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  1. Er, you are forced to use the new export menu! Why don't they keep the old system if you go file/export and use the new system if use the export button on the menu bar?
  2. I managed to mount my older image of my PC and access the old download folder - in there was the last version of the Cakewalk download. So installed the July version (I wasn't sure it would install) but it installed fine. So I tried the same method of changing the audio file and creating a new MP3 export and it worked fine. So something is different in the behaviour of the exports. Perhaps most people don't use cakewalk as an audio editor but this seems to be either a bug or a workflow that stops me doing what I want to do. This seems to mean I can't update Cakewalk anymore which is a real shame, unless they change this behaviour or give the option of using the old export menu. I don't know if there is an official way to raise this with Bandlab. Thanks for the replies folks
  3. RE 'Cakewalk Project - 27-09-2021, 10-30pm - Mix.wav' I am trying to export the MP3 with the same name as the audio file I have added. So say I add an audio file called Haggis (one of them is called Haggis), I then try to create a new MP3 in a subfolder called Haggis. This works the first time but when I change the audio file (one called fish fingers - don't ask the album is called food for thought) it wants to overwrite the project name called new mix. I don't know why, I am just creating a new export. The new system would be a great addition but you should have the option of not using it! I've been using Cakewalk for at least 15 years so I thought I was pretty good with it. Really looking like I'll have to revert my whole PC to an older build as (and this has been mentioned before) it doesn't look like Bandlab makes old versions available to download and install..
  4. Hi, I realised I might not have described what I am doing very clearly. I have a bunch of multitrack projects that I created with Cakewalk and mastered them to a folder. Now I want to tweak those masters (not the multitracks). So in this instance I am using Cakewalk as an audio editor. I have a project with several plugins added, I then import an audio file and try to export it as an MP3. I repeat this with different audio files, but this is where I am coming unstuck. I keep getting a message saying overwrite (the project name.mp3) but that isn't what I am doing. I'm trying to export the file to a new name (as the project as a different audio file to export). I am filling in the id tags but I'm still getting the warning - but I shouldn't e overwriting anaything. Unless: has Cakewalk now decided it must update a project name before you can export an audio file? If so, I guess that would cause this problem. I will look at that tutorial thanks!
  5. I can't get a simple export to work, because: I am remastering some tracks so using the same project to export a audio file with some some fx added. It seems it now won't let me do this, it wants to overwrite the project name evert time with a new version before I can export the audio. Even thought I did that it then didn't export the audio to the folder I wanted it to (kept reverting to the project folder). Last night I urgently needed to get some tracks exported and I couldn't so very fed up. It would be an ok option if you need it but it should e possible to bypass the new export system. I will try again later but if I can't find a simple eay around this I will have to evert my PC to an older version. Thanks for the replies folks.
  6. I am really hating this new export menu. Despite me giving the export file a new name it keeps wanting to overwrite an existing file. I don't think this has been thought through. There needs to be a way to bypass the new system if all you want to do is export a song, I don't want to add it to a task, I can't see a way to do this. It seem Cakewalk have made something that was straightforward to use into an over complicated mess. I think I will have to revert my PC to an earlier version unless I can reinstall the previous version of Cakewalk. Anyone else pulling their hair out over this?
  7. Am I being stupid or have they just added a new export system where you can choose to export as an MP3 but you can't choose the bitrate? Because if they have it's kinda useless. Well I have found the bitrate setting but it's not where you expect to find it! It appears when you add the task to the queue, clear as mud....
  8. Hi folks, another suggestion for using PEEL in Cakewalk. Add the PEEL plugin and adjust it to isolate the part you want to isolate: do not use the phase invert to remove the part! Export the audio track and create an audio file of the isolated audio. Import the audio to a new track and you can add effects to the isolated audio. You can now do one of two things: leave PEEL installed on the original track, invert the phase (so remove the audio) and add a mix of wet/ dry on the isolated track remove PEEL from the original track and just add wet effects to the isolated track; this will add effects to the original track but only to the sound you exported. Hope this makes sense!
  9. Hi, does anyone else have this happen (is it a bug). If I press stop on the transport and immediately try to rewind to the start of the song using the scroll bar in the transport window Cakewalk stops responding and is stuck on the desktop, I have to use task manager to kill it off. I thought it was only happening when I was playing a project with a lot of plugins but it has just happened with a single track of audio and no plugins. If I remember to wait a few seconds before trying to rewind it never happens - the program doesn't crash. The problem is sometimes I forget and then lose the edit or recording. Using Windows 10
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