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  1. Processor...Intel Core i3 cpu 3.20GHz. Ram 8GB Interface....Motu M2
  2. Sorry also Toontrack plug-ins...EZ Keys...EZ Drummer and EZ Bass.
  3. What info do you need? Windows 10 Cakewalk version 2022.06 build 034. 64 bit
  4. There are no plug-ins involved. Just midi and/or audio instrument files.
  5. I am continuously getting " AUDIO DROPOUT " messages when trying to run a project. As per the instructions I try to increase the latency but the system will not allow me to increase past 512. I also noticed that my audio interface is set at 512. Could this be the problem? Or is the system the issue?
  6. Thank you All for your replies and valuable information. This is the first time had encountered the problem and I could NOT change the buffer size. However, following some of the comments, I was able to change the buffer size and as of now the situation has not happened again. Again, thank you all for your replies, info and tips. Much appreciated. Gerry.
  7. Thank's. OS......Window's 10 CW....2022-06 build 034- 64 bit AI...Motu-M2
  8. I am currently working on a project ( 8 bars only at this point ) and when I try to play and replay the section, I am CONSTANTLY getting an " AUDIO ENGINE DROPOUT " message. The message is # 1 which is related to the buffer size. When I try to increase the buffer size from the system's 5.8msec, the system will not allow me to do it. What ever the number I try to increase it to, the system brings me back to 5.8msec. What seems to be the problem and how can the issue be resolved? It is getting very frustrating when you can't even play 8 bars without interruption!!!!!!! And this is only the beginning of the project....... Thank you in advance for your cooperation and any replies. This is a recurring issue that I have had in the past..................
  9. I am probably very dumb.....but I cannot find the WORKSPACE MENU...... Sorry Gerry
  10. Thank you for the info, but where do I find " basic Workplace " I looked and cannot find it. And another thing I noticed, when starting a new project, in the template area, the only thing that appears is the word BASIC. Before this update, whenever I strated a new project, I had a whole list of options. Now they are gone. Should I return to an older version? Thank you for any help. Regards Gerry
  11. Has anyone encountered any issues when opening a new project with the latest update? I can't get any of the choices for a new session.....the synth rack is screwed up.....I get a blank screen with no tracks.....etc...etc... What did they do? Thank you for any help. Much appreciated. Gerry
  12. Thank you all. Problem solved. Somehow just found a little icon called INTERLEAVE and by clicking on it you get either mono or stereo track. Regards
  13. It seems that more than nornal, people are having issues with the latest update. Should I wait for the next one? Thank you all.
  14. I presently have a project with 2 guitar audio tracks and I am thinking of maybe adding however I have a problem. For one reason or other I can only get the sound to come from the left side. If I try to pan to the right side...silence. What might I be doing wrong? Thank you in advance for any info. Regards.
  15. Can Melodyne Essential by Celemony be used with Cakewalk by Bandlab? Assuming that Cakewalk has ARA. Thank you in advance for any info. Regards Gerry
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