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    Intro to EZBass Video

    Because I'm not a leyboard player I've been relying on EZKeys for that. Being a bass play (of some sorts) I see this as an inspirational tool that I can use to then recreate a more (or less) intricate on one of my basses. I'm a VST/VSTi 'ho (as many of you are aware) and so I'll get this and any expansions they heave including more MIDI (after market is 'where it's at', to quote Beck)
  2. Bapu

    Intro to EZBass Video

    All you Bapu are belong to us. Good boy.
  3. Are you doing your vocal while wearing open back headphones? They tend to blead more than closed back headphones. If you can't stop it at the source you can use a gate on the vocal track, or trim the audio clip almost right up to the start of the vocal (with a slight fade to eliminate a pop). Usually slight bleed during vocals is not a problem, but you can slice up the vocal to eliminate any bleed between phrases.
  4. Bapu

    InMusic Aquires BFD

    With baited breath I say.
  5. Bapu

    Get Ready!

    Where's my discount code?
  6. After getting the $10 I hope their first product is $9.99.
  7. Bapu

    InMusic Aquires BFD

    So, BFD ain't such a BFD anymore?
  8. Correct! You should hear my mixes now. They's gone to udder sh!te.
  9. Nope my offer from Magix is € 249,00 for Pro Suite X5 Upgrade or € 199,00 for Pro X5 Upgrade Way too mu$h for a product I have yet to use for a full song (solo or collab). I'm off the Samplitude train unless I can get the Pro X5 Suite Upgrade for $99 max (which ain't goan happun)
  10. I hope I never make the mistake of ordering one (and not using it) and ordering another a year later. 😋
  11. Have you seen the streets lately? LOTS and LOTS of people are "missing".
  12. Riding a bicycle with no seat watching Cats (on his iPad).
  13. Bapu

    EZBass Preview Video

    A four string bass would have taken 20% less time?
  14. Yup, I've harped on this for what seems like 10 years now, but was at least 5 for sure.
  15. Studio One, Reaper and now Pro Tools 2020 have this.
  16. Bapu

    EZBass Preview Video

    Then there will be EZBass packs to buy..... Geddy Lee Victor Wooten Chris Squire Jack Bruce Stanley Clarke Jaco Pastorious et. al.
  17. Bapu

    EZBass Preview Video

    I'm waiting in line to hear from someone on how it was not EZ to learn cuz it has 5 strings.
  18. Bapu

    EZBass Preview Video

    Then I truly will be out of a job. 😖
  19. Bapu

    Anyone Seen This Before?

    Is React the v2 of ACT? When will it come out of Beta and what's the discount Lars?
  20. Need to buy more drum samples now.
  21. Yankee ingenuity wins again.
  22. Cleanliness is next to bayoubillyness
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