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  1. USA, California, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks (in a van by the river)
  2. Argh, and here I thought this was the 21st Century where Software Lib developers knew about multiple drive setups. 😡
  3. Seriously. Not in that "can". I just orders some Sonarworks precise tunes Sennheiser HD598 cans to mix with. I find the ATH-50s really nice to track to but kind of tight on the head (cue Paulo with the big head jokes) to mix with even using Sonarworks. I love my HD600s so these HD598s should be a close as I can get. 300 samallions with shipping. Hope to them soon. I have a dedicated 2nd headphone out on my RME that I plan to send a "mix" to where Sonarwork will reside with the HD598 profile they send with the cans.
  4. Really??!!?? Did I miss the option to store the "samples/pak" files where I wanted them? sooooooooooo can I relocate the 10+gb of .pak file to my samples drive?
  5. I've been in the rabbit hole for over 10 years now.
  6. Plus I got a few more plugins in the vintage bundle. yay.
  7. Minus the coupons I had in my hidey hole.
  8. It is either 0 or 14 depending on your preference of order of calculations. More bracketing is actually required to ask the question properly.
  9. Who do those stars think they are smashing a perfectly good piano
  10. Brillyant Kenny! Art imitates life.
  11. Live music will be provided by the Bare Naked Ladies
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