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  1. Bapu

    EastWest Voices Sale

    Noted and purchased.
  2. My son gets (most of) my guitars/basses and he knows what they are worth. He's a guitar player. And he has first right of refusal of the entire Bapu VST/VSTi Collection (all that can be transferred) as well as the plethora of DAW licenses.
  3. I'm old hat I'm old school I'm old fool I'm old tool
  4. What a great Saturday this is turning out to be. And since there will be another juan tamale, I'm the fortunate sun hear toady.
  5. You don't look a day over yesterday Bill.
  6. Petty euphemisms never irritate Straummy
  7. When one has a muffler one must muf...... never mind.
  8. My HD-598s arrive on or about Monday the 19th of August.
  9. +2 I prefer how Studio One does it over Reaper. If I only ever knew Reaper's way it would still be pretty 'dope'.
  10. Not my Alembic for shure
  11. Yeah, even Alembic ships with crappy strings.
  12. The day the music REALLY died? I.e. disco was created
  13. Sounds purely medieval.
  14. Pedro wrote his first poem?
  15. I dont got becanasia. I got becanusa.
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