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Found 7 results

  1. When dragging in the Articulation pane to lengthen an articulation, and in the Arranger Track to lengthen an arranger section, it would be nice if the Articulation Track and PRV pane scrolled when dragging to a point beyond the visible window, the same way it works when dragging the length of a note in the PRV.
  2. I can open the articulation view or track, drag in it (which creates a block for the articulation) but then when the dialog appears the block disappears. I make the selection and nothing reappears. The chosen articulation is not displayed (and not surprisingly) has no effect. Windows 10 (build 19041.1052) Cakewalk by Bandlab 2021.04 (build 175).
  3. I just completed a project that sounded way above my pay grade because articulation KSs were absolutely not more trouble than I deemed them to be, this time. Thanks articulation maps. One peculiarity that I did notice in the last stage of midi cleanup, was that articulation did not carry over into a flattened comp. In this case, I had 4 take lanes (muted after flattening) and a soloed "Comp” lane. After playing around, I found the articulation working in the muted Take Lane 1. After wiping all other data from take 1, and unmuting, articulation was recovered for the track. It’s not a showstopper, but this first time, it took a learning curve to recognize that I had a problem, and backtrack through tasks to resolve it Is there a better way for users to flatten a track that contains articulation?
  4. Hi all, I like to transcibe early music. Much of it consists of 3/2, 6/8, 4/1 time signatures. Is there a connection between ticks and tempo in order to get, for example, either 2 clicks per measure or 6? In a piece I am transcribing currently, the correlation between the Adagio mm and the actuall performace tempo doesn't jive. I adjust by raising or lowing the tempo. Can that problem be overcome? When using a multi VST - like GPO - using the keyswitch allows one to need a single instance of a part present. However, with EW Play or Kontakt etc, the extensive variety of KS articulations can not ALL be represented in one track. QUESTION: How do you approach this dilemma? Do you add the entire midi/or audio to a track; or just copy those notes that require those additional articulations to a new track? Thanks for any advice.
  5. hey guys, I hope a commercial announcement is okay in this part of the forum. Art Conductor is a collection of articulation maps supporting more than 350 commercial sample libraries. The maps share a unified naming scheme for the articulations and utilise Cakewalk's group feature to a great extend. In other words, the collection is not just randomly imported Expression Maps, instead the content was build for Cakewalk. And, they're available as of today Details can be found here: http://www.babylonwaves.com/cakewalk Here's a video: Best, Marc
  6. Hi folks! Cakewalk now has Articulation Maps, and they are super useful! I explain how in this video WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/owkYPMuhcQo
  7. In this tutorial I cover Articulation maps and key switches in Cakewalk tried to cover all that I could to help you guys out... come check it out ... Dont forget to Subscribe, like and hit that bell notification Lets go..
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