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  1. Thank you all. Problem solved. Somehow just found a little icon called INTERLEAVE and by clicking on it you get either mono or stereo track. Regards
  2. It seems that more than nornal, people are having issues with the latest update. Should I wait for the next one? Thank you all.
  3. I presently have a project with 2 guitar audio tracks and I am thinking of maybe adding however I have a problem. For one reason or other I can only get the sound to come from the left side. If I try to pan to the right side...silence. What might I be doing wrong? Thank you in advance for any info. Regards.
  4. Can Melodyne Essential by Celemony be used with Cakewalk by Bandlab? Assuming that Cakewalk has ARA. Thank you in advance for any info. Regards Gerry
  5. Thank you for your inputs. Regards
  6. In the Audio FX section of the screen, is it possible to move an FX from one category to an other one. IE: I have Amplitube 4 which was put in the " uncategorized " section when installed and I would like to put it in the "Guitar " section. I have tried the click and drag option but it did not work. Thank you for any help. Regards.
  7. Somehow and for one reason or other, I cannot find Melodyne on my system.....version of Cakewalk. Is this something that I would have to purchase separately as a stand alone? Thank's Regards.
  8. I am working on a project with both midi and audio tracks. My question is: " Is it possible to get either a PIANO ROLL and/or STAFF view of the audio track? " If yes....how can this be done? Thank you in advance for any input. Regards
  9. There was an update about a week ago. And I see that as of yesterday, there seems to be a new update. Is this correct or just a repeat? Regards Thank you.
  10. Thank you. Found in a folder with different ID.
  11. Has anyone experience the vanishing of a project? Yesterday after putting the final touches to a project that had worked on for a couple of months, I saved and shut down the system. This morning, the project is nowhere to be found. Not even the version I was working on ...nothing. If I had deleted it by mistake, it would be in my delete folder ....but it's not there. I have no clue ...I am at a loss. HELP...HELP Regards. And thank you in advance.
  12. For one reason or other my metronome has gone silent. Everything was working fine yesterday, but all of a sudden today...silence....no PING sound when I press R. Maybe an other one of my stupid omissions ......I can't find it. Please help. Regards.
  13. I am embarrassed.................... For one reason or other, all of a sudden, I was starting to play on the 4th click of the metronome in lieu of the 5th. Everything is now OK. Regards Gerry
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