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  1. @Hatstand that was it! All of my tracks were solo'd in the mix module. Definitely a noob question/issue; thank you very much for helping me to get started!
  2. Hello all, I am pretty new to Cakewalk but I've been having a really good time with it so far. However, in the middle of a project, I ran into this issue. All of a sudden, none of my tracks are playing back. When I hit play, I can hear the metronome but nothing else. Nor can I hear any of my instruments outside of playback. Nothing is solo'ed currently, but if I solo a track, I am able to hear it. Any idea what could be causing this? I tried creating a new project and copying all of the tracks over, but I had the same issue. Here's a screenshot: Thank you for any help/suggestions.
  3. That fixed it, thank you! Is the panel on the right here the Note Map Pane that you're referring to?
  4. Hello, cakewalk noob here trying to map the drum pads on my AKAI MPK mini for the drums built in to Cakewalk. I created this mapping based on the numbers that pop up on the controller screen (in) and the numbers visible when you left click the instruments in the user interface (out). I'm pretty sure the numbers I've selected from my drum pad are correct, since one of them claims to be 22, which is natively mapped to one of the hi-hat sounds, and that is the only pad which is producing any output. However, making this drum mapping has had no effect. I'm guessing I need to somehow select this drum map, but I just can't figure out out how to do it. I'd really appreciate it if anyone knowledgeable about the software could help me out! Bonus screenshot of the main track screen.
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