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  1. Hey, I think rendering an mp4 for the second time with no restart worked for the first time in the 02.2022 version! Seems to be ok. Thanks. ...Ummm, it rendered once, and then this error again. Anyway waiting with hope
  2. Hey, sorry for getting back so late... I have the newest version (orange icon) and still doesn't work now...
  3. Hello, this makes me really nervous when I produce a lot of videos per day, when I render mp4 for the first time, and when I want to do it again this error occurs. Full Sonar reset needed then, and it doesn't remember saving paths, parameters, so it takes another minute to render it again. I think this may be a pretty easy thing to resolve for a support team. Morover remembering video rendering options as default "last used" could be a real help for my work.
  4. Ripple Edit looks very cool, but can I do any automation for all silence gaps (with voice over work)? There are some tools in Audacity (blah) or Audition that do i it with a gate and they render truncated waveforms.
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