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  1. Actually, speaking of "other songs," if you guys are interested, here's a link to the Spotify playlist of the album: (Minus the bonus tracks, however - they're still exclusive to our online store version)
  2. Yeah, this is our "cliche" song with all of our favourite metal bits in it - gotta have the relentless double kicks in there somewhere! Haha! Our stuff tends to wander between well placed singles / accents and crazy fast 16ths on the kicks, much like we might have one song where it's all melodic based playing or another where we're going for the world notes-per-second speed record! Haha! I think I'd end up pretty bored if we had to choose one or the other.
  3. A great deal of big touring bands now are using Kempers and the like. They sound amazing, especially since they can model your actual rig itself and copy the tone into a less fragile and expensive enclosure, and better yet, you have hundreds of amps at your fingertips, exactly the same each night. Kempers were just too expensive for me, and since we tend to fly everywhere for what we do rather than packing into a bus (in Australia, it's actually easier to fly to other cities than doing the road circuit like you would do in the USA or Europe), small and light so we don't get killed with excess baggage fees is the ticket. It's scary that my entire rig, wireless and amp included, costs less than a Kemper foot controller pedal board. I still like having amps on stage, personally, even if we're doing a direct feed to FOH. It's nice to feel that rumble behind you, plus for anyone right up on the barrier, all of the DI sound is flying right over their heads through the PA speakers, so it's good to give them stage sound to fill it all in.
  4. Ha, I think most people would be surprised what I really use! Those cabs were supplied backline, but my live rig is actually an iPod running Amplitube, fed by a wireless pack and going into a 200w MOSFET amp. Front of house is actually fed by a DI directly out of the back of the rig - no mics required. We really just use the cabs on stage as fill more than anything. It's good to have a rig that fits into the corner of your backpack! 😁 Cheers! I dunno how you could go out and do this kind of thing and not have a good time (although I do see a lot of bands take themselves so seriously and just stand there looking boring). I think about 80% of our live show is crappy gags surrounded by the occasional guitar solo...! Haha!
  5. My mum says I'm an administrator 😕
  6. That poor barrier! It was seriously solid too and we're watching the front row just smash it... The security guys are standing on the side going "uhhh... what should we do here? 😐" HAHA! Cheers for the nice words, Tom!
  7. Cheers! This is our "cliche" song, where we pulled out all of our favourite metal bits and threw them all together. HAHA! It's kinda dumb, but heaps of fun!
  8. Thank you, sir! 🙂 I think we snuck a few good ones in towards the end. I remember when that used to be commercial suicide - put your strongest tracks up front before people get bored and listen to something else - but today in the age of Spotify, it doesn't really mean much now. (Now they listen to ONE song and the algorithm plays them something else 😒)
  9. Cheers, man! We were in the US in 2016 doing the ProgPower USA fest, which was awesome. We'd love to come back but the visa situation is a massive nightmare at the moment. Super expensive and just completely broken in so many ways. We just can't afford to get burned by bureaucracy right now, or that kind of puts an end to anything we do anywhere else in the world, so we're planning to ride out whatever is going on at the USCIS. Hopefully sooner rather than later! For a bit of context, have a read of this post from Marc from Play America Visas - it's crazy!
  10. So we went on a bit of a tour, and we released a bit of an album, and it's been a pretty big year so far for my band. We got some fans on the last tour to bring their phones along and film our set, and I cut the footage together to one of our new album songs. Lots of fun, lots of energy, and lots of tracks in CbB to make it all happen! Enjoy!
  11. Just south of Sydney, Australia here 🇦🇺
  12. It's a tricky one. On one hand I agree - the track is frozen and you're able to manipulate it, cut it up, add effects on the clip level... it's more or less like a standard WAV clip in that sense, so you'd expect it to respect the edits once it's unfrozen. However, if you think about it, this would be a logistical nightmare to do. Imagine you've frozen a drum track - a MIDI track feeding into VSTi. You do all of your edits on the frozen track and then decide that you want to unfreeze it to change the snare sample. What happens to the MIDI data? Does it make new data from scratch or try to extrapolate what you want to do? Or another situation would be freezing something that has a degree of random or externally modified controllers in the effects. That track + effects would be basically locked off in the state they were in when you hit the freeze button. If you unfreeze it, what should the track do with it then? If there was a random element, it would now sound different. I'm sure there's plenty of other better examples than these. The variables you'd need to take into account to make unfrozen tracks respect the edits on their frozen states would be enormous or impossible, so I definitely understand the decision to just go "welp, you froze it at X state, go back to the last thing it did before then."
  13. Yep, this was always the case. When you unfreeze, it returns the track to the state it was in before you froze it, the side effect of that is any work you've done on the frozen track gets discarded.
  14. For editing, I agree - I can see this being super handy! I'm looking forward to giving it a good spin over the next couple of weeks
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