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  1. My motto when it comes to music making software.
  2. Heeeelp! I've fallen and I can't get up.
  3. Thanks for the listen and comment David. I get that 5:36 is a lil quickie to those that do full on orchestral length pieces. 😉
  4. It was a joke. 🙂
  5. Bapu

    Rain - Beatles cover

    On par with The Fab Faux for sure.
  6. I want to replace my current SATA Samples drive. So where can I get an 8TB SSD samples drive for about $200? Ok, maybe $300.
  7. So essentially the current prices are as low as one can get. Until they're not. I just grabbed 6 more (only had two left) for $87.67 (with T&S loyalty points). $14.61 a pop that is. Just under 50% off per pack.
  8. Bapu

    Bun project

    cue S.L.I.P. in 5, 4, …..
  9. However, since the price increase I've not seen these Generic Packs go on sale. Lars?
  10. removed: site not allowing checkout
  11. Ya, I came up with the $420 price somewhere too. Now I can't remember where.
  12. All that valuable insight lost at the drop of a hat? Thanks for the listen Tom.
  13. Thanks for the heads up. I'm 88 days away from my initial 1 year support expiring. Had you not said that I would have scratched my head as to the available prices and probably automatically opted for the $99 plan. Good to know.
  14. I've crossgraded a few DAWs I own (except CbB and Reaper) including Studio One Pro, Samplitude and Mixcraft, I got Cubase 9 on a hefty sale and waited for 10 to be released before registering it. The I stupidly bought the 10.5 upgrade without realizing the on sale trick to get 11 cheap. Live and learn. I'm not sure I want drop $420 on another DAW even though I do see the differences between Nuendo and Cubase. I'm just not sure I'll need them. I'm not sure I'm all that proficient on Cubase as I am on Studio One, CbB and Mixbus 32C (here not as a DAW, but as a mixing console 🙂 ). I have a perpetual license for Pro Tools (2019). @Dzilizzi I'm unclear about what you said about a perpetual license expiring. How is perpetual not perpetual? Unless you just meant support? I also own Digital Performer 10 . Not sure I'm digging that DAW. Reason 11. Same. Acid Pro 9. Same. Not likely to upgrade those unless it's in the $50 range. On my Mac I also have Logic and (DUH!) Garage Band as well as all the cross platform DAWs I own (Studio One, DP 10, Cubase 10.5, Mixbus 32C, Reason 11, Reaper & Pro Tools).
  15. Looks like the competitive upgrade does not mention that it replaces Cubase. I wonder if it does.
  16. I once posted 10 puns to garner some laughter. Not one pun in ten did. the old jokes never die
  17. I can't buy it. Proceed to checkout gets me Order contains item(s) with unavailable or undeliverable status.
  18. You only have to be online once every six months to escape falling into demo mode IIRC.
  19. Bapu

    Waves 25% Off WUP

    ^^ This would be welcomed by me. ^^ This is reality though Abbey Road went through some additions, however WUP did not add them as it seems Waves is required to charge for each new AR plug. But if you own all of AR at the time you get the new plug at a really decent discounted intro price. At least I did in the past.
  20. Bapu

    Waves 25% Off WUP

    CLA Mixhub was the latest addition IIRC.
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