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  1. This includes FLYING HAND PERCUSSION With code HHS-FS60 in cart. Get it HERE I'm not sure how long this sale is on.
  2. FYI, I had an existing Groove 3 plan that expires in April of 2020. I wrote Groove 3's customer service and asked if I should wait until my plan expires or put the code in now. And the guy said that the iZotope code will expire at a certain point, so it's best to put it in now. When I did, my subscription changed from expiring in April 2020 to April 2021. So if you are holding onto your Groove 3 code for a rainy day, you should know that it won't last forever. If you want to know how long it's good, you should check with Groove 3. They have really fast customer service. I was waiting for the bugs to get out of the system on MPS 3 before upgrading. It was a breeze to do. Everything went quickly. Just followed the email. Used the iZotope Portal and made sure to activate the reverbs in iLok. And because of all of you, I got the free upgrade! 😎 I never would have thought to ask about a grace period because I bought in early August. And wow, those reverbs are outstanding. So thank you guys! And thank you iZotope!
  3. Remember, this is a free instrument. This update is a really big one. In the 1.0 version all the articulations were done with modwheel and velocity--I found it really hard to use. In version 1.01 there were a few keyswitches. Those presets are still there. 1.02 has some new "alt" patches with a lot more keyswitches. So now the whole thing is keyswitchable.
  4. $39 regular price, $19 intro price until October 18th Note: this is for the free Plogue sforzando sampler, not Kontakt. If you don't have it, you can get it HERE. Get HADSZIHA HERE Hadziha means "singers", and that's what it is - a simple virtual choir recorded in Ghana, with a sound that's full of character and energy. It was created in partnership with Pj Daauthor, a rapper who recruited the singers, recorded them, did much of the sample editing and took the photographs. we've been working together for a while - before this he also edited the samples for our Unruly Drums, recorded bobobo drums for Gogodze Phu Vol I, and came up with the whole Gogodze Phu name in the first place. But back to Hadziha - there are six vowels here, and ten playable phrases of a few syllables each. It's also possible to mix and match the syllables from all the phrases. We include the meanings of the phrases in the documentation, so you can know what the choir is singing about, and pick a phrase whose meaning fits. The samples are of six singers and are all close-miked. The vowels were additionally recorded with five other singers. The phrases are in the Ewe/Anlo and Ashanti languages. A walkthrough video, also including brief explanations of the relevance of vaccination requirements, and what the singers failed to record because they kept giggling too much. over 2000 samples and about 1 GB of data. The VI is labeled HADZIDHA not HADZIHA, but this is a mistake which is being changed.
  5. Symphobia 1: €299 / $329 Symphobia 2: €299 / $329 Symphobia 3: €399 / $439 Symphobia Colours Animator: €99 / $109 Symphobia Colours Orchestrator: €99 / $109 Orchestral Essentials 1: €199 / $219 Orchestral Essentials 2: €199 / $219 Get the new pricing HERE Also Symphobia 4 Pandora will be released on November 11th.
  6. Based on the way they're going, someday they may pay people a few bucks to download these libraries.
  7. Larry, you are Screamin' FAST! As soon as I put it up, I checked the link, saw it was wrong and immediately changed it. Bang! It was literally "click, wrong link, change." I was in a BIG HURRY because my link was very stupid. I typed as fast as I ever have in my life. While I was doing that, you posted that it was the wrong link and then posted the right one. 🙂 Larry has fingers that type faster than the speed of light. There can be no doubt about that. I always knew you were the king, but now I have even more admiration. Larry is the Jordan Rudess of the VI bargain hunters. Hail to the king!
  8. A really nice new free LABS instrument. Get it HERE
  9. The sounds are surprisingly good, although they show their age by lacking legato. There are some little extras, like some runs, that make them worth it for layering and extending other libraries. But they are wildly overpriced. I got the strings for $1 a few years ago, and they all have sold for less than this.
  10. If you like this, you can find the free Duduk from Strezov Sampling's Balkan Ethnic Orchestra HERE
  11. Cinematic Studio Woodwinds - Supposed to be later this year Tarilonte's Forest Kingdom II. - Waiting for Best Service's Black Friday sale. IK Multimedia's Total Studio 3 - Probably going to be a long wait. 😳 What's great is that people are working today on the instruments I will want the most someday. For example, I wonder what Spectrasonics is up to? Guitarscape? Whatever it is, I'm sure I'll want it.
  12. Get it HERE World Colors - Clar-Duduk - Works with full Version of Kontakt 5 and up - Wav files included Okay, I've checked this out this morning for a few hours, as they have a contest with this and I'm planning to enter. There are no key-switching on this instrument. You get the different articulations through variations of velocity and the modwheel. You have different swells and vibrato through velocity, and you can bend up and bend down with the modwheel. The shorts are very short and are played in a different place. All in all, I would call this a more expressive instrument than some other Duduks out there, but it's kind of hard to control, compared to a key switched Duduk like the Tarilonte. But I think it has a beautiful tone and this is a wonderful gift from Evolution. And it does have more articulations that Strezov's equally lovely Free Duduk. Recorded Playing Techniques: Swell Sustain Long (no vibrato) Swell Sustain Long (with vibrato) Swell Sustain Short (no vibrato) Swell Sustain Short (with vibrato) Sustain Normal (no vibrato) Sustain Normal (with vibrato) Sustain Bend up Sustain Bend down Trill Performance 1 Trill Performance 2 Shorts
  13. The note said "Dear Customer," and KH hasn't mentioned it on VI:Control yet, so I believe this deal is intended for KH customers only. Not that this matters for this forum I guess. 🙂 From what I'm reading about this library, it is like a Bohemian Violin for orchestra. It has AI for doing the Key switching automatically. This interests me, but they have yet to provide a walkthrough that shows this new feature in action. There's a longish trailer, a video on their new vibrato features, and the usual Jordan Rudess playing something we could never play if our lives depending on it. I've asked KH to provide a better walkthrough but no answer yet. Very interested, but the Orchestral Tools deal is upon us at the same time.
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