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Found 3 results

  1. hi i have been having this problem for some time: - after applying fades (in or out), the exported audio has a click noise at the end of the clip. - today i tried to circumvent this issue by removing the fade and doing the fade out with volume automation, gain automation. Nothing worked! This was with a simple stereo file with clean DC offset, just FaFilter Q3 inserted and a bit of reverb on a send can anybody help?
  2. Hi all I've been having this weird problem for a while now. Whenever I try to use more than one instance of an Arp in Cakewalk it plays fine in Cakewalk, but when I export to a wav file, either the arps don't play at all, or the sound is changed in some way, for example, the sound is without reverb from the synth. I have tried using Blue Arp and Cthulu and get the same results for both Arps. i have tried various synths. It seems similar to this problem http://forum.cakewalk.com/Sonar-export-issue-SOLVED-m3289179.aspx which doesn't actually seem to be solved. The key seems to be that Cakewalk is exporting something different to what I hear on the Master Bus, even if I choose to export just the Master Bus! I love Cakewalk, Blue Arp and Cthulu but this is driving me nuts!! Please can someone help... Cheers
  3. Hello, Can somebody explain why my audio changes (EQ, compression) work in the cakewalk app, but do not in my Windows Media Player and Music Groove? Also the audio (that effects of did not work in WMP), when imported to the cakewalk, has the right settings again, everything works fine, but when exported after that. still does not work. I will appreciate your help
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