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  1. Why not do what I did and get both?🤣
  2. @bayoubill has more avatars than underwear.
  3. I got VSTs in that boat too. The only DAW I own that I've yet to use to *any* extent is Mixcraft 9.
  4. Bought it. No use for it now but when I have one I'm ready.
  5. Don't mess around with Tessio or you'll be swimming with the Fishes. Werd.
  6. I predict Mesh will get all of 5 minutes of recording done in those 16 days.
  7. So the one in the middle sleeps with the lead guitarist/band leader (who is the husband of the female lead singer)?
  8. that'll be one to get once its on sale.
  9. Hah. My tech guy who setup the cert last year is on vacation. Be back Monday. Probably have it going later that night.
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