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  1. jmay


    Thank you soo much for the help. s)c was the path. I contacted Soundtoys help but they didn't help, I will send this to them, thanks again.
  2. jmay


    Thanks, I have done all this to no avail. To what exact file path should these be installed?
  3. I have Windows 10 and a new Bandlab download. Soundtoyz Filter Freak and Little Plate cannot be found by VST scans. They are authorized in Ilok one, seem to be in the correct file locations, I have checked all the scan settings etc. Any ideas why they won't work? Also none of the third party VSTs that are working in cakewalk will load into Sound Forge 10. Thanks for any help.
  4. jmay

    Help please

    Thanks for the replies, I had to pull the power cord and upon reconnecting cakewalk was installed and I am up and running. Not sure what happened but all has ended well.
  5. I am trying to downlaod cakewalk on a new computer Windows 10 and and it has been in the "install" phase for two hours. Blank white screen with a bandlab tab in the corner with a spinning icon, Thinking this can't be normal. Will not respond to mouse clicks etc. Unplug and start over? Thanks for any help.
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