://audioplugin.deals/electro-stampede-by-wa-production/ Offer expires on July 15th, 2021 KEY FEATURES 5 Construction Kits (+ MIDI & Presets) 25 Presets for Serum 25 Presets for Sylenth1 45 Melody Loops (+ MIDI) 50 Synth Shots 30 Percussion Loops 15 Kicks 10 Claps 9 Percussion 15 Cymbals 23 FX 100% Royalty-Free
  10. For only $19.99 (normally $99.99), get the massive Dione Acoustic Piano by MUZE! Developed for use with the full version of Kontakt 5.8 or higher, Dione Acoustic Piano is one of the most realistic, organic, and warm-sounding acoustic pianos ever created. Dione was sampled in a beautiful-sounding room with unique detail and realism. The piano is based on the Steinway D-274 Concert Grand. D-274 is the flagship of the Steinway & Sons piano company, first built-in 1884. It is a favorite instrument for musicians like Sergei Rachmaninoff, Vladimir Horowitz, Alfred Brendel, and many others. Originally $99.99, Dione Acoustic Piano is now available for just $19.99 (you save $80), don’t miss out! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/dione-acoustic-piano-by-muze/ Deal ends on July 13th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES 12398 Steinway D and Addon Sounds 10 Dynamic Layers chromatically sampled 10 Microphone positions: Close, Inside, Outside, Room, Room Wide, Vintage Inside, Vintage Room, Under, Vintage Close, Vintage Close Tape 10 channel Mixer with wide possibilities for changing sound and effect settings on each sound source. 21,91 GB library size (losslessly compressed to 10 GB). 12 Built-in Effects: Compressor, Delays, Reverb, Limiter, Cabinet, Gainer, Rotator, Stereo Panner, 3-Band Equalizer & more Full set of effects in the settings for total customization 55 Sources: Steinway D Grand piano, Hords, Keys, Guitars, Mallets, Bells, E Pianos & more Powerful Layering Engine with Sound Browser and Fx Sampled with Analog & Digital equipment. Kontakt Retail Version: v.5.8 or newer
  11. For only $19.90 (instead of $97.22), get SUBDIVINE, a playable library of bass samples with the interface of a synth by Diginoiz! Also included are 2 expansions: More About that Bass 1 & 2! SUBDIVINE is an indispensable instrument in the bass-heavy music production process designed especially for those music producers and beatmakers who need solid 808 – type basses in their tunes! Perfect for Trap, Hip-Hop, R&B and Future R&B, Soul and Neosoul, Pop and any genre that bases on… bass! SUBDIVINE was created by experienced sound designers and music producers to provide efficient workflow and usability combined with the best possible sound with a lot of low-end and that stylish 808 flavor. This is a limited time offer you should not miss, hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/subdivine-by-diginoiz/ Deal ends on July 12th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Ideal for all kind of deep basses/808s Great sounding Perfect for Trap, Hip Hop, R&B, Future R&B, Soul, Neo-soul, Pop and any genre that bases on bass 100 presets (Analog & Digital) 7 types of Drive that will distort your basses and get them to the highest level VST3 & AU format More About That Bass (Subdivine Expansion) – 50 great sounding presets for Subdivine More About That Bass 2 (Subdivine Expansion) – 50 great sounding presets for Subdivine
  12. For only $13.99 (instead of $69), get Deep Blue, a collection of Synth pads for the full version of Kontakt by Dark Intervals! DEEP BLUE is instrument based on lush and ambient sounding pads, clusters and prerecorded sequences. DEEP BLUE is created having in mind composers who seek ambient sound, with a touch of tension, but do not prefer huge amount of presets, and want to get into composing and creating process immediately. This is a limited time offer you should not miss, hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deep-blue-by-dark-intervals/ Deal ends on July 11th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES & TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS Patches created from hardware synths High resolution 48000,24bit 4.5 GB of content Lush and deep sounds Pads (45 patches) Sequences (41 patches) Clusters (20 patches) Basses Only (20 patches) Multis (30 patches) Any PC or MAC that can run Kontakt 6.3.2 or higher Full Kontakt 6.3.2 or higher Free Kontakt Player is not supported 4 GB of RAM or more is highly recommended At least 4.5 GB of hard disc space
  13. Introducing our next offer from Ghosthack – The Ultimate Cinematic Bundle Vol. 2. Now only $34.99 (normally $400) for the next few days! Ghosthack’s professional sound designers gave their best to create a complete collection of cinematic sounds: Whether you’re looking for huge impacting drums, saturated ambient creations, dramatic trailer sounds or essential synthetic and organic sound effects, this bundle will fulfill all your cinematic needs – for filmmakers, music producers and video game developers as well. Expect ambient keys, atmospheric pads, vocal sfx, suspenseful pulse loops, thrilling drums, huge impacts, long risers, deep downlifters, thick braams, experimental percussions, full construction kits and many more… NOTE: The Ultimate Cinematic Bundle Vol. 2 contains 24bit .wav files that work with every DAW, every sampler, every audio and movie program. Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-1 Deal ends on July 7th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Total Files: 2,096 Total Size: 5.5 GB 24bit 48kHz .wav files 100% royalty free rights Includes 4 Cinematic Sound Packs Works with every music and video software
