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  1. The cook in the kitchen noticed once of his utensils was taken by the new waitress. He call out after her saying "where's my ladle, Madonna?"
  2. I was told the instructor told you every thing you need to be successful was within you and without you.
  3. I'm told the course was dedicated to Eleanor Rigby.
  4. Di you take the course being for the benefit of Mr. Kite?
  5. I heard your girlfriend snuck it to your flat to help you study. She said she came in through the bathroom window.
  6. I heard the instructor call out to as you were leaving. He said "get back".
  7. When the course was over did you take the tube after you got your ticket to ride?
  8. I was there with you too. You know, the two of us.
  9. Did the course fell like the long and winding road?
  10. For taking a course like that you may have to pay the taxman.
  11. Watching Star Wars must be a euphuism for tracking. At least I hope it is.
  12. swap out the hash browns for some becan simples
  13. Down load is almost complete (started about an hour ago). Will install. Can play with it until tomorrow night after work.
  14. And Whomp, there it is (serial delivered) Downloading in a few...
  15. Actually it was 133GBP = $177 or so. Waiting on my serial now.
  16. Bapu

    25% Off Waves WUP

    And he did. So I did.
  17. Bapu

    25% Off Waves WUP

    Is Kobe beating that price?
  18. In time I'm sure they will.
  19. I don't have Pro Tools, AutoTune or a U87 or U67 mic.
  20. Bill used to love me. Remember Bill, I have moobs nd lotz of bazzez too.
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