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  1. JoseC: "I don't get what you mean. You can audition both audio and MIDI from CbB browser, and you could in Sonar, too, since ages ago. The only limitation I find is that for MIDI you can only select a VSTi as output, and not a hardware external port." It's been a while since I used Cakewalk for a music project, and I was imprecise in describing this issue. I wanted to be able to click on a MIDI file shown in the Browser, and have it automatically play my Korg Kronos (external synth). But in Cakewalk this wasn't possible. I had to put the file on a track and press play in order to send the MIDI data to the Kronos. Much slower when auditioning a whole folder of MIDI files. Not a huge deal or enough to make me ditch Cakewalk, but as I discovered when TSHTF, Cubase hath other charms. I used Cakewalk for ~20 years and still appreciate its depth and features, but I use Cubase for music now, unless I'm doing a remix of an older project.
  2. PS: I checked my spam folder just in case. Some hot chick wants to show me some racy pictures, and some nice man over in Nigeria wants to transfer millions to my bank account, but all I'm really interested in is the Turmoil download. Grem: I got separate emails containing the SNs for the freebies, then logged into AAS and clicked a link that said Register New Products, or something like that. I copied and pasted the SNs into that page. Then the freebies immediately appeared in my list of registered products, and I was able to DL/install them.
  3. I ordered about 45 minutes ago and have not received a Turmoil SN. I guess that doesn't happen immediately? I did receive the freebie SNs.
  4. I switched to Cubase Pro during the Great Panic, and prefer it over CbB for music projects. But I also edit spoken word for 2 podcasts, and for those I use CbB because, having used it for 20 years or so, I'm more familiar with it. And yes, it's a great DAW. But Cubase is superior for MIDI, which was for me the deciding factor.
  5. I switched over to Cubase when SPLAT went splat. I use MIDI extensively, and I LOVE the MIDI implementation in Cubase, even though I've barely scratched the surface. It's just light years ahead of Cakewalk in this regard. And in Cubase I can audition MIDI and audio loops right from the media browser, without having to drag them into the project. This really speeds up my workflow. I requested this feature in Sonar, to no avail. I know some here will want to shoot me for saying this, but I think Cubase sounds better. (Ducks for cover.) Oh no, not THAT discussion again. But I also edit audio for two podcasts, and for this I use CbB. Having used Cakewalk for ~20 years, it's just easier for me to get around in at this point.
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