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  1. Brilliant thank you very much, I tried this and it's now working perfectly. 😊
  2. Last year I paid a small fortune to purchase Melodyne, yet somehow it isn't allowing me to use it in any way. I click on "insert audio effect" then select Melodyne, only to find the audio I've selected doesn't appear on the editing panel. Is this a cakewalk thing or should I contact Melodyne?
  3. Not at all! Just glad there's someone who shares a similar issue with me. Thankfully it doesn't happen with every project I work on, the current one I'm working on has 43 tracks and most of them have multiple FX plugins, so I'm assuming that's too much for cakewalk to handle. When I bypass all FX it plays just fine, but that's not exactly practical for mixing, or even recording vocals for that matter.
  4. No it doesn't happen with empty projects, however when I bypass all FX it plays just fine and doesn't drop out at all. I'm using a Soundcraft Notepad-8FX audio interface, and ASIO for the driver type. My buffer settings are 46.4msec, 2048 samples.
  5. Every single time I press play in my cakewalk project the audio engine drops out almost immediately. This is extremely frustrating as I have no way of recording any more tracks or listening back to my mix. If someone could help me out and offer a solution to fix this, that would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I'm using a Soundcraft Notepad 8FX audio interface, and I checked sound settings and stereo mix has already been already disabled. So the problem must lie somewhere else.
  7. So what does this mean I need to do to fix it?
  8. I'm fairly certain this is a result of following your video about on board audio. I must have changed certain settings and now my interface is braindead.
  9. When I record a new audio track it also picks up everything I've previously recorded as well. So not only is it recording what I'm currently doing it's also recording every other track I've made in that project. Even worse still, you can barely hear what I'm playing because it gets drowned out by the previously recorded tracks. How do I fix it so it only records what I'm doing? Not looking for a massive discussion that lasts days just looking for simple instructions on what settings I need to change in order to fix the problem.
  10. I don't know why you would assume that if I'm honest, an audio interface is fundamental for home recording lol
  11. Ah okay interesting, thank you very much. So I should lower the reverb and compression, and change the EQ?
  12. I have a Soundcraft Notepad 8FX audio interface, so what driver mode settings would be best? Following your video I changed it to WASAPI shared, which sounded better but when I record audio tracks there's a delay. How do I fix the delay?
  13. For me the chords sound more aggressive than they do in cakewalk, the keys sound like they're being pressed a lot harder. Which was a problem I had before before so I drastically lowered the velocity, however that didn't make much of a difference. This is the first wave file I've exported from cakewalk, so I don't have any others.
  14. In audio playback and recording my driver mode was ASIO, but I changed it to WASAPI Shared following your video. I'm still not 100% certain what on board audio is exactly, however I went through all of my settings and made sure they were the same as your screenshots.
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