  14. For only $19, get THE ORB – a formant filter plugin which simulates the characteristics of the human voice by AudioThing! Featuring a set of three band pass filters, The Orb can transform any sound into a vowel-like formant-filtered sound. With the three LFOs you can modulate the Vowel, the Emphasis/Resonance of the formants, and the Drift, which can shift up or down the frequencies of each formant. You can also create your own set of vowels by changing name and frequency for each vowel/formant. Instantly download THE ORB for only $19 (normally $49)! Limited time offer, hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/the-orb-vst2-vst3-au-aax-by-audiothing/ Deal expires on July 6th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Three Band Pass Filters (ZDF design) Vowel Sets: Male, Female, Child and Custom 3 LFOs (destinations: Vowel, Emphasis and Drift) Lightweight on CPU Presets system with randomizer Windows 7, 8, 10 | 2GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM | VST2, VST3, or AAX (64-bit) OS X 10.7 – macOS 10.15 | 2GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM | VST2, VST3, AU, or AAX (64-bit)
  15. For just $39.95 (instead of $309.85), get the Italian Harpsichord Bundle from REALSAMPLES featuring 3 unique sounding harpsichord libraries for Kontakt – Italian Harpsichord I, II & III! The libraries are part of the Edition Beurmann series. Andreas Beurmann (1928-2016) was a German musicologist and instrument collector, researching historical piano instruments. While harpsichords are not touch-sensitive, no note will sound exactly the same twice due to resonances of body and strings. Therefore, the REALSAMPLES team captured each instrument and stop with eight samples of each note. Furthermore, they recorded four key release sounds per key. The bundle contains over 2,700 single samples in total. Originally $309.85, the Italian Harpsichord Bundle is now available for just $39.95 for a limited time only – you save over $200! This is an amazing offer you should not miss! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2/ Deal ends on July 4th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Contains Italian Harpsichord I-III sample libraries Regular price $309.85 Over 2.700 single samples in total Presets for Native Instruments™ Kontakt® sampler (full version required) VIDEOS AUDIOS
  16. For just $9.99 (instead of $54.99), get FLOPPYTRON + Expansion, a truly unique and special instrument from SAMPLESO! The Floppytron was inspired by YouTube videos featuring floppy drives playing classic tunes from movies and video games. This basic yet complicated concept lead the SAMPLESO team to create an instrument unlike anything else we’ve ever seen before, including some features that are guaranteed to upgrade your productions, and spark your creativity. Originally $54.99, FLOPPYTRON + Expansion is now available for only $9.99 for a limited time only, don’t miss out! NOTE: Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.6.8 or later! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/floppytron-expansion-by-sampleso/ Deal expires on June 30, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Extra wide Interface. Flat & Intuitive design. Sampled with high-end equipment. Exclusive beat sync engine. Unique Kontakt engine interface. Sampleso exclusive and inspiring effects Morpher. 2 LFO’s and 2 advanced step sequencers. Advanced Key-switch function. More than 100 presets + presets easy tags navigation. 18 FX included. 300mb zip file. Expansion pack – 50 Extra Presets
  17. For only $54.99 (normally $119), get CONSEQUENCE, the chord sequencer by Sugar Bytes! CONSEQUENCE is an arpeggiator, which creates a sequence of notes based on the chords that you provide. Up to 3 instruments can be loaded up, and a vast number of sequencing options can be used to control the way that the plug-in “interprets” your input. CONSEQUENCE is a composition tool, which can create chord-lines or whole songs on the fly, but also chords which are played via MIDI can be super-sized using the innovative sound and sequencing engine. Get CONSEQUENCE now at 54% off for a limited time only, hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-1 Deal ends on June 23rd, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES 3 Oscillators in a 32-Step Sequencer Easily creates complex sounds and rhythms Hundreds of natural sound samples Charming multi-effect section Individual Envelope per instrument Polyphonic Triggers per Step MIDI Out Requires macOS 10.9 or higher: Audio Unit, VST2, AAX, Standalone Requires Windows 7 or higher: VST2, AAX, Standalone
