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  1. Thanks! It was indeed the Realtek ASIO and the use of the internal sound chip. I don't have an audio interface. My sound equipment is geared toward live performance rather than recording and my PC is set up more for video processing. The WASAPI solution worked and I should be able to do what I need for this project. An interface may be in the cards if these kinds of projects start to increase.
  2. I've had Cakewalk downloaded for some time and it's never worked. Once I open a project from an old version of Cakewalk or create a new project it has always dropped audio with code (0). Going through the troubleshooting steps has never yielded anything. It's a moderately high-end PC, so it's not an issue of resources. I checked for updates because I have a project I'd like to work on and there was a new update - Yay! Maybe it will work this time. Good news - no dropped audio. Bad news - it still doesn't work. Observable behavior: The cursor gives me a nice strobed hourglass. This is non-stop. You can click on something, but you have to catch the timing in between flashing hourglasses. There is an error that constantly adds countless message boxes that read, "Cannot find or open file." Does anyone have any idea what I need to do to make Cakewalk function?
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