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  1. Hey all, I installed cakewalk on my windows 10 laptop and connected the behringer audio interface with the usb. plugged in my in-ears into the behringer and after a few hours wrestling with the settings i finally got sound for each individual mic. I have 8 mics (drumset). Now i can only adjust the mic volume on the behringer but when i try to change volume with the mixer in cakewalk nothing happens... Same if i try to add effects to any track nothing changes in my output(in ears). Cakewalk is set in record mode... I can see that the signals are comming in on the eq but i cant seem to get the processed sound to come out. 1track is uploaded with a wav file and for that track i can adjust volume just fine. but for the channels coming from the drum mics...nothing. Dont know if the problem is to be solved in the DAW, behringer or laptopsettings. Any ideas? Thnx a lot! Greets Stefan (noob)
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