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Found 87 results

  1. Alex B Programs for Nebula 3/4 20% Discount for all Customers Silver Customers place and order and get extra 25% discount promotion ends Apr. 28 2019 @ 23:59 gmt *Promotion is not applicable at bundle, expansion packs and upgrade use coupon EP2018 at checkout http://www.alessandroboschi.eu/html/alexb/nebula_programs.htm -New Vintage Flexmix Console This Classic 1979’s funky compact desk was originally developed as a live console for Queen. Oodles of character to vibe up your recordings and mixes. The console has been carefully refurbished and modified in the AlexB Laboratory before the sampling process to improve the audio quality without to compromise the original British character. These console are becoming extremely sought after. This program library works in licensed Nebula3 and Nebula4, NOT N3 1.3.505 and N4-Player. http://www.alessandroboschi.eu/html/alexb/flexmix_console.htm
  2. Acustica Audio Acqua PINK update + special Update-Special* €99 (reg. €199) - Save 50% OFF FREE update for current PINK users PINK3 is a bundle consisting of 6 different plug-ins: • PINK3 215 - Preamp module with 8 different circuit distortion models • PINK3 780 - 10-band graphic EQ • PINK3 1650 - 4-band EQ module with 4 selectable per band models • PINK3 2412 - Single band compressor • PINK3 7236 - Multiband compressor • PINK3 Channel Strip - Full channel strip with EQ, compressors and preamp options https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/pink
  3. Purple2 suite includes of: -Purple2 P1 (Vintage tube-based, passive program Equalizer) -Purple2 PAA (Tube-based passive program Equalizer reissue) -Purple2 M5 (Classic mid range tube EQ) -Purple2 M5V (Vintage classic mid-range tube EQ) -Purple2 H2 (Vintage single channel tube EQ) You may be wondering why we are introducing another M5 into the Purple2 suite? This is a legitimate question, but very easy to answer: we challenge anyone to find two equal sounding units of this kind. The case of our M5 and M5V is a clear demonstration that two faithfully sampled versions of two different models can have differences in terms of sound. For this reason, when we had the original unit in our hands (from which we derived our M-5V), we were really pleasantly surprised and decided to offer you a new "vintage" plugin, very colorful, given its tube nature, and immediate operation. Plus, you get Purple2 H2, which is a passive tube EQ renowned for the ability to both boost and cut the low-end frequencies at the same time and to add an unmistakable analog flavor to your mix. This emulation is derived from a rare and vintage 2U single channel program EQ designed as a compact version of our Purple P1 with a more transparent character. Purple2 H-2 differs from its bigger sibling however, in that it has different peak boost curves but the same Class-A output stage as the M5 (mid-band EQ). Perhaps the most noticeable difference is the fixed bandwidth for the HF Boost and fixed high-cut at 12kHz. Early Access- Intro 99.00€ (REG. 199.00€) Free upgrade for previous Purple customers http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/purple
  4. These program libraries work in licensed Nebula3 and Nebula4, NOT N3 1.3.505 and N4-Player. The W91A equalizer is one of the later developed. It was designed in the early 1990´s when customers requested for more channels with full features. All circuitry for the W91A’s is high quality and build after the standards of the IRT (Institut für Rundfunk Technik). The idea behind the W91A equalizer was to build a balanced eq module in a small, half fader (B1) cassette. The W91A is quit flexible and a good alrounder featuring with selectable frequencies and a q-factor. You can use the the W91A for mixing and mastering. The W91A is a flexible eq with a relatively clean yet slightly aggressive character. It´s ability to go from subtle filtering to extreme EQ-ing effects, makes the W91A a very powerful tool. The sound is much more “in the face” and you can still add loads of high frequencies without getting any harshness. . High Quality programs with full dynamics and harmonic content . Special light edition "le" programs (CPU friendly) . Low Bell: 45 to 330Hz +/- 15dB 1 to 3 Q . Mid Bell: 330 to 1500Hz +/- 15dB 1 to 3 Q . High Bell: 1.5 to 15kHz +/- 15dB 1 to 3 Q . Special AlexB 1U Rack N4 skin €30,00 -------/ W92 German eQ Sweet Mastering The W92 equalizer is one of the classic '80 era. All circuitry for the W92’s is high quality and build after the standards of the IRT (Institut für Rundfunk Technik). The W92 is a flexible and a good alrounder featuring with HPF, selectable frequencies and each band can be switched in/out. You can use the the W92 for mixing and mastering. The W92 is a flexible eq with a relatively clean character. It´s ability to go from subtle filtering to extreme EQ-ing effects, makes the W92 a very powerful tool in mastering. The sound is much open and deep and you can still add loads of high frequencies without getting any harshness. . High Quality programs with full dynamics and harmonic content . Special light edition "le" programs (CPU friendly) . HPF 20. 80, 140Hz 18dB/oct . Low Shelf: 50 to 400Hz +/- 15dB . Low Mid Bell: 60 to 1000Hz +/- 15dB . Mid High Bell: 1 to 16Hz +/- 15dB . High Shelf: 3 to 10kHz +/- 15dB . Special AlexB 1U Rack N4 skin €30,00 http://www.alessandroboschi.eu/html/alexb/equalizers.htm
