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  1. Hello, I've been using Cakewalk by bandlab for a few months with a midi keyboard with no issues. Today, the midi keyboard stopped working and is no longer an option for me to choose under inputs for my device preferences. The computer recognizes the keyboard and all the sound works just fine on Cakewalk it's just that Cakewalk isn't recognizing that I have a keyboard plugged in. Does anyone know typical reasons this may happen? I haven't changed or updated anything since I used it yesterday. I've only unplugged the keyboard and shutdown my computer. Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. That was it! Thank you very much for your help. Grateful it was such an easy fix
  3. I am trying to use multiple instruments using Kontact on Cakewalk. I have them set up using the "instrument track per output" " stereo audio outputs"using 16 tracks. I've added them with each instrument being on its own output and midi channel in Kontact. In Cakewalk, the output for all is set to Master and the input I've tried numerous things. Using the omni input setting I get sound for a short period of time and then it stops especially after I record something. Using the All Input setting on various channels, sometimes I get sound and sometimes not. Using the Kontact midi channels I get no sound. It seems to be a problem with the channel settings though the problem does not occur consistently. I've also tried the single track setting and have the same issue . Any help or recommendations would be very helpful. Thank you!
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