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  1. Thanks for the comments so far. When I go into the "Snap to Grid" menu in Preferences, I get an option called "Snap Interval" which ranges from Light to Extreme. It also has a "magnetic test" and Landmarks. I've tested these back and forth, but still can't solve problem. Also I don't see a place to select or unselect "Whole or Measure".
  2. While in staff view, I'm unable to insert notes correctly. For example, if I want to add a quarter note on the 3rd beat, the staff view places the note on the first beat. It refuses to let me move it. After many failed attempts, I then opened my project in an old version of "Music Creator" (a legacy Cakewalk product), and was able to make the edits in staff view using that old product. Is there a fix to this staff view issue in the new Cakewalk?
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