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  1. Thanks Jim. In answer to your question, we're just monkeys who see, and monkeys who doo.
  2. Thanks for the listen and kind comments Kevin.
  3. That's one way to run the amp *HOT*
  4. It's a rental they're in. So, I'd say it's the owner who did it. They live in an older part of the northern "bay area" here in California.
  5. I'm going to wait for the weekend to install this one. Maybe some things will be "fixed" or "improved on" by then. 🙂
  6. Aha, hard to say. He (DZ) stopped reporting in to me a loooooong time ago.
  7. That's never a problem for me. If a Toontrack product exists, I have it. If it's a new release today I'll have it by tomorrow at the latest. 🙂
  8. My son recorded his band's album in my studio. All the songs were played on the fretless guitar he built. I still have the tracks, transferred from ADATs to .wav files.
  9. He says he's going to start working with it to see where it takes him. Some here may recall my reporting here that my son made his first fretless guitar about a year or so before the Zappa Brothers album Shampoohorn where Dweezil played a fretless guitar on one tune.
  10. He removed the fretboard from the neck of this cheap Ibanez and put on a new un fretted fretboard, and he measured out and put frets in as 19 semitone per octave.
  11. Bapu

    Free Flight

    Great job all around Peter.
  12. Not my new Win 10 Pro & 10-Core, 20-Thread i9 10900K OC'd to 5GHz 😉
  13. We watched David Byrne's American Utopia on HBO MAX. We enjoyed it. I've always been a sideline fan of David and Talking Heads. I still to this day love the True Stories move as well as the CD.
  14. I have the UAD version. It's a goodun.
  15. My condolences to yours and her families.
  16. JWL is my Beatle forever
  17. Thanks bjornpdx for the kind words and the listen.
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