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  1. Also make sure both the track is reading the automation (look for the R icon) and in the pic that Jonesy just posted, make sure reading is enabled on there too.
  2. Funnily enough, I was randomly playing with exactly this over TeamViewer yesterday, on a remote session on the other side of the country, and I can confirm it happens for me too. I have used TeamViewer to control CbB from the other room, and what I found helped a lot was a wireless keyboard controlling CbB directly, and just essentially using the screen to see what's happening.
  3. This sounds like a Workspace issue. Give this a scan over: https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=4&help=Lenses.1.html
  4. The other option you can do is rather than dragging the tracks using SHIFT+drag, make sure the Now Time is right back at the start (press W), select Track 1, do CTRL+X to cut it, then click on Track 2, and do CTRL+V to paste it. Then select nothing, go to Track 3, select that, CTRL+X, then paste that onto Track 2. No real advantage to this way over the SHIFT+drag method, but it might feel more comfortable one way or the other.
  5. Weird about the sync thing. Make sure you hold down SHIFT first and keep holding it down while dragging, as per Step 3. Unless there's a bug that not many people are experiencing, this should absolutely preserve the horizontal position of your clips.
  6. If you're stuck and you need to go back right away, try the Rollback installer on this page:
  7. I would do it like this, assuming there's 3 MIDI tracks (Track 1, Track 2, Track 3) and you're wanting to merge everything to Track 2: 1. Select nothing, either by clicking an empty spot in the Clips area or doing CTRL+SHIFT+A 2. Click on the number of Track 1, you'll see the entire track is now selected. 3. Hold down SHIFT and drag from the header part of the clip down until it's on Track 2, release the mouse button. SHIFT dragging constrains horizontal movement, so you'll make sure it moves in time correctly. 4. Select nothing again, as per step 1. 5. Repeat the procedure for dragging Track 3 onto Track 2. Make sure that Track 2 is the one that's triggering your drum synth or you won't hear anything. Here's a GIF to show what I did:
  8. Open up Windows File Explorer and paste the address into the address bar at the top like this: Then press enter. That'll take you to your actual Minidumps folder (that address fills in your username and proper path location automatically).
  9. Untick Digital Output in Audio > Devices, and set the Playback Timing Master to Speakers 1/2 in Audio > Driver Settings and I'd say that'll help. I'd also suggest putting a tick in Suspend Audio Engine When Not In Focus in Audio > Playback and Recording too.
  10. I saw in another thread that Noel mentioned some plugins may be returning in the next update, so it's possible this may be one of them. I still use this one myself all the time (I have it from a previous SONAR install) and it's excellent for heaps of different applications.
  11. You can do a custom installation of SONAR and choose only the plugins as one option, or if you do elect to install it entirely, just reinstall CbB and all should be back as you left it, but with the additional plugins.
  12. Yep, shoot them a line at support@cakewalk.com
  13. You've picked some of the more involved ones there but think about what is there for a minute: I = Inspector D = Multidock B = Browser C = Control Bar A = Arranger etc. Then you have the standard Windows things like CTRL+C / +X / +V for copy/cut/paste, CTRL+Z for undo, CTRL+S for save... etc. If you want variations of this stuff you use a modifier. With the amount of functions that you can access, and with the number of limited keys, there's only so much that can go around. Plus, anyone can modify them to their liking with their own keybindings - I know I've gone through and done a bunch of easy shortcuts for myself. Genuine question: If this stuff seems too much like finger-twisters to you, how would you handle all of the many shortcuts?
  14. Like Chuck said, some of them might be tied to old installs or not updated since some plugins were included in previous versions (don't forget, CbB doesn't have a lot of the paid content that was bundled with SONAR back in the day, which may have made its way into some FX Chains). They're super useful and very powerful though. Even aside from loading one chain and getting every plugin already loaded in the right order, already dialled in, and able to be switched on and off with a single button, one of the biggest things is making your own UI for it. Say you have a bunch of plugins for a vocal chain, like compressor, EQ, overdrive, delay, chorus, etc. Sure, you could load those in each time and set them up, but even then you might find that you're always going for the same few parameters on each plugin, say turning the first band of your EQ on and off or choosing the delay mix level, etc. What you can do is assign a handful of controls on the FX Chain UI linked to only the things you care about, and better yet, each control can modify a few different things at once, so your first "grunt" control on your vocal chain could be turning up the saturation level on the overdrive, turning down the threshold on the compressor and the output level on the EQ all at once. Powerful! And better yet, that custom control can by automated too, so you have just one envelope controlling all of those things at once, making complex mixes look less like spaghetti. If you ever want to get rid of anything in a chain, double click it, and you'll see each plugin along the bottom of the window. Just select it and delete it, then if you want to keep the changes, right click in the window somewhere and choose Save.
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