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  1. Hi I'm just considering an upgrade on the cheap, however, my current setup is a Lenovo Thinkpad T520 Laptop Core i5 with VPro, 4 Gb Ram and 250 Gb SSD. (Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. In addition I put the majority of VSTs on a large Western Digital My Book external hard drive. Now whether its the VPro platform I don't know but the laptop has proved reliable, bought as a refurb ex-business unit some years back and I've been looking at similar Core i7 Thinkpads T or P range with more memory and poss bigger HD. The i5 is quick and i have the same battery I started with probably 6-7 years back. Had to replace the HD when the SSD was put in. I use Tascam US 122 and US 100 USB Audio interfaces - basic but OK for my needs. I don't know whether this will give some food for thought - Phil
  2. mc_protocol_mappings [MIDIbox].pdf Hi all I found this file which may help find the right settings although how you do this in the MAudio editor is currently beyond me. I also found this thread 'MIDI: Transport control not working from master keyboard AND external controller' under Cakewalk Discuss which helps with setting Cakewalk to receive Mackie messages from controller. Still struggling but hoping this helps crack the setup
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