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Found 14 results

  1. Paul Bush


    Hallo Chaps , I really am on a roll as they say , since I`ve had the pleasure to be on this bandlab forum Ive writen and recorded a so many songs , heres another ``blue for you ´´ written and recorded in about three weeks , I wasnt sure if this one was a keeper untill I added the short chorus harmonies and it then fell into place ,
  2. Well hi chaps , I always wanted to write this type of pop rock song so I came across this piano riff and the rest is how they say history cheers .
  3. Paul Bush


    Hi , well here´s a new one ``Joyriding ´´ about where are we going and who`s driving , it`s all a bit confusing ,
  4. Paul Bush


    ``Watching you´´ Here´s a new one straight off the press , this was a relativley quick song from riff to finished recording about three weeks . Lots a fun with this one cheers PB. STOP THAT PRESS :::: THERE´S A NEW MIX SCROLL DOWN
  5. Well hi chaps , after taking on board all the great tips (thank you all once again) I re-mixed the song hopefully giving the pre chorus a bit more of a uplift adding guitare tamborine and a better organ , i didnt what to overdo it so I think is just slightly better cheers PB
  6. Hello once again chaps, well I think I may be slowly getting the hang of this recording malarky , ``Circus ride´´ is my latest offering once again taking a hell a lot of your advice on board and checking out the `` creative sauce´´ web site that was also really helpful , cheers PB
  7. Hi Chaps , well I took onboard all the tips ,info`s and comment`s of the last year, so I took my time used just the virtual amps and a few vitrual effect`s ,but I think it was just a case of taking my time and not rushing , the song is a bit selfindulgent but hey who wants to be popular , (if I wanted to be popular I´d wear make-up learn how to dance) so as always all coments tips etc are more than welcome .Ive got thick skin, and stomach to boot thanks for all your support Paul DB
  8. Paul Bush


    Hi guys , heres a track from last year I had on samplitude I transfered it using wave fills and then mixed it on bandlab adding a few bits`n `pieces , its inspired by a Ken Loach or a Mike Leigh film about a disfunctonal famliy a down to earth great film, I didnt really know that this film had inspired me untill it the song was finished and after about four or five months later I realised .hey its about .....that film If only i could remember the name of that film , its driving me nuts
  9. Hi Chaps, Here is my first proper attempt at a mixdown ..Its the best I can do as i have rerally no idea on production , I just cant get that wide effect- sound , I need all the advice i can get so take off the kid gloves and give it to me between the eyes I ve got thick skin so no need to hold back thanks very much for listening cheers Paul DB postscript . Ive read all the tips and Ive remixed so maybe its a bit better ,
  10. Paul Bush


    Hi Guy s ``Fake´´ has been mixed down by a fab chap called John Hughes from Doncaster he also played Bass, brass, and incidental piano he really did a top job on this and we have collaberated on a couple of other things .... I think this the only song I have thats been mixed down properly . cheer`s now
  11. Paul Bush

    Eddies T-shirt

    Hi this is a guitar riff based song , of late I´ve been using the keyboard to write and I find my self repeating myself due to lack of musicall ability on said keyboard , so i´m happy to have this one to present ,
  12. Paul Bush

    Empty Rooms

    Hi , I wrote this one a while back and for some reason I really like it , it has a lot of space /depth by chance rather than design its not everyones cup of tea but there you have it cheers Paul DB
  13. ``Yoodoo the Voodoo ´´ I met Ermin Wärnä from Sweden on a fb music group, he had the riff and I was inspired and did the rest, this is the first colaboration Ive ever been involved with ....... such a great riff , soo easy to write over the lyrics and melody were finnished in twenty minutes , the recording however took ages (too many knobs, switches and faders) this was my real first bandlab effort, I´m slowy getting my head around the workings of this fanatsic music tool , Overwhelmed at times I have a lot to learn but still lots of fun any tips would be welcome regards Paul DB
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