  18. For only $24.99 (instead of $119.99), get ReAmp Studio, a full guitar tone rig by Audio Assault! ReAmp Stuio is your definitive guitar suite. It comes fully loaded with 36 Stompboxes, 103 Amp Heads, 100 Cab IRs, 35 “FLEX” Cabs with movable mic position, Rack FX Module and Dual IR Loader with IMPACT control to enhance realism. ReAmp Studio works in most DAWs and is compatible with MacOs, Windows and Linux. This is a limited time offer you should not miss, hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/reamp-studio-vst-au-aax-by-audio-assault/ Deal expires on June 22nd, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES 36 Stompboxes 103 Amp Heads 100 Cab IRs 35 “FLEX” Cabs with movable mic position Rack FX Module Dual IR Loader with IMPACT control to enhance realism Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux Works in most DAWs
  19. For only $99 (instead of $349), get the 3-in-1 True Keys Piano Bundle by VI Labs! True Keys is a virtual piano collection based on three highly revered concert brands: the American, Italian and German Pianos. With nearly 50,000 audio files recorded with multiple high end mics and preamps, the pure sound of these instruments is available at your fingertips. This is a limited time offer you should not miss! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2 Deal ends on June 20, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Nearly 50,000 samples of 3 of the most popular grand pianos in the world 100% sample-based, no modeling or synthesis used Very efficient use of RAM and CPU resources 4 discreet Microphone Perspectives available Fully sampled Una Corda pedal Sympathetic and Pedal Resonance Adjustable Sympathetic Resonance polyphony Re-pedal and True Pedal Action for realistic sustain pedal control Half-pedal mode is sample-based and fully adjustable Customizable MIDI and Dynamics response 22 pristine Convolution Reverbs included Thousands of Release samples, including true Staccato Releases 19 total Velocity layers, including Silent Strike samples Custom Tuning with presets and Micro-tuning supported Lossless flac format allows highest quality with smallest drive space Fast loading times Computer-based copy protection (Use on up to 3 machines, no dongle required!) AUDIO DEMOS VIDEOS
  20. For only $11.00 (instead of $56.70), get CZ-Alpha, a classic 1980’s Casio CZ synthesiser brought to the modern world by Xtant Audio! The CZ-Alpha is not only an excellent library for a beginner to start their synth sample collection it is also a totally bodacious choice for the discerning connoisseur to retrofit their template. The complete library contains a 100 patches, handmade on a genuine Casio CZ-101 and you won’t find them in any other collection. Each unique patch can be mangled, twisted, and modified using our custom-built interface. Designed with a retro feel in mind we built the interface to resemble the classic hardware of the 80s while taking full advantage of all the modern possibilities that Kontakt provides. This is a limited time offer you should not miss, hurry and save! NOTE: Full version of Kontakt 4.2 or higher required, will not work in the free Kontakt Player. Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/cz-alpha-casio-synth-sample-library-by-xtant-audio/ Deal ends on June 15th 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES 100 Patches Created with a genuine Casio CZ-101 Synth GUI Based on the original hardware Selection of effects including octave doubler, portamento, reverb, chorus, and filters Built-in arpeggiator Requires the full retail version of Kontakt 4.2 or higher
  21. For only $29 (normally $129), get Aviram Music Box by Aviram Dayan Production! Aviram Music Box features 6 different articulations and multiple ways to play them with the mod wheel. The position of the mod-wheel determines the playing style of the selected note, and there are controls to adjust the amount of “winding noise” and “air”, which tend to give it more personality and realism. With loads of virtual instruments with different sounds it’s a bit of a Pandora’s box of sounds. Weighing in at 637 MB download size with 7800 sounds, this library is perfect for movie scores and cinematic sound design. This library requires the FULL retail version of Kontakt. Originally $129, now available for only $29 ($100 in savings) for the next few days, don’t miss out! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/aviram-music-box/ Deal ends on June 7th, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES 637 MB download size / 2GB Installed 7800 sounds included Requires the FULL version of Kontakt v 5.4.1 and above Compatible Win + Mac systems
  22. For only $47.99 (normally $120), get VIRTUOSIC VIOLIN, The most living, breathing solo violin virtual instrument by Auddict! Weighing in at just over 4 GB, The virtuosic violin by Auddict is a content-rich instrument, with many different articulations, legato modes, and other features, and much like a real violin, takes special care to ensure you get the most out of the instrument. Everything in this instrument has been skilfully programmed to ensure everything is easily and readily accessible, to minimize any “learning time”, and let you get on to writing music with virtuosic violin as soon as possible. Slurred and bowed legato were specially sampled so you can correctly and realistically phrase passages. You also get a specially sampled “fast legato” set of intervals, which will allow you to play virtuosic runs and scale passages. This is a limited time offer you should not miss, hurry and save! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-1/ Deal ends on June 9th, 2021 KEY FEATURES 4 GB download size 16 Articulations 4 true-sampled legato types: Slurred, Bowed, Portamento, Fast Kontakt 4 or higher VST / AU / AAX (full version only)
