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  1. I'm a newbie at audio production but have used a Adobe Audition for simple stuff since 2007. Currently using Cakewalk and taking online classes for audio production. I'm almost done with the basic course, but have a problem with the final exercises. I'm mixing about 16 tracks and a lot have plugins of chorus/reverb/eq. Whether I play them back or try to mix down to a WAV file, I'm getting clicks, pops, static, and dropouts. The audio still plays and I don't get an official pop-up on the screen when it's happening, but I can clearly hear it, i.e., a lead vocal in the middle cuts out or a harmony vocal on the left or right cuts out with static and returns a few seconds later. I have a new HP Envy desktop I got last year using Windows 10. I've tweaked settings for my buffers and have tried to "freeze" tracks and mix down to smaller groups - still have issues. Let me know what tips you recommend so I can get the right settings and have normal function without dropouts. Thanks! NOTE: I've accessed this file below, done all that it says, but still hear hiss and dropouts during playback even though transport keeps on rolling. http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=Troubleshooting.18.html
  2. mm

    Audio Quality/Performance

    I use Windows and have Realtek HD Audio Drivers. When I use Cakewalk by Bandlab, I have it set to ASIO. I mainly use Cakewalk by Bandlab to record audio from a midi keyboard connected via USB to the computer, or use midi within the DAW. I frequently get audio dropouts (usually code 0 or 1). I restart Cakewalk by Bandlab, and it resumes working, until I get another dropout (usually I get a dropout every 30 minutes of using the DAW, regardless of the driver setting I use). I want to know how to upgrade so I can eliminate dropouts, have great sound quality, and get best performance during DAW audio processing. I'm looking for advice to get me started (with respect to what I need to improve related to computer specifications and sound card). I am not very familiar with hardware/software aspect of things to get the best system for music production, and I am hoping someone can help me with this; while keeping in mind my goal is to eliminate audio drop-outs, get high sound quality, get high performance, for my use of recording via a midi keyboard and using midi/VSTs within DAW.
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