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  1. Hello everyone, thank you. After switching to WASAPI shared instead of ASIO I can play audio now thanks. Sorry for the very late response I was busy with stuff.
  2. oh... so I should switch to WASAPI driver rather than ASIO? I'll try that. How do I check if master bus is set to my speakers and not digital output?
  3. Hello thanks my driver is on ASIO right now
  4. Hello, I need some help. I've never used a DAW before and only have experience with audacity and a few other stuff. I loaded in an mp3 file and hit play to try to listen to it, but instead I got an error message saying "unable to open audio playback device". I'm only using Realtek audio and don't have an audio interface. I'm not a tech person so I'm not sure how to do anything... anyone know how to fix this? I only just downloaded today and am trying to figure things out and tried watching Youtube videos too but nothing worked. Help would be appreciated
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