  5. From April 2, 2019 through April 30, 2019, 25% off selected plugins. Log in to your account and apply the following code at checkout: inwtnew_2019 https://www.acustica-audio.com/pages/specials/in-with-the-new-spring-2019
  6. Early access pricing - Retail €189 Sale €89 - Save 52% OFF Titanium3 suite is made up of six (5 plus one FREE) separate Acqua plug-ins: Titanium3 3BComp (standalone three-band compressor) Titanium3 1BComp (standalone single-band compressor) Titanium3 EQ (standalone all-tube passive Equalizer) Titanium3 Pre (Preamp standalone module) Titanium3 Strip (Channel strip that includes all the previous cited standalone plugins) Titanium BASSTard: a bass-frequency monster machine derived directly from the complete Equaliser, available through Aquarius as a forever-FREE download! https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/titanium
  7. Early access pricing - €189 €129 - Save over 30% Amber3 VST/AAX/AU plugin suite offers an accurate reproduction of an original, pure Class A optical compressor - a redesigned iconic EQ and preamp by a celebrated US company. In designing Amber3, we aimed at achieving total sound purity and depth, achieved through the use of Class-A discrete solid-state circuitry, as well as a thoughtful mixture of active and passive filter cells, absence of any DC-blocking capacitors on the signal path and more. We then squeezed all the sampled units into a high-performance channel-strip for your own earvana. http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/amber Amber3 includes: Amber3 EQ (Equalizer standalone module) - a Pure Class-A musical equalizer, designed to deliver sonic excellence. Today it could be ranked as one of the most powerful, low-noise parametric EQs available in the digital domain. Amber3 Stereo EQ (Stereo Equalizer standalone module) - a Pure 100% discrete Class-A Stereo EQ, characterized by an ultra-realistic design, optimized for absolute signal integrity. It can be considered one of the most musically transparent analog EQ ever created. Amber3 Comp (Compressor standalone module) - Class A opto-compressor: a very transparent, dynamic processor designed to deliver utmost musical performance. Amber3 Pre (Preamps standalone module) - fully discrete, Class A microphone preamplifier standalone plugin. Amber3 Channel-strip - one of the most complete and versatile channel strips we have ever designed, comprising all the previous plugins and squeezing all their power into a single, mix-ready processor. Amber3 Channel-strip is ideal for both mastering and mixing studios; Each plug-in included in the Amber3 suite comes in a “Standard” version and an alternative “ZL*” version which operates at *zero latency and is thus suitable for use when tracking, at the cost of extra processing resources.
  8. Magenta 5 is here, and it has been fully updated to our latest CORE13 engine Existing Magenta 4 customers can now update to Magenta 5 for FREE Don't own Magenta yet? save an extra 20% OFF and get it now for as low as €144 (reg. €199) using coupon code: redpassion_20 Magenta 5
  9. Our Xmas deals are almost over, but here is your last chance to save an extra 25% on top of the discounted prices on every plugin in our store! * Act fast though, as only 100 people will be able to take advantage of this special one-off discount before the end of the deals. Log in to your account now and boost your studio with the following code at checkout: studiopwr_up25 *NOT Valid on Bundles. NOT combinable with codes issued for our regular Customer Loyalty Program. This code expires 2019/01/27 11:59 pm Italian time. https://www.acustica-audio.com/store/en
  10. new release: OPTO 32 is the new version of Opto 3a but now with 2a envelopes, preamp’s and clippers it also features a refined attack program dependent attack and release which achieves a classic feedback sound giving a great clarity from the envelope . Features: 4 samples rates 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 3a/2a Two stage attack and release (Program dependent) Limit/Compress mode New refined preamps featuring both 2a and 3a selections. A drive version is available for higher harmonic settings N4 and N3 jpn skins with reduction meter Frequency tilt Knob that controls the frequency dependent attack Dry control for parallel dry signal Look Ahead control to capture more transient if needed Clipper instance for both 2a and 3a £25.00 https://www.timpetherick.co.uk/downloads/opto-3a/
  11. Fix: minor bug fixes - EQ A stepped gain fixed Product Upgrade: 48-88 kHz samples added Run Aquarius to update Also still intro/ xmas price: Reg. 249.00 sale €179.00 http://www.acustica-audio.com/store/products/taupe
  12. Get 25% OFF Tim P Libraries cart by entering HYND in the discounts section of the check out! Offer ends 5th of January. https://www.timpetherick.co.uk
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