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  1. I managed to properly configure the track, now i see my missing note along with some other unmapped notes. In theory now it should work fine, I'm guessing i was missing the previous part of assigning the right map to the track. I can't test it now with the drum kit but I'll confirm as soon as i have some time. Many thanks!! Edit: It worked! In the end i was missing the Drum Map as output. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the answer! I can't see the Note Pane Map. If i understand correctly this is the drum grid pane (above piano roll) but i only see an empty section that appears when I go to View -> Show/Hide Drum Pane (I completely zoomed it out to verify it shows nothing). As you can see in the image my midi does contain data, it shows in the piano roll and the velocity section. Any thoughts on why i can't see the notes?
  3. Hi! I'm recording a midi with my drumkit and I can't map a specific note. Cakewalk is registering it as B1 but adding that to my drum map is not doing anything What could i be missing? I'm using the Out Note Bb3 (46) that's also being used as output somewhere else because that's exactly what i want (both notes producing the same sound), could that be related somehow? I'm kinda amateur with these applications so maybe i'm missing something simple Thanks!
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