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  1. I am new at this. I have written songs for over 35 years. Before I had the gift of writing we used the old reels to record on. I at one time was a computer tec. but everything has changed over the years. I have copywritted songs by snail mail alone the 2000 error, Using the old mail in forms. Many of my song were destroyed in Hurricane Charly in 2004; that was when my roof was ripped off. Recently after my last child was grown and moved away. I have gone back into my boxes of old song. I have never recorded the first one. I was ask by both Willy Nelson and John Anderson if I would let them hear my songs. I did not at that time. My life was not in order when they had asked. I have written more song within the last few mounts. I was told about your new Cakewalk program. I have made a few recording as a trail. Not my best songs; waiting to see how it works out first. I want to use them to make sound recording for my Applications for sound copywrites. How do I download or export my projects to my computer so I can play them off line; also to be able to use them in an acceptable form, for a sound recording copywrite to the Library of congress?
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