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  1. The laundry? The dirty dishes? The groceries?
  2. I disagree Kenny, yours is actually the best of the three above. I'm holding a strong 3rd place IMO.
  3. Ther're heeeeeere.
  4. WOW this is a Line 6 JTV in the box.
  5. I'm hoping one day this item will go on sale. Has it ever on say BF or CM?
  6. I'm with you if it will improve my bass playing. I'm still a ***** after 50 years of playing these stooopid 4 strings.
  7. The day you stop needing more reverbs is the day you don't need anymore Drum romplers Orchestral Libraries Compressors Soft Sytnhs EQs DAWs etc. etc. etc.
  8. I Am so sorry to hear that Notes. There are days I wish I was retired but since I'll need to work for quite a few years more I'm truly grateful I have a job that is allowing us all to work from home for now. We are software development company. Our product manages insurance policies of nearly any type. We have some hefty big hitters who rely on our software and they pay big annual maintenance fees. And then we have a slew of smaller brokers who use our product on our data center. The company has been around since 1987. All in all that means we are in fairly good financial shape.
  9. Starise, Best tool yet, IMO, for aligning multiple tracks is Revoice Pro. It's expen$ive but you get what you pay for. I've aligned up to 12 vocal tracks using one as the guide/master and they were near 99% perfect. After that I just did some (right in the DAW) slicing, nudging and time stretching where the tool missed it a couple of times. Typically it's not Revoice Pro's fault if the tracks transients are off by 1/8 or more as it can't be sure if you needed it moved earlier or later.
  10. Because I needed to buy a Mac for app development, I've found it to be pretty easy to use. I got Logic X 10.4.7 from ebay and with some Amex points it was all of $29 out of my pocket. Unfortunately I cannot find how to update the baystid. I'm pretty sure it's a legitimate version as I had to redeem a code in the Apple Store to get the installer. I have ProTools 2020, Reaper 6.x, Studio One Pro 4.5, Mixbus 32C v6, Mixbus v6, Cubase 10.x and Digital Performer 10.x installed on my Mac machine. It's a 2GHz Quad Core I7 with 16GB of Ram and Pro Tools 2020 runs so much better on it than my 3.4GHz i7-2600K, 32GB RAM Win 10 machine. Go figure.
  11. moisturize well and use a new blade, you don't want stubbles.
  12. Double click the small MIDI icon to the right of the 1. It should bring up the EXDrummer interface.
  13. I could be wrong but I think that is a sheep.
  14. Golden Age Project EQ-81 MKII Half Rack EQ 2 of them arrive on Friday. My new hardware bass recording chain will be: LA-610 -> EQ 81 -> KT 2A (LA-2A clone) -> 76 KT (1176 clone) - all patch in bay so I can reconfig easily and of course I have two sets of that chain so my Alembic and Rick, which have individual outs for the bridge and neck pups, can be recorded with the utmost of options in the mix.
  15. Quite a messy bush hey?
  16. Hi, my name is Reinhardt P Drumpf from Dusseldorf, Germany and it appears you have let my 3rd cousin twice removed run your country. That is on you.
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