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  1. Will do. That was gonna be the next thing I was gonna try
  2. I’m aware they are unrelated. Just put added that in case anyone knew what was up there too. I’d be happy just to get the recording issue straight lol
  3. Sorry for all of the confusion. I literally just started doing this a few weeks ago and have no idea what I’m getting into
  4. No. When I try to use a loop from bandlab it will play and I can hear it on the bandlab assistant . Just no sound comes through in cakewalk itself. When I use the plugins that came with the program- bass, drums, electric piano and strings I get the same thing. I can see them play but no sound. But if I go into the plug-in I can hear it just fine
  5. And no it does not have a ASIO driver. I have tried every one that I have the option of choosing and nothing. When it was working I had the WASAPI driver selected
  6. I’m using an m-audio m-track duo. The driver type is usb audio codec and WASAPI shared. I was able to record up until about a week ago then for some reason I can’t not. I also cannot use any loops from band lab or plug ins. I haven’t been able to use the loops from the beginning and I can hear everything fine using plug ins but when I try to record I keep getting the same message
  7. I am new to home recording and I’m having trouble making a track on cakewalk. I have the inputs and outputs correct and can hear sound from the plugins. The track is armed to record but when I hit the record button I get a message saying I am unable to create a track. I was able to make a track until about a week ago. Any tips or advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated
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