  23. For only $18.00 (instead of $89), get Action Filter by NoiseAsh! With tons of classic filter models, unique advanced modulation options and convincing analog character, Action Filter is definitely an addiction. In Action Filter, there are two filters with 13 popular filter models for each one, advanced modulation options and a sound engine with convincing analog character. Action Filter is the all-in-1 solution for your filtering needs. It comes inbuilt with creatively inspiring highly customisable controls; huge, smooth, sweety sweeps, massive screaming distorted sounds and puts much more analog & digital possibilities at your fingertips. Originally $89, Action Filter is now offered for only $18.00 ($71 savings) for a limited time, you don’t want to miss this rare offer! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/action-filter-vst-au-aax-by-noiseash/ Deal ends on June 7, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES NoiseAsh’s Magical, Fast & HD quality DSP Engine Two individual Multi Mode Filter Modules. For each filter module; 13 popular analog & digital filter models are all in one package Vintage analog stauration unit Moog Classic Low Pass Filter State Variable Low Pass Filter State Variable High Pass Filter State Variable Band Pass Filter State Variable Notch Filter Four pole Ladder Low Pass Filter One pole Ladder Low Pass Filter One pole Ladder High Pass Filter Biquad Low Pass Filter Biquad Low Pass High Resonance Filter Biquad High Pass Filter Allpass Filter Ring Mode Filter 2 individual Advanced Modulation Engines (7 modulation wave shapes – including saw, square, triangle, sine, randomizer, custom envelope wave forms and 32 bar step sequencer – sync/free modes) for each filter module. Simplified controls, lot’s of creative possibilities Resizable GUI Friend of CPU Mac requirements: Intel I3 2ghz or above, macOS 10.9.5 Mavericks or above, 4 GB RAM / 2 GB free space on the system drive, VST / AU / AAX host, Min. 1024×768 Screen Resolution, Ability to download, Included: VST, AU, AAX plug-in versions Windows requirements: Intel I3 2ghz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 or above, Windows 7 64-bit or above, 4 GB RAM / 2 GB free space on the system drive, VST / AAX host, Min. 1024×768 Screen Resolution, Ability to download, Included: VST, AAX plug-in versions (64-bit & 32-bit)
  24. Impact Soundworks proudly offers the Resonance Emotional Mallets normally valued at $79 for just $19.99 ($59 savings). That’s at a whopping 74% discount! The Resonance Emotional Mallets are evocative, custom-made stone, metal, wood and glass instruments that range in timbre from warm and beautiful to haunting, spine-tingling, mournful and everything in between. Don’t miss out on this amazing deal, hurry and save! NOTE: Requires KONTAKT 4 (full version, not player) or higher! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/deal-2/ Deal ends on June 6, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Requires 2.4GB of disk space Mallets, fingers, hand and bowed playing Tonal, atonal and percussive sounds Aquarion, stonaphone, pipeharp, wrenchaphone Boltophone, glass gong, bass tongue drum Glass tongue drum, metal whale drum, metal sheet Metal ensemble, pot lids, gamelan ensemble Extensive sound design/FX patches Requires KONTAKT 4 (full version, not player) or higher
  25. For only $47 (normally $59), get the just-released Chordjam, an innovative plugin that builds chords and progression patterns through intuitive user-guided randomisation by Audiomodern! Create unique and complex chord structures and infinitely evolving progressions. Chordjam is the ultimate real-time compositional assistant for Mac, PC and iPad. Available as VST/VST3/AU/AAX/Standalone & for iOS This is a limited time offer, don’t miss out! Deal page: https://audioplugin.deals/chordjam-by-audiomodern/ Offer expires on June 2nd, 2021 at midnight eastern time KEY FEATURES Generate Random Chords Trigger New Chords with Every Note Played Unique Voicing Parameters Intelligent Sequencer Engine Arp Mode Chord Progression & Pattern Presets Generate Infinite Chord Patterns & Progressions Everything is Synced to your Host tempo Drag MIDI Chord Drag MIDI pattern Pads Section for Musical PerformanceQuick Load preset Section Choose Quantization settings Shuffle & Shift Mode Advanced Infinity Mode Set Sequence range & Motion Settings Set Range for Transposition, Time-Delay and Velocity Save & Load your own patterns Send MIDI to any Device, Software & Hardware Advanced MIDI CC/Mapping editor No Two Chords will Ever be the Same Delivering limitless inspiration and musical variety
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