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  1. Finally, a fred that makes cents to Bill
  2. I have not the slightest clue what you guys are on about.
  3. I hope you get the price you're looking for. I'm so sorry you have to part with it.
  4. I only recently added a Mac Book Pro (2013 refurbished) for initially non-DAW related needs (iOS app development). Then I decided to install the seven cross compatible DAW I've purchased to test compatibility. I also purchased Logic X for the fun of it for real cheap on ebay. It's only a 2.0GHz Quad core I7 w/16GB of RAM but it competes quite nicely with my current 3.4GHZ Quad Core I7-2600K PC w/32GB or RAM machine. As soon as I finish my two current collaborations I'm going to be upgrading to an I9-10900K 3.7GHZ 10 core based system with 64GB or RAM (able to expand to 128GB if necessary. I was looking at used (2010 or so) Mac Pro systems on ebay. Found some fairly high end units for sale but decided that I'm sticking with Windows as the machine I'll be building will last a good 5 years (or more) as will all my DAWs that I rely on. I'll keep the MacBook Pro for the odd test etc. Hopefully it will not become obsolete for the iOS app I'm involved in.
  5. It's Friday Oct 2nd 2020 already?
  6. I'm back to having 48MB available.
  7. Always, up until the day he passed as I was told by his sister at his memorial service here in SoCal.
  8. ZOOM Pffft I've met him in person (at NAMM) on two different years. Great guy. This was the last time
  9. No, that's Old55 (Jan Eiken) from the Roland/Gibson days. An original Forum Monkey's member. He passed away several years ago.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ That photo is 1017kb
  11. The trouble with now is as soon as you say it, it's gone,
  12. I Jam what I Am 'cause I Am what I Jam
  13. Bapu

    A Story

    Why did the musician never play quietly? Pianissimo wasn't his forte.
  14. Bapu

    A Story

    TIL when musicians perform on stage, the sound bounces around the room off the walls, however, when a pigeon performs on stage, the sound does not bounce. This is because... ...a coo sticks.
  15. Bapu

    A Story

    What does a british musician live in? Ab
  16. If the mods delete Gswitz can I have his post count?
  17. I'll gladly pay you on (some distant imaginary) Tuesday for a loan of .5B$ USD today so I can do just that.
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