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  1. Maybe it helps if you have bought a lot. I own practically everything they sell. I usually wait until there's three that I want and then send an email. The guy is very nice about it. You have nothing to lose by asking.
  2. Seeing as how you can trade dupes in for new ones, this is another amazing deal. Even getting just two of them for a dollar is pretty good. I already have enough dupes to keep me going for years though.
  3. My friend Tatiana Gordeeva made a really cool western story for her Soundiron demo. She used the shakers as rattlers and insects.
  4. Maybe some people do see this as an insult, because of the clickbait headline. I hope I don't come off as some kind of know-it-all. As I said, I have a very large folder of unfinished projects. The worst one lately is that I spent over a month doing an orchestration of "Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence" with Jade Ethnic Orchestra. And I finished the damned thing. I am happy with my performances, but it sounds like crap because I can't mix it. So I'm thinking if I had just started with a simpler orchestration, maybe I wouldn't be in the mess I am in and I wouldn't have wasted all that time? This is just a record of me trying to figure things out...
  5. This has four thumbs down already. I don't think I've had one thumbs down on any of my videos. Somebody also unsubscribed. So there is definitely something in the message of this video that people don't like. That's interesting. I wonder what it is.
  6. In the original video idea, I did two versions of her song: one with the obvious Middle Eastern arrangement and another with a jazzy arrangement. With different accompaniment, she sounds completely different. But it got way too long. Maybe I'll do it in a future video. In retrospect this probably should have been two videos: one on orchestrating with a small palette of instruments and one on using a three-act structure.
  7. To get real about this, it's a different thing to be a music YouTuber than to be a narrator on a documentary, where you go into a booth and do it all in one go. First, Simeon uses a real microphone, which works for the kind of YouTuber he is. I choose to use a lav. So this means that Simeon is ahead of the game before there is a plugin, because he records better audio. He also seems to do the whole thing at once, which I'm incapable of doing. Second, I record at least two different ways. One facing the camera with my computer behind me, and then facing the computer when I'm doing my stuff that shows Cubase. The acoustics are dramatically different speaking into a big room than they are talking to the wall, so there is always a shift in the color of thevocal sound. Also, sometimes I record on different days. Even more shifts in sound. I tried to get past this for this video by recording everything at once. But... I said the name wrong for the singer in the Sonuscore Ethnic Vocals phrase library every time--so I had to record tons of patches for those bits--which again, had slightly different audio qualities. This is the big problem for me--trying to get all the different kinds of audio working together. When I do the entire video facing forward, I don't have problems getting a good track. Maybe Voxessor could make it better, but that's not my big problem. Trying to get everything to work together, means fooling around with the EQ and making all of them sound not ideal in the attempt to make them blend. In this video it ended up making them all too boomy. They all went to the lowest common denominator. I think the biggest challenges I'm facing are not ones that Voxessor addresses. But maybe it could still be helpful? There are other issues. 95% of the time, my lav records quality audio. But for 5% there is noise. Voxessor won't help with this, and it is too much for RX7. At some point I may experiment hanging a mic over my head, off screen.
  8. Glad that you liked the ideas, antler. Hah! I don't have Voxessor. Yet. The problem was that the voice-over was a patchwork quilt. Loading up the low end was the best I could do to make it sound consistent. Consistently boomy, I guess. But maybe I was trying to ratchet up the manly knob on my imaginary Voxessor. Turn the manly up to 11? I learn something with every video. Of course this one has blurry video and boomy vocal. 😡
  9. Melodyne 5 is the greatest de-esser I've ever seen. It really takes out just what you want and no more than what you want. De-essors always added processing that I didn't like and were too one-size-fits-all. This voice-over thing is really hard. I just EQ and compress my voice. I will fool around with Nectar and maybe get Voxessor. The really hard thing is that I record at different times and sometimes I have to patch a sentence or two, so I get all these different sound levels, tones, etc. Very hard to make them work together. If I was Simeon I could do it all in one go, but that's not me.
  10. I'm very curious to hear what you think about this video. A lot of thought went into it. My apologies for it being out of focus. 🥵 Still having problems with my new DSLR. Next time has got to be better. 😃 Reid
  11. It amazes me how ambitious your videos are. You always do such a great job and with such a positive, helpful attitude.
  12. Thanks so much for doing this, Simeon. 😃 Now I have to decide whether to get it or not.
  13. I am OVERWHELMED by the Magix deals. I know I say this all the time, but they sell my upgrade to Vegas Pro for $199. Same price 365 days a year. For years. They never take ten cents off of it. But I get emails from them several times a week saying it is 50% off or 73% off or whatever. Like the idiot I am I stay on their list and always click it, thinking someday, someday they have to discount it. But no, they have special Black Friday sales where for a very limited time you can get the upgrade for the same $199. But then they put stuff up on Humble Bundle for twenty bucks. I wonder if they will ever bother to come up with a feature that will make me want to pay $199. The only thing that makes their upgrades worthwhile are the add-ons from other companies. This year I just bought something directly from NewBlue rather than spend $199 to get a NewBlue package.
  14. I recommended some SONiVOX singles in my Tiger the Frog Black Friday post and one guy had trouble installing them. He came up with a workaround. You can find him somewhere in this thread: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/tiger-the-frogs-alphabetical-list-of-november-2020-sales.100595/ There are issues with SONiVOX and AIR in that they are unlikely to be updated or fixed as computer OS's change. I recommend people download demos of SONiVOX instruments from their website or Plugin Boutique to check them out before purchase. But I think there is a way to solve this and you should be okay.
  15. Oh no. 😨 I do not need this. I won't have time to explore it for a long time. I'm behind checking on my Black Friday purchases. But I want this. Somebody help me! If I remember correctly, this deal came up at exactly this time last year. Am I right? I don't know if it comes up twice a year, I think it might be like the November Falcon deal.
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