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  1. Thank you, Michael. I have not delved into the editor yet, but this is on the list of things to explore. I picked up the rack unit for live work, and it has been a good match with an Akai Advance 61. I love the action of the S90ES, but I don't miss lugging it around. In the home studio, I am now in a new world, having finally moved on to a Windows 10 world, leaving behind Sonar 4 Producer on an optimized XP system. Hopefully live music will return this year!
  2. Kurre, buried in the utility menus, there were toggles that needed switching to USB. Both devices now work by USB, which opens up many more options. Thank you!
  3. I did try the other driver mode. It didn't work for the Yamaha devices, and it messed up everything for my other devices. USB MIDI works well for my Akai, Roland and M Audio devices. I'll just stick with 5-pin Yamaha connections for now; they work reliably. Thank you for the suggestions.
  4. Yes, I downloaded the drivers for both instruments from Yamaha. Both drivers seem to have installed correctly, as shown in both Windows and Cakewalk.
  5. Thank you for your comments. I have an SR-16, and the INS definition works well. The SR-18 is quite different, with many more drum sets and patterns. It also has the additional layers of percussion and bass to work with. I think for now I will continue to use the SR-18 as a stand alone, as it seems that an SR-18 INS definition has not been created.
  6. Hello - I wonder if anyone has an Alesis SR18 MIDI instrument definition to share? I have not been able to find one in my searches.
  7. I use a Yamaha S90ES keyboard and a Yamaha Motif-Rack ES sound module. Both are installed in Windows 10 with current drivers, and each shows correctly in both Windows and Cakewalk. Both devices work correctly, including the instrument definitions, when communicating through 5-pin connections and a MIDISPORT 4 x 4. However, neither responds to Cakewalk when using USB connections to the DAW. I use either 5-pin or USB connections, but never both, and I am careful to match send/receive channels. Are there any suggestions for making these devices work while using the USB connections?
  8. Thank you, Scook! The problem was within the Track Control Manager. I had not discovered the details of this setting. So much yet to learn . . . .
  9. I have used instrument definitions extensively in the past with Sonar 4 Producer, but I am not having good luck with CbB. My question is how to show and access the missing fields for Bank and Patch when using instrument definitions in MIDI tracks. What am I missing? I have attached an example showing an Akai Advance 61 as input and a Roland Integra-7 as output. Both devices are connected by USB to the DAW and appear correctly in the Windows 10 Device Manager and in Cakewalk devices. I have the same problem when routing MIDI through a MIDISPORT 4 x 4. All device drivers are current, so I think that this is a software issue. Why don't the Bank and Patch fields pop up for selection?
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