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  1. That's a sensitive subject. It really takes some big balls to broch that here.
  2. Bapu

    SONG: Shedding

    The smallest of crits is the drums feel too dry (for my taste). Maybe just a smidge of verb on the snare would give it some flavor. Guitar fuzz tone is retro-cool. Tones changeup was welcomed. Moody and foreboding for sure.
  3. Methinks he's overthinking this juan.
  4. I hope to inherit his pics collection.
  5. There's software for that now.
  6. It's the industry standard, doanchyaknow.
  7. Pffft, I pretty much can't hear cymbals in a full mix. Generally I can hear the cymbals in a full solo'd drum bus mix fairly well. If I send my collaborators a mix where I can really hear the cymbals the way I like I'm sure you can imagine what they say. "Turn the frackin' cymbals down!!!!" Did some online tests and it appears I really start to lose it 6KHz and above. So I really rely on my ability to just barely hear the cymbals in a solo'd drum bus mix and I am usually not told very bad things about the cymbals in a mix.
  8. Bapu

    Ivory II Grand Pianos

    Almost any MF (Musicians Friend) post by Lars is a Deal of The Day or a Deal of The Hour. The OP was on Saturday. Gotta be quick. 🙂
  9. Bapu

    Ivory II Grand Pianos

    Although I still like Ivory II and the Italian Grand, lately I've been enamored with Waves' Rhapsody Piano and/or Wavesfactory Mercury. Freddie Lives!
  10. Yeah, for years (like 15 at least for me) we've been asking for a better Drum Mapping system. Ent seen it yet.
  11. Daryk, Wibbles suggested this.
  12. Yes Wookie, I've been told I'm dense before. Thanks for the listen.
  13. Which one is and which one is me (in your dreams)? Wait... I already know the answer to that one.
  14. One other caution from my experience. ProTools on Windows is a dog when you start getting up to large amounts of FXs. ProTools on Windows is not as efficient as on a Mac. My Win 10 Pro Machine is 32 GB of DDR3 RAM & 3.4GHz i7 2600K 3.4 Quad Core My 2014 MacBook Pro is 16GB 1600 Mhz DDR3 RAM & 2GHz i7 Quad Core I have a tutorial project that will drop the audio engine after about 30 seconds of play in PT on Win 10. The whole song will play on the MacBook Pro. Maybe the Mac VSTs are more solid? IDK. Also, PT will does allow buffers over 1024. It tells you you're out of RAM and try switching to Native VSTs. Huh? Oh yeah, I have ProTools Native not HD.
  15. My Dad worked for Snap On Tools once upon a time.
  16. Ditto. I only use CbB to create a tracking shell with markers, tempo and time signature data for a few of my die-hard CbB collaborators and send along a tracking WAV or stems as needed.
  17. James, I don't use Pro-Tools but I own a perpetual license. What I do with it thus far is export stems from (*cough* cough*) Studio One and import them into Pro-Tools and can send that session to my friend who is a Pro-Tools only guy. He's a live mixer and wants to learn record production. His live rig is 99% of the time an AVID desk so he can play around with mixes while on the road. The other thing I do is use when a tutorial offers the session in Pro-Tool format I can really study it. Gotta agree with @StudioNSFW that unless you want to open a for hire studio owning a copy may keep an adament "you user ProTools right?" client.
  18. Request filled out in 3-Part long form, mebee.
  19. Saw what was left of them (Graeme, Justin, John) quite few years back here in town. They had a few young bucks to bolster them a bit. An E-Drummer and a young woman on keyboards and flute. Graeme just tapped the drums, almost like he didn't want to be there. He did introduce his grandkids in the audience.
  20. Are you saying I need to take the blue pill, then?
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