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  1. Finally I can own every plugin known to man.
  2. Latency Ardour has had plugin latency compensation dating back to almost the first release of the program. But that compensation was limited to tracks (not busses), and didn't cover other cases where latency is introduced into signal flow. Robin (Dr. Gareus to the rest of us) redesigned almost every aspect of the core of Ardour's processing code to now provide latency compensation everywhere. This isn't like some DAWs in which "more things now work". Latency is now compensated for no matter where it happens, completely and always. That reads to me as Aux Buses will now have Latency compensation. If true, YAY!
  3. It's a wonderful day in the nay-burr-hood.
  4. In olden times they were referred to as wenches.
  5. Yup. I simply got tired of asking for that after about 7 years of expressing my desire to have that feature.
  6. If the neck is really bad (and it is drilled to Fender specs) I could always replace with it a '50s $349 neck from Sweetwater. Same with the pickups (about $299). $750 for an 'almost' Tele still wouldn't be bad. But all in all this may not be that bad as is since I'm not a huge fan of the Tele anyway. I am the original owner of a 1985/6ish Japanese Fender Strat redone with active electronics.
  7. That's a Floydian slip if I've ever seen juan.
  8. But there at at least 5 be an gettin places in that area.
  9. I'm pretty much restricted to a 5 mile radius from home.
  10. I had t&s points. Got this for £15.29
  11. Bapu

    UJAM Neo Finisher

    I had t&s points. Saved £12.
  12. 😫Why in 2020 would anyone do that. Except Paulo, he gets a hail Mary pass.
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