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  1. I intend to play with this more on the weekend but I can say this about Studio One's arranger track: While in playback I can copy a section and insert it just a few bars ahead on the play head without a glitch in sound. IMO, Studio One's audio engine is marvelous to work in while in real time playback. And I'm on a 6 year old mobo/cpu.
  2. Well someone has to ask for a Hover Car, why not me? I hope we get Hover Car.
  3. Bapu

    Soundtoys Coupon

    Tried that but your <insert significant other pronoun> said you didn't deserve it. <insert significant other pronoun> seems to have kept it.
  4. Bapu

    Doors cover

    Plus juan bad juan
  5. Bapu

    Covid 20

    For Covid-20 we all will need a better hovercar than that, but it's a start.
  6. Bapu

    Soundtoys Coupon

    Too bad I already own the full suite. Wait...that hasn't stopped me from double buying in the past, why now?
  7. And of course it's like getting the DAW for free. 🙂
  8. Well, I did some pricing and for me to upgrade to Spectral Layers 6 ($199 form 4) and Sound Forge 14 ($199) it would cost me more than the price of Pro X5 Suite upgrade (which only contains SL 6 free upgrade to 7 and SF 13). So I sheepishly say, my CC balance has now increased by $249. 😞
  9. Alembics are, IMO, in sound class all their own. My Series I has the Rickenbacker like stereo out feature (both pups have their own discrete output). I send those to my Alembic F2B preamp (2 channel Fender Showman inspired design, IIRC). The Series I and Series II are active electronics. I'm a big Stanley Clark fan and that is what prompted me to seek out my Alembic bass. I paid $700 along with Rickenbacker for it in 1977. Eve in my roughest financial times (and I've had a couple) I've never even given a thought to selling my Alembic. My son will inherit it along with all my other basses and guitars when I leave this life.
  10. https://www.guitarcenter.com/Used/ALEMBIC/Vintage-1976-SERIES-I-Electric-Bass-Guitar-116257656.gc?cntry=us&source=4WWRWXMP&msclkid=c84ae55fffb61240621abbf615815380&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=[ADL] [GC] [PLA] [Shopping] - (Bass) - {GQ} - [Used]&utm_term=4578091567463977&utm_content={GQ} Bass (Used) (GC) (Bing)&adlclid=ADL-e29999a3-e4aa-4ffc-92ad-2b4a84d5aa6e This is exactly my model and year (my wood, on the left, is bit richer looking though).
  11. Bill has me running around like a one armed paper hanger.
  12. "Please sir, can I have some more?" ~Oliver Twist
  13. That's maybe almost as stimulating as a $1,200 check from Dr. Orange the gubmint.
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