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  1. Cheesus H Christmas This fred is still alive?
  2. Hey Tom, We were in the same place at the same time. That is where I saw Blind Faith too. I had floor seats.
  3. Is the portal the gateway to the matrix?
  4. I emailed on Friday. Got mine yesterday.
  5. I'm not switching. I bought a used MacBook Pro for a specific non-music-DAW related task. But for fun I've loaded Protools, UAD, Waves and Slate to "test" things. I'll eventually load Reaper, Studio One, Mixbus32C and Cubase for those (unlikely) times I'd need them for a collaboration.
  6. My thought for the day. Mac OS is weird.
  7. I only ever saw him (and Eric) on the Blind Faith tour.
  8. Only if in their afterlife they have put aside all difference. They did not get along in this life.
  9. Only one way to find out. Have John post his O8 vs O9 stats.
  10. Even worse for me. I'm logged into the isotope site with my email that I purchased MPS 3. I enter my email address and it says it can't find me owning MPS 3, yet I've registered it through the portal and activated it on my iLOK. Sheesh.
  11. I have MPS2.1 and Nimbus, R4 and Phoenix already (bought from Izotope). Seems like I'm on the short end of the stick for any upgrade price for MPS3.
  12. FYI no changes to BMD have been made. Must be your IT dept or ......
  13. Exactly what The Lovely Lady says to me about my VST purchases.
  14. Bapu

    multi drum takes

    Maybe not the best way, but I setup 4 identical folders with all the tracks/mic inputs for a take. Named oddly enough DrumsTake1, DrumsTake2, DrumsTake3 and DrumsTake4. Mute 2, 3 and 4. Arm 1. Record. Disarm 1, Mute 1, Arm 2 record. Rinse and repeat. Create a 5th folder (identical tracks layout). Copy-n-paste from any song section (Intro, verse etc) from a take into the same area of the 5th folder. Never only copy-paste certain tracks. Always copy-paste all track (you want the proper bleed to be retained. I do this with snap to grid on the turn off snap to jiggy the tracks at the join spot if the drummer was slightly ahead or behind the beat so a to not lose hits or have horrid double hits.
  15. Dinnit you just have a birthday about a year ago? Happy Birthday Ed.
  16. I once at de trout but I've never been to de troit (or have I?)
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