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  1. I got a fever today. Not too bad (101.6) bu I also have the shakes.
  2. With your user of werds Straummy all I can say is "Baby You're A Rich Man".
  3. What do you mean by "4.5 update yet again blew off third party support (Native Instruments, iZotope RX, etc...)"?
  4. OPM? Ain't nobody got time for that.
  5. I already have a good handle on telling lies. Steve ent goan like that juan.
  6. Ewe no, thut juan guy whu sed dat juan thang dat juan thyme.
  7. If man is still alive....
  8. Jesse channels Tom Petty on Acid, IMO. Which is great BTW.
  9. In 10 years *all* software will be subscriptions. Solve the "ownership" issues (as the developers believe).
  10. That is really something. Oh wait, I'm on there. DOH!
  11. Bapu

    BJZ presents Dead End

    I will endeavour to make everything louder than everything else on the next revision.
  12. I invented the Am bass note. No one can C it.
  13. Bapu

    BJZ presents Dead End

    And they are live drums.
  14. Chord Track *and* (more importantly) Arranger Track could just about get me back to Cakewalk (nearly) full time.
  15. Bapu

    BJZ presents Dead End

    Vocals - Zargg (Ken Nilsen) Guitars & Synth - Jyemz (James Griffiths) Bass - Bapu (Ed Kocol) Drum - Hugo Ribeiro Dead End © 2019 BJZ Verse 1 Walking through the dark and cold I’ve made this maze, or so I’m told Pre Chorus As I make my way through these tunneled walls ‘Come unto me’ this labyrinth calls Chorus A mile of thorns and spikes I descend Into a cruel and vicious dead end Verse 2 No cotton thread to leave behind This endless path vexes my senses Repeat PreChorus & Chorus Bridge (twice) Dreading every turn ahead I'd be a fool who believes I’ll never run into a dead end Verse 3 No guardian angel will ever follow Me into all my tomorrows Repeat PreChorus & Chorus Interlude Repeat Chorus Verse 4 I could see the light of day again Like Daedalus I will escape this dread Repeat PreChorus & Chorus Repeat Bridge I've run into. I've run into, I’ve run into a Dead End
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