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  1. I just say today is today. Who needs dates? They are just raisins with a hyperactive thyroid.
  2. Ben dare dun dat. I dinnit even get a t-shirt.
  3. I like most rock thongs.
  4. Should be cool in all my (in use) DAWs.
  5. Bapu


    That's my 'cup' after I get out of the pool.
  6. When does my royalty check arrive? Great job by Staypress and the current Mrs. Daryl1968.
  7. Liek dees? Oar dees? Oar deeze?
  8. I'm not an athlete. I'm an athletic supporter though.
  9. And you can *always* use the File->Open menu bar in the non-designated version to open an old project. It's not as bad as you think it is if you take the time to understand what is really going on. It's not a mistake/disaster what happened, it's how Windows works.
  10. 1. I've had clutter for over 10 years now. We'll call it spring cleaning. 2. Those are homemade rockwool absorbers. I have two on either side, two on my back wall and two above me. 3. I love my 30". What man would not? Yeah, getting used to how high up it is. 4. I barely play the keys anymore (doing less and less MIDI these days) and so sitting up high is perfect for me. 6. I too sometimes wish I could number my tracks out of order like this, 5. They were sold at the last yard sale. 6. Ah here is the real #6. IK Multimedia ARC for the speakers and Sonarworks for the M-50s. 'Nuff said.
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