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  1. Cakewalk by Bandlab recognises any products locked to SONAR and allows you to use them (32 bit DX plugins notwithstanding, but you say you're on Win7x64 so that's not an issue). You don't need to re-register or download anything again, it's all automatic. If you're not seeing them, there's a good chance that your VST paths aren't all copied over into preferences, and you may need to do a rescan. Check out this page for info about that: http://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=3&help=0x22B07 And ensure you have the same paths in CbB as you do in 8.5.
  2. Cheers, @bjornpdx Actually it was really run and gun since we kind of flew under the radar filming in public like that without getting permits (it's legal to shoot in public but if the cops decide you're being a nuisance, you could be told to move on or have a free ride in a police car...), so it was super stripped down. It was basically me and my video company partner (he even made a cameo as the "angry phone box guy" later in the clip) with various gimbals, etc. and a few different nights getting B-roll, etc. to fill out the shoot. Our production company has a few more people, drone pilots, etc. and all of that stuff, but we figured we could get away with this one with less. I did the edit, colour grade and VFX later here in the studio. Needless to say that after doing the recording, vocals, guitars, keyboards, mix, master, filming, editing, grading, delivery and PR for this song, I'm starting to get sick of listening to the damn thing! HAHA!
  3. Cheers, @Bajan Blue 🙂 Really appreciate that! And yes, I agree - the visuals can really make a song come to life.
  4. Not quite, but close! It requires the Microsoft Edge WebView rendering engine to be installed to make it work correctly on Win7 machines especially. Edge doesn't have to be your default browser. Check out Noel's explanation here:
  5. HAHA! Cherers, @paulo Yeah, I have to agree - when we first started talking about this (and it was a weird spontaneous thing where we were chatting to Darren Hayes on Twitter and our bassist goes "LT could do a good cover of this" and I go "ehh... why not, this is a great song!") we had a few people chime in and suggest a real Iron Maiden treatment for it. That felt really like it was selling the original short. There's so much great stuff going on in the song - syncopated hats, really funky guitars, groovy bass, etc. and that would have all gone away with a simple metal style gallop. We basically come at what we do like this: The song is king, and doesn't care about your ego. Respect it.
  6. The first thing I would do is remove ASIO4ALL from your machine entirely. There's no need for it at all because TASCAM supplies proper ASIO drivers for the 16x08, and you should definitely use those. ASIO4ALL is a stop-gap "driver" for computers that don't have a proper audio interface connected, and isn't actually an ASIO driver at all - it's just wrapping the native Windows driver into a format that some DAWs can use. Even that is unnecessary to a point in Cakewalk when you use WASAPI mode. But yes, definitely get rid of ASIO4ALL and use the TASCAM supplied ASIO driver. This should fix the problem.
  7. @Wookiee Thank you for listening, sir! ) Yeah, quite famous Aus band from the 90s and this song was a massive hit worldwide, although it got a fair bit of backlash at the time from the more... exclusive sectors of the music community. This is the original: Lots of tips of the hat to the video as well as the song in our version. I always felt that unless you plan to entirely rework something as a completely new interpretation of a song when you do a cover, there should be a fair amount of respect paid to the original, so we really tried to capture every lick and nuance in the music and throw all of the visual elements from the clip into a big bucket and do our take on it all. Of course, that means if you hate the original, ours probably won't do a lot to change your mind! HAHA!
  8. Cheers, @mark skinner Yeah, I actually felt kind of sorry for our actress by the end of it, but she was having a ball - it was all entirely manufactured for the camera, thankfully!
  9. So I was chatting to another forum member about this song and it went something like: Him: You should post this in the Songs forum, when did you last post something there anyway? Me: Not that long ago? Surely... Him: Really? Me: [checks when I last posted here] Uh... yeah, I should probably stick my head in more often... 🤔 So to remedy that, here's our cover and a clip we just released for the Savage Garden mega hit: Recorded, mixed and mastered entirely in CbB, and bonus trivia, I directed and edited the clip for it as well, so lots of ego to spread around here! HAHA! Hope you guys dig it!
  10. Yep, make sure SPlat is installed first and all of the goodies you paid for when you bought SPlat that was locked to it will simply just work in CbB, and as the other guys said, you get years of fixes and improvements since then. The arranger and tempo tracks are worth the upgrade alone, IMO!
  11. @musikman1 Your best bet is to start a topic on the Feedback Forum: https://discuss.cakewalk.com/index.php?/forum/8-feedback-loop/ The CD Burning thing was added a fair while ago, so I'd suggest an overhaul would be coming before an enhancement at this point, but you never know! Always worth asking.
  12. Yeah, the Cakewalk burner really was just made for quick tests. If I remember right, it burns down to Track at Once rather than Disc at Once so you don't have a lot of control over gaps, etc so I wouldn't be surprised if other features are missing. I've sent in my laundry list of features I'd like to see, and one is proper DDP authoring, and extending on that, using the DDP as the burn image, rather than using this TaO method. It'd certainly save me a few steps for doing glass masters! In the meantime, give www.anyburn.com a try - it's free.
  13. This is kind of what I was getting at with my last post. Every user is going to do something a little differently with how they use an app. The Devs/beta team/people who use Early Access can only anticipate so much before someone comes along with a certain workflow or certain combination of hardware or software to utterly break things. Even if the app is working as designed, if people are getting so completely tangled up with a tool, maybe that tool needs changing? Or indeed it could be a hole that needs plugging. Just because everyone uses a tool in a certain way and you don't doesn't mean it's not a bug that you've uncovered that needs to be fixed. Erik is a great example of this. He came from Mixcraft and started asking "but why?" to a lot of stuff ancient users like myself just went "because that's how it is" without thinking about it too much. Some stuff was learning the tools more, but a lot of stuff really could be better and fresh eyes and perspective can really be useful for all of us. But those EA threads can get a bit nuts sometimes with reports, things can get missed. If it's something which is a problem, definitely report it.
  14. Yeah, I'm not talking about this thing, I'm talking about that particular case. The facts remain, if the Devs can't find and reproduce an issue, they can't fix it, and that case was an outlier. No need for snark here. If we're seeing stuff like in this thread, possibly it means something in a project is getting corrupted over time. I'm not seeing every second person reporting this on the forum, so it must be specific to either the app use, the environment or user error made by a misunderstanding about how a feature should work. All of these things should be reported, even the misunderstanding thing. If it's the former 2 things, sending in a project file could get the problem fixed once and for all rather than "oh yeah, this DAW is weird and broken lolollolll" - why put up with that? Report it. And if it's the last thing, maybe the documentation needs fixing? Maybe the tool itself needs a tweak even if it is working as designed? This is a user forum and a great place to start by bringing stuff up to see if anyone else has seen something similar as a sanity check. But as users we can only do so much with advice - sometimes the Devs themselves need a project to work out why these specific weird things are happening. I'd rather stuff got fixed and the hell out of my way so I could get my job done.
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