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  1. Actually I use different strings for different basses. Since I have 9 basses that means at least 6 different types/gaugeg/brands of stings.
  2. I'm like Macca when asked what strings he uses and he said he asks the shop keeper for "the shiny ones".
  3. Bapu

    New EZ Keys MIDI

    Now I only have 5 cereals left.🤣
  4. Point taken Larry. But since the devs would often say "can you roll back?" it seemed more like an intended feature to me.
  5. Ummmmm, the Cakewalk Command Center did just that. It had the ability to roll back to any version you wanted. I even did it a few times just to be sure I wasn't 'drunk at the time' something went nutzo.
  6. Well, John did forget to say it's a 64 bit plugin, 🤣
  7. They all give good blow on the pipes
  8. ewes funny Billy O' Teh Bayou
  9. Thanks Jesse, but my birthday is not until Feb 7th (the same day in 1964 that The Beatles landed in the US for the fist time).
  10. I think I've purchased like maybe 5 mp3s. Probably to 'learn' the songs.
  11. No good for upgrades. 😠 At least not for me 8.5 -> 9.5
  12. I've been wondering what that smell is. It was Bill's birthday. Happy Belated Birthday Guillermo.
  13. Finally got my cereal #. Now I wait until "buy 10 now get 11 free" to register and install (since I bought it a bestservice, not Steinny).
  14. He will now be forever 'night tripping'. RIP.
  15. Friday (June 7) is Meshers and Daryk's birthday. Only seperated by the Atlantic Ocean.
  16. Jumped on the MPS 2.1 upgrade. Thabks Lars.
  17. Bapu

    25% Off Band In A Box

    I used BIAB on two different songs for the guitar solos. Even the real guitar players on those collabs thought the solos it generated were more than adequate. Of course that meant I had to have the Real Tracks verson of BIAB. I too ratcheted my way up to Ultra+. FWIW, I tend to skip every other year for the upgrades. I'm on 2019 now.
  18. He's a Reaper guy now. Has been for quite some time.
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