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  1. Ishtar actually cracked me up, well the 'songwriting' did. Kudos to an excellent songwriter like Paul Williams (IIRC) for concocting such bad songs and making them hilarious. Back OT. Like craigb, too many to choose from but some top contenders for me would be: Being There Reds The Usual Suspects
  2. Bapu

    Nice bass

    He can have all he wants... ....since it is his company
  3. Bapu

    Who's Gary

    The Beatles: Get Back -The Gary Sessions / Gary Thump - The Beatles Member You've Never Met (msn.com)
  4. Bapu

    Who’s Eddie

    I fixed it for you Kenny.
  5. I'll be bollocks'ed if I know.
  6. Bapu

    Who’s Eddie

    Kramer? Van Halen? Snowden? Munster?
  7. Bapu

    Who ´ s Jimmy ?

    Page? Hendrix? Stewart? Keltner? Sprinkles on a pastry?
  8. FWIW: IIRC my Cubase Crossgrade took over three weeks (from either Best Service) . Since I wasn't dead in the water I just waited it out. As I recall they said it was a manual process as Steiny is very meticulous about confirming 'from whence you came'.
  9. It was my cousin who made that decision for me. She took my older (by 16 months and 7 days) sister instead. My first concert was in 1968 at the Pasadena Rose Palace. The bill was (opening acts to headliner): Brian Auger and Trinity The Chambers Brothers Elvin Bishop Blues Band Led Zeppelin That lineup played two rounds of full sets. In between sets 1 and 2 my singer and I were at the edge of stage talking to Robert Plant. He was very nice to us. Jimmy Page would not come near the edge of the stage.
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