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  1. Hello Cakewalk Users Forum - New to studio recording and assumed I could find my way through the initial set-up and get started jungle. Well not completely, yet. I am running the following equipment: Windows 10 computer with almost nothing loaded on it for software, except Cakewalk v2021.01. Behringer UMC 204HD Audio Interface Mackie CR8-xBT Monitors So far, I have loaded the latest drivers for the Behringer Interface 4.59.0 in the PC, and have an XLR vocal mic, a 1/4" cable guitar rig for inputs and two 1/4" instrument main outputs going to the monitor and from the output 1 on the UMC two RCA cables again running to the monitors. OK, so the good news is that I get audio out of the interface with the guitar, the vocal mic, and through the computer just playing music or jamtracks etc. The problem that I am having is when Cakewalk is open and running, again the guitar and mic work, but no sound from the program. I can tell this because when I run a Cakewalk demo I can see it outputting to the screen and all looks normal, but no sound to the monitor. Guitar and vocal mic still function normally. I have watched a couple of YouTube set-up vids and read some manual info, but am still scratching my head trying to get this working, Not much of a computer guy for sure, but it seems I am missing something simple here. Would appreciate any help you may provide. Thank you
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