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  1. Hi Jim,  I think you were looking for this link?  I have only come across it today and the process does work.   And once you have recorded the metronome onto the aux track you can control where and when it's heard in the mix by using the volume control in the aux track.   Good luck.


    1. Jim Fogle

      Jim Fogle

      @Bob Bentley, Thank you for sharing this link with me.  Recording the metronome can be very useful when sharing audio between musicians, vocalists and producers.

      Thank you again for remembering I was hunting for this link.

  2. A very big thank you Morton. I've been using Cakewalk for about 20 years and didn't realise this could be done, and so easily!! Am collaborating with others and just having a consistent count-in is a real blessing. Well done sir. Bob
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