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  1. Thanks for replying to me, for Playback Timing Master it says (Headphones AT2020USB+) and it doesn't come up with any other options to change it. When I unplug the mic, I still can't hear the recording even though it says it has recorded something. Sorry if I'm being dumb. Also, I got this USB mic because it's the same mic that a musician I like uses, and he's a successful musician with a million subscribers and a large spotify following, and his music sounds really good, but he uses Logic Pro X and I don't have a macbook so I can't use that.
  2. Hello, I have an AT2020 USB mic and when I plug it in while using Cakewalk, the little volume bar goes up and down when I record but then when I play it back, I can't hear the recording. I thought it might be something to do with the output sound, so I'm just wondering how I can fix it? How do I turn up the output volume? Also, I have a bad laptop (e.g. it only has 120GB on SSD), so it may be that (it's very frustrating, I just wish Macbooks weren't so expensive so I could afford one with Christmas/birthday/pocket money). I just really want to make music. Please help me if you can by answering my question, I would appreciate it
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